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Just stop with the stupidity please

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Just stop with the stupidity please

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06.28.2012 , 06:59 PM | #21
you say stop with the stupidity yet you are the one who fails at grasping the FACT that bioware has said that marauders and sniper will be able to do more damage then the other classes because they only do damage.

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06.28.2012 , 09:33 PM | #22
Stealth doesn't help with the numbers, but numbers aren't everything. With stealth you can always guarantee an alpha strike. You also get two single target stuns. I can sort of agree to snipers getting the shorter end of the stick as they can do their damage from ranged where as marauders and assassins are required to get in close. Also, there's the difference between burst and sustained. As assassins you guys should be getting high burst - eliminating a key target before they can react. As marauders I'd say which one they excel at should be dependent on their spec. As for snipers ... Not sure, but I would believe it'd also be dependent on their spec.

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06.29.2012 , 09:29 AM | #23
You cannot and will not ever do the same dps as a gunslinger/sent/sniper/mara if you are an AC that is a hybrid.

If that evar happens and i mean evar then i in return demand guard,taunts and heals. in fact i demand that now, lets go to my new thread guys!


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Things change, deal with it.
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Yeah bro, cuz objectives are for suckers. Wizards vs barbarians is where it's at
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I suggest they make a new forum called, "The QQ Forum"

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07.09.2012 , 07:08 AM | #24
Quote: Originally Posted by savagedialects View Post
I dont care that my class can tank or heal or what have you. I am a dps. I expect to do just as much damage as anyone else that is speced as a dps.

I am tired of reading these threads about how Marauders/Sents and Snipers/Gunslingers and whatever should inherently do more damage than me - an Assassin (I am supposed to kill things... its why I'm an ASSASSIN) - simply because of their class. I don't really care what any Pure DPS class says. You chose that class because you wanted to, and I chose mine because I wanted to. Your argument is foolish. ANY hybrid class should be able to dps JUST AS GOOD as you IF NOT BETTER.....

They don't make any straight Tank or Heal classes. Why give Straight dps classes an unfair-and-stupid-in-pvp-and-pve advantage?
...And I stopped reading after the bolded part.

Look dude, it's a simple concept. As a hybrid, you have the OPTION to DPS or TANK based on what spec you choose. PURE DPS classes don't have that option, period, case closed, end of story.

We have ONE ROLE with all 3 specs; DPS. The Assassin "can" fill TWO roles with ONE class dependant on what spec they choose. Just because you choose not to use both roles doesn't mean you should be equal to a class who doesn't have an option.

Furthermore, you're getting way too wrapped around the axle on class names. A marauder; in the literal sense, is a rogue bandit with no loyalties. A Sentinel; is a guardian or man at arms standing a post. To put it simply, class names don't mean squat when discribing roles in this game.

Amins's Avatar

07.09.2012 , 08:12 AM | #25
I'm confused...

First the OP says his DPS is NOT as good as Snipers & Mara's...

Then he goes on to say he "always tops the dps charts"....

/Troll Move along, nothing to see here.

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07.09.2012 , 05:51 PM | #26
Well as others have said, you picked a HYBRID class. that means that you can play more than 1 spec and you will play that well, but you will never excel at any of them (You are more a jack of all trades). Not it the way a pure DPS would. you have the option to switch over to "tank mode" where you elevate your survivability, doesn't matter if it is a inefficient use or force or not. I play both a marauder and an assassin at the moment and all I can say is that, the play styles are very different, where the marauder charges in and smacks his foes brains out and finish in a few seconds or so, the assassin controls the situation and dominates his opponent(s).

What I think you need to do, is sit down and learn what a hybrid class is and then learn how to play it. and if you cant do that, I suggest rerolling a marauder to get the type of gameplay you want. pure DPS classes in an RPG should and will always outdamage their hybrid brethren but where the pure DPS classes do alot of damage the hybrid should expect a little longer fights where he controls his opponent by dominating him in a way that the DPS cant use their abilities properly. This mostly applies to PvP but in PvE you have the ability to off-tank/off-heal depending on class, a pure DPS class does not have this option instead they get to do more damage to be able to save themselves by killing the opponent. I know numerous OPS and flashpoints where I have had guildies who are hybrid specs step in and fill a off-role for a few seconds which either let us clear the content we were up against or let the healer/tanks recuperate. Sadly this is a case where the OP is not really getting how the class he chose, works.

