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Any info on these 2 issues, please?

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Any info on these 2 issues, please?

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06.27.2012 , 12:10 PM | #1
Hey, guys.

I overheard something about level 50's picking up a quest that when turned in gives you a full set of gear or a badge or token that can be sold for 320k. Can anyone elaborate on this please as to where it is if it exists and some info on it, please?


For the new group finder, does the game hold you back from entering a flashpoint or operation if it feels you're not geared enough? Or does it let you enter any of these quests regardless of how you're geared?

I appreciate any useful information.

Thank You

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06.27.2012 , 12:41 PM | #2
•New introductory level 50 PvP missions that reward a choice of lockboxes that contain Recruit PvP gear have been added to the game. Players who already have Recruit gear can elect to receive a Recruit Credit Redemption Token, which can be sold for the purchase price of a set of Recruit gear.

No Gear checks – you can queue naked
You can queue for PvP at the same time via the PvP queue thingie
You can queue with a pre-made group- group leader does the queue
Daily rewards for each category only given if you don’t cherry pick – gotta be random.
Daily rewards given at end of flashpoint/operation – i.e. gotta complete it.
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