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BW going against the idea of MMORPG?

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06.29.2012 , 05:41 AM | #1
Anyway so the new update is great in a lot of ways but here is a new problem that REALLY needs to be fixed soon.

So the whole point of a game like this is that it is "social" in a lot of ways right?

Well here is my recent experience.

i'm saving up for War Hero gear...want to do ranked warzones....
announce in chat, annoucne in chat....about 50 announcements later we are ready to go!

oops..nevermind...than someone leaves...ok now we have to start over...about 20 announcements later
were ready. after one match everyone leaves again...time to start over.

do so we do this all over again. 3 hours later I have only played 3 warzones and some only lasted about 3 min (huttball)cause we got defeated so bad. same thing happens next day.

than the day after that we try to do Karragas Palace or Eternity Vault...Group Finder works o.k. but we still got most players from announcing in chat... we play the mission..try to "take shuttle" (came out with new update) and nothing happens. Anyway some of the players were jerks and started game without us...and so on...

so we left started over....2 and a half hours later we can't do the mission AGAIN!
we find out that you can't do the weekly if you have started it. some of the players tried this before and lost
...they were giving it their all and trying again...but turns out everyone else lost out and couldn't play. this is probably
what happen the first time.




MAKE RANKED WARZONES 4 people queue, or bring in solo queue ranked, or my favorite idea> rank guilds as one...even if players are in solo queue. why not have three or four diff rankings? right? spread out your investments before you lose us.

SECONDLY IF SOMEONE DOES NOT COMPLETE A WEEKLY dont count it against them...because about 16 people wasted their nights...and even if we knew about this 1/3 starting weekly nerf ahead of time...thats just longer looking for more players. its more likely people who started it but couldn't finish will want to finish again.


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06.29.2012 , 06:32 AM | #2
Not to be nasty to you, but this is what guilds are for. It's difficult finding groups which is why the group finder for PvE is in, the idea behind ranked warzones is for a team to go in together since when Season 1 starts you won't want to go with some randoms but rather a team you can communicate with and know will respond.
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06.30.2012 , 02:47 AM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by Baeralas View Post
the idea behind ranked warzones is for a team to go in together since when Season 1 starts you won't want to go with some randoms but rather a team you can communicate with and know will respond.
This is a good point, and you weren't nasty. I appreciate your input.

What I mentioned ^ is AFTER your guild or group is together.

That is why I said "going against" because once we we're all ready to get SOCIAL and start the mission... BAM....we couldn't do it.

We couldn't get social;

Because some people started The Weekly. This happened on both occasions after we already spent an hour getting the group together. Than we had to split up and start over. This happened over and over again. To sum it up. It would be great for BW to remove the weekly limitation (if you haven't actually finished it). These group members had started but not finished the mission we wanted to play before, and couldn't win because it was too tough.

When we already have to wait an hour EVERYTIME we get a group together (with LFG tool) than I believe BW needs to remove this limitation. It's already hard enough to get a group together, thats less and less people that we can group with...making the wait longer and longer...hence making people quit...hence making a SOCIAL GAME ...UNSOCIAL.

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06.30.2012 , 05:31 PM | #5
Player behavior is not Bioware's fault.
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06.30.2012 , 06:11 PM | #6
ok ill simplify. and i do have a couple guilds.

we can not do mission with those who tried it and LOST.

so that lessons the amount of people that can QUEUE FOR LFG.

everyone knows now lfg takes awhile, its good but still takes time
letting those who have played...eternity vault, karaggas...and not finished
should be able to queue to make the LFG TOOL work better in the end.

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07.02.2012 , 02:47 PM | #7
Did you try having the group leader reset the phase for those who tried it already? Or having them restart/abandon the quest? Seems like that may have been able to fix it.
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07.02.2012 , 02:50 PM | #8
BW can give us a LFG tool, but they can't make people stop being tools.

Hopefully you met some people during your experiences that felt the same way you did, had a decent time with you, added you to their friends list and you can get better groups together in the future.

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07.02.2012 , 03:36 PM | #9
Quote: Originally Posted by Capt_Beers View Post
Did you try having the group leader reset the phase for those who tried it already? Or having them restart/abandon the quest? Seems like that may have been able to fix it.
lol. not laughing at you but we must have reset the mission a thousand times.
all I know is three times this week I had an awesome group together and three times we had to split up after about an hour of getting everyone together, and it wasn't because people just wanted to leave.

the warp to location feature broke once, someone started too early once, but it seemed the main problem was that some of our players had done the mission during the current week, died...couldn't complete it because it was too tough and couldn't try it again.

Thats not too mention how hard and time consuming it was to get Ranked Warzones together and have people leave.

All I'm saying is this is SOCIAL game.

When people...try and try and try again to be SOCIAL but CAN'T. That's not good.

I'm sure BW is trying to fix this. I believe all these things are fixable.

1. debug the warp to location feature
2. If one player goes ahead because he's impatient. Make it so everyone has to click a ready icon when walking through the first door so this doesn't happen.
3. MOST IMPORTANTLY let someone who couldn't complete a mission, try again with a different group.

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07.02.2012 , 03:54 PM | #10
Ranked warzones are not a social thing. They are for 8 players to play together, communicating, most likely fellow guildies. It's for competitive pvp, which is probably why you are loosing so fast with your pug group, hence why everyone leaves after 1 loss.

You can queue solo, up to 4, in regular warzones. Do that.

As for the social aspect for pve, and your 'ready check', this already exists. When a group is formed, every member must accept the queue, therefore stating that they are there. If the shuttle bugged for you, then it was just that, a bug. However, Bioware has no control over peoples mind's (yet). They cannot stop another player dying, or doing stupid things. This is why guilds are popular, to complete harder content with people you can rely on, as well as the social aspect of course.
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