Bottom line is: Pure DPS will always outdamage hybrids as hybrids have more survivability if played correctly.

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07.10.2012 , 12:01 AM | #27
Quote: Originally Posted by Gamago View Post
Bottom line is: Pure DPS will always outdamage hybrids as hybrids have more survivability if played correctly.
This is incorrect as Snipers and Marauders have some of hte best defensive cooldowns in game.

They also bring alot of utility in Bloodthirst, AoE Shield, etc.
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07.10.2012 , 09:15 AM | #28
I agree with the OP's root argument, but the way it's being presented is way too close to a temper tantrum.

The way the SWTOR class system is set up, balance between classes is achieved when they are all equally valuable for PvE / PvP. Perfect balance is a myth, but we'll go with that anyway.

All DPS should have the same overall potential, but it should not be achieved by making snipers and marauders do 5-10% more damage than the other classes in all situations. Instead, the increased spec flexibility a sniper and marauder has as a DPS role should allow them to excel at more encounters. For example, because a marauder has a spec for single target burst, sustain, and AoE, the class can be a great DPS in any situation. Given perfect balance, an assassin should be equally valuable in 2 of those roles, but not the third.

The problem, though? The way abilities are linked to classes in SWTOR is largely not spec-dependent. This means that certain abilities we all know as "class-defining" at this point are available to any spec within a class when they really shouldn't be--from a balance perspective. Let's not try and deny the usefulness of "off-spec" abilities, either. The ability to taunt or off-heal as a DPS is incredibly valuable, both in PvE and PvP. These things can make a huge difference occasionally.

Should a glass-cannon assassin really be able to AoE taunt the 3 players piling up on his healer, effectively adding 30% mitigation? Should a DPS sorc be able to bubble his teammate at almost full strength of his healing counterpart? Should DPS-specced Powertechs have grapple, or is that traditionally a unique tanking ability?

This is where balance in SWTOR gets complicated. At least, definitely more complicated than the OP implies. I don't think the level of balance you're hoping for is achievable here, but maybe I'm wrong.
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07.10.2012 , 11:55 PM | #29
Quote: Originally Posted by Huggsnotdruggs View Post
You cannot and will not ever do the same dps as a gunslinger/sent/sniper/mara if you are an AC that is a hybrid.

If that evar happens and i mean evar then i in return demand guard,taunts and heals. in fact i demand that now, lets go to my new thread guys!

As a dps commando, I never outheal mara/sents passive healing even if I actually bother to waste lots of time and ammo casting my pitiful heals.

Ive seen MANY mara/sent scoreboards with 600k damage and 100k+ heals
You also have better def CDs than a tank anyway

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07.11.2012 , 12:22 AM | #30
Maras/Snipers aside... that's going to be a divisive issue that no one is going to agree on.

The problem is balancing everyone else. Currently both operative DPS specs are absolutely atrocious in a PvE setting. Deception Assassins are also pretty awful in a PvE setting. PTs, Mercs, Sorcs, and Juggs are all pretty much right in line with each other right now at about 10% less than Maras and 5% less than Snipers. Ops are like 25% behind.

Honestly the way classes are set up now there is no reason to not stack snipers and maras and bring a jugg tank for sunders.. I understand that in practice people don't like to do this because of the gearing issue, but that's not an argument for balance.

Having healing abilities or taunts or whatever doesn't mean it's viable utility. A DPS operative can heal 3-4 times before energy becomes a serious problem and having a long cast time means there is absolutely no incentive to do so. It would be different if we were talking about cheap, instant cast heals. Then we would be talking about practical utility. That's just not the case currently.
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