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Transfer Fatman Alts

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Transfer Fatman Alts

DarthRaika's Avatar

06.26.2012 , 08:32 PM | #1
Since you waited so long to offer transfers please let us get our Fatman alts back to the servers we would have have those alts on now if transfers came sooner. Thank you!

Lastot's Avatar

06.26.2012 , 09:03 PM | #2
I hate to say it but I agree 100%, I had a 50 BH and a 44 Sniper when my server died. I moved to The Fatman and now I have a 50 Shadow, 45 Gunslinger, and 2 more in their 30's. I would REALLY like to have all of my characters on the same server. Please let me X-fer my Fatman toons or my other two X-fered to The Fatman. Thank you.
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Sock_Bramson's Avatar

06.26.2012 , 10:09 PM | #3
Hey, do you guys remember that time when they first announced the free transfers when they said you'd eventually be able to pay for transfers to any server?

Patience, young padawans. Besides, there's plenty of people on the fatman for you to play against and improve your alts. No matter where you have a given character, it will always take the same amount of time to gear them up.

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Bbizzle's Avatar

06.26.2012 , 11:14 PM | #4
Fatman dead server post everyone doing this. More news at 11?