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Legacy Perks Swindling

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06.26.2012 , 10:53 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by ibervang View Post
I agree, it is a complete joke the new stuff. If i want the stuff i would like to get to my alts, i would need to send them 1+M... for each for them. I got 5 chars in total, 1 is level 50, so only wanted the craft critical with him. 2 i could go without the xp boost. And then there is my char of the opposin faction, that i proberly cant sent to either, so he cant benifit from this.... This have barely anything to do with legacy, only to unlock it for each char. If this is how they will do things, i cant see this game last.... what a complete joke.
Ok. the previous items released are Legacy Perks, Legacy Wide.

The New stuff are Character Perks, unlock for just that character.

AND you can mail to your own legacy across factions. I do it all the time. Most of the new character perks are only useful for the leveling process, and most of them are far from even necessary, they are just convenience/quality of life stuff.

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06.26.2012 , 10:53 AM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by kurzis View Post
its a huge money sink, looks like bioware have sent SW:TOR to the grave.

1.3 is a very minor content update, a LFG tool thats extremely limited and broken, more bugs and a huge money sink.

good luck getting those 6 month subs to resubscribe.

It is a massive credit sink.
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06.26.2012 , 11:05 AM | #13
The new "legacy" perks are freaking ********! The whole point of the Legacy system was to make your characters feel like they are all related in some way, well these new perks blow that all the way to hell. Being for only the character they are bought for is a loud of crap, and people who assumed they were like all the other legacy things (like me), just got screwed out of a bunch of credits. The first thing I did when I logged into my level 50 Marauder was buy all the dungeon exp perks because I plan to live in dungeons on my alts, then I see that it is character only unlocks when I hit my guild's forums, well there goes 275k..
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06.26.2012 , 11:06 AM | #14
I'm at work so I can't test the game myself. Are you telling these perks needs to be bought? Like all the rest of the pretty useless Legacy junk? And they don't unlock for all characters? ***, really? How disapointing. This stuff is so underwhelming it's nearly microscopic at this point... Why not make it much like a talent tree? You gain spendable points as you level up your Legacy, so the more you play your characters the more you get perks and make your life much easier in the process. Would make more flippin' sense. Instead we get another money sink... 'Cause you know, I already can't afford any of this stuff, so adding more on top of it is just adding insult to injury. And it's pretty frustrating to see that anytime there's new 'content' it's stuff I won't be able to benefit from in a short amount of time but rather in months from here...

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06.26.2012 , 11:11 AM | #15
Quote: Originally Posted by Goretzu View Post
It is a massive credit sink.
So you spend credits to gain a bonus. What's new?

And for everyone who complains about "we don't need more credit sinks," they're giving you more options for you to spend your credits, so there's a higher chance you'll encounter something you REALLY want to buy. More options is a good thing, not a bad thing

Quote: Originally Posted by carthaholic View Post
... Why not make it much like a talent tree? You gain spendable points as you level up your Legacy, so the more you play your characters the more you get perks and make your life much easier in the process. ...
I really like this idea. Use credits on the GTN, repair bills, crafting, and other things; and use Legacy Points on, well, legacy.
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Quote: Originally Posted by CourtneyWoods View Post
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06.26.2012 , 11:13 AM | #16
I just did the math, and it seems i will need to use 3.69 million credits, to get the stuff i want... that wont leave much for augmentation cost.... 570 credits less, if i cant send to my republic char (which i have been parly forced to make, if i want the future companion), which i assume they havent change..... *sigh* ... such a bad implementation...

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06.26.2012 , 11:14 AM | #17
GG Bioware.... GG.

First you're all like "Legacy Perks, OMG, you need them so bad and they're so cool" but then you fail to mention that they have completely nothing to do with the legacy system except requiring a certain level of it to unlock them.
Isn't the whole point of the Legacy system to actually SHARE it with all your characters ?
I am very dissappointed with this.

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06.26.2012 , 11:15 AM | #18
Posts acting all surprised about how these character perks work make me

On the fleet this morning everyone was asking questions about 1.3 that any avid player had read about 3 weeks ago.
As someone said: "80% of people didn't read the patch notes, 20% are rapidly reverse engineering."

If you have such a problem with the new character perks, you should have gave your feedback on the test server (I know many people did, but "I'm surprised" posts show your ignorance to the process).
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06.26.2012 , 11:16 AM | #19
oh, and the one i was problerly look forward to, the most, was sprint boos. that havent implementet

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06.26.2012 , 11:16 AM | #20
Legacy stuff is ALL just extra fluff. How much benefit for leveling do you actually get if you're getting 30% extra bonus from your class missions? That requires a high legacy level and 250k credits on your character. And it increases your overall leveling speed by...5%? If you're lucky?