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Old Augment Slots

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07.08.2012 , 08:50 AM | #201
Quote: Originally Posted by Rotamortis View Post
Quote: Originally Posted by Rotamortis View Post
Requiring an ENTIRE KIT is the same as adding an augment slot to a blank piece of gear.

This means all the effort put into getting an augment slot was for naut. There should be SOME benefit to grinding all that crafting to get an aug slot. Make the "upgrade" require just a component, and an "new installation" require the entire kit. That is reasonable. If it requires an ENTIRE KIT, then there should be no cost to applying the kit.
Why does every concern about the aug kit issue merit a dev response except mine?
It's a valid question. Surely it is not "working as intended" to completely void all the effort people put into augmenting non-50 gear. An upgrade should not require the EXACT SAME mats and cost as completely new aug slot installation.

Will the bug be fixed?
Is it not a bug, and the goal is for devs to openly mock players for the efforts made on low-mid level aug gear?
Some of us greatly enjoy the crafting part of the game... are we simply here for the devs amusement
So does this still get ignored?
Will it be fixed?
Is it working-as-intended for the devs to openly deride all of our sub-50 crafting efforts?