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Random game crash and new queue


Zakke's Avatar

06.26.2012 , 01:02 PM | #1

I keep the story short. Waited 1h to enter to the server (tomb of freedom nadd). For 15mins i was just crafting gear for reverse engineering when game crashed for no clear reason. No problem, stuff happens i was thinking. Started the laucher again and had queue again, now 1.5 hours long.
Would be nice if u could implement crash/disconnect protection so we would have 5-10 minutes time to pass the queue/have priority to enter the server. I belive this system is in use on other mmos.
Im a rather casual player and can play max 4hours about on a workday. Hence this current situation is rather annoying if i have to spend half from that time in queue.
Otherwise been enjoying the game after transfers since i can actually pvp during my game times.