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Updating Group Finder

KBSIP's Avatar

06.28.2012 , 10:18 AM | #1
Hey there folks, last night a friend of mine was pugging LI HM through the group finder and they lost their tank and healer for whatever reason, so he whispered me and asked me to respec tank and go get my tanking gear (normally strict pyro dps for PVE and PVP) and to find a healer so he could finish his weekly.

after doing so, we found he couldn't invite me, and thus had to constantly q up in the Gfinder rejecting every gourp we got thrown in to until we found his. i'm sure this really annoyed some of the groups we rejected, but honestly I don't see why you can't invite people in to fill out slots on your group if they're readily available.

anyway, long story short we eventually got in, ate a wipefest while I learned the fights (haven't tanked since 1.1), and cleared the entire thing, but I think it really would've been nice if he could've just invited me into the group.