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Lost Island gear?

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12.18.2012 , 11:38 AM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by DarknessInLight View Post
You will not survive LI with Tionese anything.

You might get by with full Columi(w/augments), but the rest of the group will have to carry you.

You would have a better time with full Rakata(w/augments).
For someone who has personally done HM LI in a team that was wearing nothing more than full Tionese, I can assure you that you have no clue what you are talking about it when you state those points.
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12.18.2012 , 02:10 PM | #22
It really sucks that you had a bad experience like that, but there are many awesome and helpful players out there that you can meet in pugs. If that guild had a problem with your gear, they should have told you so right off the bat and not once you had gotten to the final boss.

Weather or not tionese gear is good enough really depends on the player, how used to their class they are and how well they know the fights. Those bosses can be very mechanics heavy so if new players are focusing on doing everything right, they may not be dpsing at their best.

I was running it last week with a tank in full tionese/recruit gear. She knew what she was doing and was a breeze to keep up for the most part, but we were having an aweful time downing the bosses before they enraged. The DPS in that group had a mix of tionese to black hole gear. Everyone seemed good for the mechanics, and I think with a few more BH or Rakata pieces we would have had an easier time, though it's hard to say.

At he same time, I remember one memorable pug group where a well geared sent ended up dropping and we replaced him with a slinger with lvl 35 green pieces and tionese who had never done it before. The other DPS was a shadow with a columi/bh mix. We got up to Lorrick with no problem. Admittedly we died several times on Lorrick, but ended up downing him. Honestly I didn't think that we could, but the shadow had enough confidence in their skills that they could make up for sub-par gear on a good player.


12.19.2012 , 11:08 AM | #23
Ironically, I had just the same exact experience last night. Tank kept insulting the healer and me, saying we weren't going to cut it prior to the first boss. We easily killed first, defeated LR-5 on second try (healer had died), Easily defeated Sav-Rak second time (I had goofed by not getting close enough first time and getting bounced off platform). Tank yelled at me for dying early. We proceeded to easily defeat everything to Lorrick. Wiped once on Lorrick, though we had him close, after taking a 5-minute break, tank then decides to kick me because "you are useless, lag is too bad". First mention at all of lag (I wasn't noticing it on my end).

Bottom line in a PUG: there will always be people who are new or not as familiar as more experienced players. Often there is no patience from the tank. Unfortunately, the game is set up so the tank can do whatever the heck he/she wants. I wish he had initiated the kick earlier, if he felt he had to, rather than at the last boss. I was really wanting a rakata piece or two.
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12.19.2012 , 12:06 PM | #24
Quote: Originally Posted by el_Bizzle View Post
Was in a group last night (with LFG tool) and ran Lost Island HM. Got to the very last boss. I was DPS with my Merc and had 750-930 damage. Nearly full Columi with two other pieces of Tionese but I did have gear set bonuses.

They kicked me on the 3rd try (first two the others in the group died, last time I died I got stuck and died, not totally my fault as I know what to do).

Was the kick fair? I had the highest DPS. The other three were all in the same guild and they tended to place a lot of blame on me for things that didn't really seem to be my fault.

Am I just not geared enough for it? You HAVE to have full Columi even if it looks like you have the highest DPS?

Seems if we had made it to the last boss we were good enough to finish it. I spent three hours getting there and spent literally $50k in repairs and all for nothing! I'm considering unsubbing because of this! How many groups are like this? Seems like a lot. Sort of ruins the game for me.

Now I could just go to PVP but I don't enjoy PVP right now. I haven't seen all the ops and fps yet so I'm sitll going to play PVE but dang, I'm pretty discouraged with this game right now.
Ok first off the OP, your 730-930 dps is about equivelant to a lvl 45 dps(i do more than that with rapid shots alone on my power tech(yeah thats auto attack)) Second, i believe the other part of your group posted a story about this run in another post titled "my first rage quit" at least one of the stories someone put in there sounds just like yours. And 50k in repairs is nothing to cry about i think 1 or 2 deaths used to cost around 50k back in the day.

To who ever said that there is an un cleansible dot, not true. Well, maybe the rackgoul poison one isnt but even so if thats really causing an issue go buy the vaccine. Also by no means is lorrick a dps check, if you have a tank with 1/6th of a brain a taunt picks up the adds if you dont burn the tanks quick enough.

To everyone this place is honestly a faceroll joke, i'll give you a summary of the whole instance.

(honestly if anyone counts anything before this as a boss you probably should just turn around)
Droid boss, interrupt incinerate(whoops missed incinerate, if your a Sin/Shadow force shroud and you win, if not your healer can cleanse you) DONT STAND IN SH*T, listen this place is nerf city it tells you about 3 seconds before your going to drop the lighting go stand in a corner away from the tank. If one gets dropped to close or theres some melee ouu a blue circle time to move...(the fire does honestly no dmg to you dont be scared) ignore the adds for the mopst part and knock them down with an aoe if you see a ton of them on the healer.

Boss #2 the spitter dude. Everyone stack in the center and then 3 people (tank and 2 dps) run to buttons and press them... ouu thats hard.

Lorrick face roll lorrick(as the tank towards the first kolto tank(its always the same one) interrupt his cast if you want but it doesnt make a difference. Stay out of green sh*t if you dont yell or cleanse your self if you get around 5 or more stack. As the tank again when lorrick tries to show you his trick move around the kolto tank(los shouldnt be an issue for the healer cause you should be about full health if not thats a different story aka tell your dps to stay the f*ck out of green stuff) rinse and repeat. phase 2 again stay out of green sh*t and this time also dont walk near the fire guys because theyll stun you and wat you up, also interrupt his cast where he jumps to a random member(it hurts) angain rinse and repeat. Phase 3 everyone park there *****e$ against the closest wall while hes phasing(you cant hurt him here) and dps the cr@p out of him, while this is happening the tank also needs to taunt(target of target) the boss does many aggro drops.
All in all faceroll and win.... i did this whole thing in roughly 15-20 mins yesterday after not being in there in months

Lastly if you cant beat LI HM please save everyone the trouble esp if your a tank or healer and dont join groups for EC hm or tfb. These are very basic things to learn, learn them in LI first please.

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12.20.2012 , 03:56 AM | #25
Quote: Originally Posted by wetslampigduex View Post
Ok first off the OP, your 730-930 dps .
he was talking about dps in character window when u click C for sure.... and i really doubt any 45 lvl even with full augmented purples will have that much lolz