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Ad for "Legion of the Damned" a new guild to Ebon Hawk

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Ad for "Legion of the Damned" a new guild to Ebon Hawk

Thaydin's Avatar

06.28.2012 , 09:07 AM | #1
A new too Ebon Hawk server guild "Legion of the Damned" that is still growing and in motion to better itself. We have work to do like at the moment I am getting the guild bank up. Also I and others in guild "officers if you may", work hard on crafting so we at the date of post have every craft and I can make gear for anyone up to 35 and augment and mod them. The bank will allow all to progress crafting at an extreme rate..So plz keep in mind we are growing and also need expierenced players who want to help a guild become all that a guild should be. Advancement is the reward you get in game, but to have respect and friendship is what you really will have. ty now here is our general ad:
Hey, my name is Icefang and im on the Ebon Hawk server. We have formed a guild to help out all those low to mid level players who feel like they cant get their missions, ops or heroics done or never get to do the things that require a group. We will help you. We also take good care of our own, and never argue.We have a great crafting system set up to make sure you dont go without decent equipment. Great guild for new players and expierenced alike. We love alts and its easy to work on and get your alt as far as you wanna take him. Some of us have 50's as mains or on the light side and use them to help guild. Its about community and sharing in on the fun. We love to play the game pve style, and some of us have alts or mains that love warzones and duels. There is nothing at least one of us doesnt enjoy. We dont really RP but we have fun on chat. If your a like minded person... You should give "The Legion of the Damned" a shot. You won't regret it and you can always try it and leave if its not for you. We understand some people need a specific guild style and ours may not fit all players needs.

Plz mail or msg, ICEFANG, Snakeye, Leasy, just talk to anyone with our tag in game. I assure you if its remotely possible, they will help you out even with qsts. Ty and good hunting all!!!!

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06.28.2012 , 11:18 AM | #2
this should go in the guild recruitment threads
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06.28.2012 , 11:24 AM | #3
Hello Thaydin,

We wish you good luck in your efforts to recruit for your guild. We are closing this thread because we ask that all guild recruitment be done in the Guild Recruitment and Looking For Guild sub-forum in the appropriate Server Group forums.

We see that you currently do have a thread in your forum and ask that you use this thread for recruitment.

[The Ebon Hawk] " Legion of the Damned " recruitment ad

We also recommend reviewing our Guild Recruitment Guidelines for more information on our rules for recruitment.