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Please remove partial weekly limit for FP's.

NoaFlux's Avatar

06.30.2012 , 03:11 AM | #1
We couldn't get social. This is a social game, the partial weekly limit works against the game, please fix this. It already takes about 45 min to an hour to get a full group committed to a mission like Karaggas Palace.

I wasted 3 says this week trying to get groups together with LFG tool and here's what happened.

Some people started The Weekly, but we didn't know this when we grouped up with them. We also didn't know that if they started the mission, and couldn't complete it, that they couldn't play with us. So we had to split up and start over. This happened over and over again. To sum it up. It would be great for BW to remove the weekly limitation (if you haven't actually finished the weekly).

When we already have to wait an hour EVERYTIME we get a group together (with LFG tool) than I believe BW needs to remove this limitation. It's already hard enough to get a group together. This limitation...makes the wait longer and longer...hence making people quit...hence making a SOCIAL GAME ...UNSOCIAL.

Ellvaan's Avatar

06.30.2012 , 04:14 AM | #2
Greetings NoaFlux!

Since there is an active thread on the topic of social aspects in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, we are going to close this thread and ask that you please continue this discussion in the following thread:
Thank you!