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tanking in pve guide?

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11.22.2012 , 10:45 AM | #11
Here's some level appropriate advice for the OP, lol:

You're not gonna see any real tank gear with tanking stats for a while. This is ok. As long as you're wearing standard bounty hunter gear with a shield equipped you'll be good for tanking for all the lower levels. I think at around level 30+ the game will start introducing mods and enhancements with +shield, +defense, etc. At that point try to pick those up, but you still don't really need to stress about gearing until you get to endgame, so don't think you can't tank before then if you don't have tank stats in every slot.

BHs get some nice AoE moves real early, so threat in those early FPs should not be a big problem. Be sure to watch your heat (ie use Rapid Shots every so often). If heat's a problem, or you're not having fun, you'll get some BIG quality of life improvements once you spec into Flame Shield (vents heat and let's you PUNCH more!), Jet Charge (wheee!), and Flame Surge (heat-less AoEs).

And some general tank advice: Do your best to protect your group, but understand some things are out of control and don't let other party members doing dumb stuff stress you out. You'll learn best through experience when and how to use your various abilities, so go have fun
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