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So I had a really great experience with SWTOR last night.

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So I had a really great experience with SWTOR last night.

Oddzball's Avatar

06.28.2012 , 11:30 AM | #1
Well, as you all know I am pretty critical of this game, but I finally got to log in and really play last night, after Server Merges and class nerfs, cross faction GTN, LFG Tool addtions and wow.

The game is fun again.

As some of you rememeber I was frustrated with being a crafter because nothing was selling (Low server pop, nobody buying etc etc) so I transferred to the new server and holy crap. I listed up 50 auctions and 20 of them sold within 30 minutes. I actually have money again.

Now i still think legacy stuff is too expensive, but anyway..

Then there was the LFG Tool. I am a Jugg tank, and my friend was also playing again(healer), so we group up, and the very SECOND he hit the queue for group, we get put into a HM FP.

And the group was great, nobody ninja'd anything, I even got us killed once (due to some odd targeting issues updates) and nobody complained, everyone was cool about it, great group.

And finally, I was worried that the Imort Jugg nerfs were gonna screw me due to damage nerfs. And yes, I do a lot less damage but WOW can I hold agro easier.

All in all, I cant think of many negative things about this patch, its been an all around awesome experience so far.

jarjarloves's Avatar

06.28.2012 , 11:34 AM | #2
agreed i think most people are really happy with the patch overall. It seems like there is still a lot more people playing the game then before.

MatronAdena's Avatar

06.28.2012 , 11:39 AM | #3
It is nice to see the GTN selling well- more so now that it's cross faction, so that and the server merges have opened up a much much larger consumer base. I've even noted a major price drop on some of the stupidly high end items ( at least on my server ) that is to say however that augment things, being " new" are insanely costly. It is nice to be able to make things and at least gain enough of a profit " in the worst cases" to continue crafting.

As for the legacy item costs? Some of the things are stupidly expensive this I will say. No Im not one of the millionaires, kriff, I've never broken 600k on any of my 7 alts- but thats alright to be honest I've yet to see anything I REALLY wanted that were that expensive. Many of the actual perks, like the XP buffs are actually sort of decently priced. They scale up naturally and can add up over time, but were looking at 10k, 20k...not starting off with a 500k price tag for a 3% boost.

needless to say Im glad you are having fun again, thats the important part.
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Aaroneus's Avatar

06.28.2012 , 11:53 AM | #4
Love to see the positive feedback dude. My favourite part of the patch so far is the ranked wz's. The big upside to it for me, besides getting to play on a team made entirely of my guildies, is that you get ranked wz comm's as rewards. I haven't actually tried the group finder yet but I took a look at it. It looks pretty cool. I like that you que up and get placed in a group automatically.