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Disconnections in Rated matches

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Disconnections in Rated matches

Enui's Avatar

06.26.2012 , 02:44 PM | #1
So far I've played 3 rated matches with a guild premade. The results?

First match we won.

Second match, Alderaan... My character got bugged and was forced to exit, another player had a modem stutter and disconnected. With the 6v8 our team lost.

Third match... My modem stuttered, my team went on to win in a 7v8.

My complaint?

We lost 1 match due to game bugs and a momentary disconnect, my team won the third and I ate a loss because of a 10 second disconnect.

If you're in a flashpoint and you disconnect due to internet malfunction, you respawn back in the flashpoint. Why isn't this implemented in rated warzones? No one can come in and replace you, so why can't you respawn in the warzone if you're bugged and get forced out or your connection goes wonky?

The fact that there's no grace period for things like this is a little silly.
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fordharrison's Avatar

06.26.2012 , 04:51 PM | #2
Yeah disconnecting sucks in a WZ trust me I know firsthand. Our guild went 18-1 today and during a hutball one of our teammates disconnected, by this time we were up 4-0 and facing one of the supposedly best guilds on the server. They were definitely not making it easy for us to cap 6 and they even scored 1 before BAM I get disconnected. I was still in vent and had to listen painfully through the rest of the match, however we managed to hold them off and the game ended 4-1. Thankfully we won but what really angered me is that it counted as a loss for me and now I have to look at an unsightly 2 losses which would have otherwise only been just 1. I'm fine with this however because if it had not counted as a loss I could guarantee you that people would purposely DC if they were gonna lose. I do however think they need to allow the people who DC to come back in the match, when I logged on I was still in the ops group but back on the fleet. As far as I could tell though during our 18 game win streak (minus a loss by 30 points in civil) the system works well and we didn't have much DCs at all, although a few times some of our guys missed the queue and we were down a man

Invictusthetaru's Avatar

06.26.2012 , 05:01 PM | #3
Honestly I think this will get better. I'm actually noticing a lot more lag in ranked WZ's than regular, but I'm sure all the kinks will be worked out. How amazing were those other 18 games, you know what I mean?
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06.26.2012 , 05:06 PM | #4
yeah, this is pretty bad. especially since for some reason crashes still intermittently occur when loading into warzones.

if i am in a warzone and disconnect, i should be able to log back in and still be in the warzone. poor design is a poor design
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Lymain's Avatar

06.26.2012 , 05:11 PM | #5
So far, in the two games we've played, we had two guys stuck loading (one was kicked from the game, the other only started the match late), and I CTD'd. I was back in game in less than a minute, but obviously I couldn't rejoin the match.

VtTethias's Avatar

06.26.2012 , 05:12 PM | #6
This absolutely needs to be the highest priority to be fixed.

If you are booted from a ranked warzone match it should let you back in. I can see not letting people reconnect in regular warzone matches, as you have a larger pool of people to draw from; but for rated, there is no replacement, so you spend the entire game fighting undermanned.

Migrayn's Avatar

06.26.2012 , 05:25 PM | #7
You should absolutly be able to log back in and put right back into the match if it is still going on. If you get back in and win then it should be a win. It should only count as a loss if you do not get back in in time to finish the match.

Plus having 8 v 7 or 6 really sucks for rated matches.
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LucasEighty's Avatar

06.26.2012 , 07:49 PM | #8
im surprised this wasnt thought about given how buggy the game still is

Esiqual's Avatar

06.27.2012 , 12:14 AM | #9
This is not a bug its a design choice of ranked warzones that exist for all competitive e-sports. If you disconnect on a ranked ladder for any competitive game its considered a forefeit or surrender. It sucks if you disconnect but its also not the other teams fault, in these ircumstances you just have to live with it, its the nature of competitive gaming.