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The Last Stand of Lord Calypho

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The Last Stand of Lord Calypho

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06.28.2012 , 05:38 PM | #1
I've been playing since December. I rolled Rp-PvP because I was new to MMO's, and I didn't want to count myself out of enjoying anything. Server transfers have completely gutted the server pop of LC. All the guilds left, and I quit my guild when it transferred. I thought I would stick around, just to see what happened.

Something very strange is happening on the Lord Calypho server.

A new community is growing
1) one that values RP & respects better naming rules than required by the ToS
2) one that values PvE as much as PvP
3) one that values teamwork, where players group if they CAN & not because they HAVE TO
4) one that values good play, the best player is a team player, and having fun is more important than shining your ePeen

Tuesday, about peak (which is about 2pm CST in the US) I get a /ginvite from <Last Stand>
1) the guild has 25 members online when there was less than 40 rebublic players on the server.
2) The goal of the guild is to get everyone left on the server under 1 guild.
Which will make the guild channel into a global general chat, that everyone hears ~ no matter where they are in the game.
3) Within the hour there is an open RP session going on Thython with 5 people.
4) It's a very friendly group, with male & female players of all ages.
5) If you're on the server - you are welcome.

Yesterday, at peak the server had a whopping 38 people
1) I log on, the guild has 13 members online ~ my old guild with 185 members didn't beat that before transfers
2) 4 guildies are questing on Quesh at the same time ~ never seen that before!!
3) 1.3 introduced 3 green +41 crystal paterns on the daily comm vender ~ I want them, so it's off to the dailies I go
4) I put out an open call for any 50 that wants to group for the dailies
-15 minutes later 3 of us start on Ilum,
-when we move on to Belsavis the group grows to 4,
-at Correlia we add a 5th
-we finish the dailies on Correlia with a full 4 man group
~~~ I almost never had a group this large for that content even when the server was fairly busy at peak. They were ready to keep going & probably did, but I had to leave for RL reasons.
5) at 1am CST ~ 8am in Western Europe there were 3 players questing on Alderan at the same time.

<Last Stand> has the 50's to resume Hard Mode flashpoints during peak hours. There are enough level 45+ characters on the server that multiple 4 man HM groups, 8 man Ops, & WZ's will be viable again within a week or so. There are players of all levels still playing on the server. And there have been new toons on both Republic starter worlds every day since Monday.

~ If you value a tight community in your MMO experience.
~ Do not want to wait on queues.
~ Don't want to play surrounded by twitchy players with immature names, while waiting on respawns.

I encourage you to roll Republic on the Lord Calypho server & ask for a /ginvite at your earliest oportunity.

Come help us make our Last Stand something the Empire will remember !!
~Master Telagtun Telag of Lord Calypho~