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I was hoping to be able to be Deception again....

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I was hoping to be able to be Deception again....

irishdrunk's Avatar

06.26.2012 , 07:56 PM | #1
It took me almost a month at 50 to finally "give up" and play Darkness...I was very stubborn, as I loved Deception playstyle. I felt pushed into Darkness because Decpetion was pure garbage after 1.2 (yes was OP pre 1.2)

Darkness w/o tanking gear is gone now, its not even remotely viable (god I hate using that word). It should still have been playable to a certain extent. I'm sure the top 2% of Darkness Assassin's will play it very well, I don't think I'm in that 2% either....
Darkness fixes were needed, and I'm glad they came....but both are broken for PvP.

Deception needs to be glass cannon style play, but its too glass cannon. I don't feel like I'm enough of a threat when I pop out, and I can't reset enough to compensate for my severe lack of defense.

I think changes are needed in the buildup of charges, as the time it takes out of stealth to build up the burst that defines the tree, is too much times being susceptible to all sorts of damage with little defense and long cooldowns.

As a full premade with a dedicated guard and pocket healer, it is still a mediocre tree
As solo play/que it just seems worthless to me.

I'm not whinging, just inviting discussion.

Deception assassins will be the first burn down target all the time, because it will be very easy to burn them down, especially in rated play with coordination.

Again, I understand the glass-cannon principle, but only being survivable every 3 minutes is and won't cut it in PvP.

The changes were needed, the class was very OP, with great burst, decent AOE, amazing utility and great survivability, but after these changes, it seems the average to decent Assassin is going to be VERY confused on what spec to play now, as they all seem equally less than average...

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06.26.2012 , 09:26 PM | #2
Well, I do not agree with ANY nerfs. Don't nerf a class you had years of beta to get the class right, don't blame people for working and spending their time making a class that YOU made. I think they should buff other class's to be better and not nerf the other into nothing. It is a game they play, they want you to keep playing so they nerf the class you are enjoying and then you have to roll another one and pay them more money.

I don't understand how they can nerf the only spec the class had. They should have fixed the others before making them all worthless. You mean to tell me that Shadows/Assassins were over powered but in the same breath you're telling me that Marauders and powertechs are just fine? Now that is worth a good laugh
No one will ever hit you harder than life. It doesn't matter how you hit back but how much you move forward, while you suffer through.

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06.26.2012 , 09:33 PM | #3
Deception was my preferred spec, and generally what I play, but it took a HUGE hit with loss of relics and adrenals in PvP. I have faith it will be adjusted ever so slightly upwards, but it will be at least a month or two before BW even admits they went too far with all the PvP changes. Time to gear out the Merc healer now I suppose.