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(L,F&E Interlude 4) Shattered

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06.25.2012 , 04:48 AM | #1
((ooc: This is a fanfic between Kalenath and myself following Setsuna Andal and her sister Sharlina of the Bladeborn after the events of the Infinium Conflict.

During the conflict Setsuna (Setie) sustained heavy injuries due to using her own life force to power a Force Sever against Zelkin Infinium who was also her lover Marik Fatir. She has been clinging to life by a thread while her sister Sharlina recovered her and got them both off Zelkin's monstrous ship called the Fate Shatter. Sharlina has sent out a transmission for help from some nearby 'friends' who owed her a favor and now the pair can start healing more then just the physical wounds.

However some wounds run far deeper then heart and can leave a soul completely shattered with the owner picking up the pieces.))

((Posted by Setie))
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06.25.2012 , 04:51 AM | #2
The battle of the Fate Shatter was over. Zelkin Infinium had been stopped. But the cost was only beginning to be counted...

<In an escape pod>

Sharlina of the Bladeborn was not used to feeling this. Despair. She knew her sister was hurt, she knew that Setie needed more help than Shar could provide. And there was nothing she could do except watch as Setie’s chest rose and fell slowly.

“Come on girl, stay with me. You never backed away from anything in your life, stay with me…” She prayed silently.

There was literally no way at all she could have known that her prayers were about to be answered.

<In cosmic terms, within spitting distance>

“Another one.” The bridge crewman on the Sith cruiser smiled. Another of the dimwitted fools who had followed Zelkin Infinium for the slammer. All it would take was a moment to cycle the tractor beam… He froze. “What the…!?!” He stared at his screen before hitting a general alert button, something that would get him in trouble. But how many times did one see a Republic battlecruiser simply appear within tractor beam range?

<Very close by>

Shar felt the escape pod lurch as a tractor beam grabbed it, but had no way of knowing it wasn’t a Sith ship that had grabbed her, but the renegade cruiser Stormhawk.

Got it!” The commander of the ship snarled to his XO.

“Get us out of here.” The XO started barking orders as fire started coming in from the Sith ships nearby, but it was uncoordinated, and the Stormhawk’s shields were strong. If not as strong as normal then strong enough. But within moments, the pinpoints of stars shifted to lines as the ship outsped light and made it into hyperspace.

<Hangar bay>

Guards and medics stood wary as the escape pod was lowered into position. The hatch opened and more than one person flinched as Sharlina of the Bladeborn strode out, an unconscious form in her arms. She looked around, smiled, and collapsed. As the medics came up she was heard to speak.

“Took you long enough…” But then she was out cold.


"Who is this girl and what the flarg happened to her? I mean, Sharlina we know..." The Trandoshan's hands were gentle as he worked on the younger girl's injuries in preparation to putting her in kolto. His colleague stood by, with a worried look on his face.

"I don't know L'trask. But those marks... She had to use a lot of dark side energy to get those... We better..." He froze, and the doctor did as well. Sharlina was sitting up in the bed she was in, the medical gear attached to her beeping, but her gaze was strong as she locked eyes on the Jedi and the doctor.

"Her name is Setsuna Andal. She is my charge." The Bladeborn said slowly. Both healers froze. The Jedi finally spoke.

"Bladeborn, your charge is badly hurt. The physical injuries we can heal. As for the rest?" He shrugged.

"Be gentle with her." Sharlina's voice cracked, just a bit. "She went through hell for her love. And he... He almost destroyed her. If you hurt her, you will answer to me, Jedi." The man in Jedi robes bowed to her.

"My name is Hawkir Strum and I swear to you I will help as I can, Bladeborn." Sharlina stared at him and he went to her bedside. "Her personal effects and yours are here. You need to rest to recover Bladeborn. Even Sith know that." Sharlian stared at him, but then, reassured by something she couldn't really define, she laid her head back down and in moments she was asleep.

Thw two healers exchanged another glance and then continued working on Setsuna, preparing her for a dip in kolto to cure most of her more grievous wounds. Of course, no medical care in the universe could heal a shattered spirit.
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06.25.2012 , 04:52 AM | #3
Setie was slow to come to. She had always thought it annoying since she got knocked around so often that she wasn't quicker snapping awake. Still she gave a small moan as green eyes cracked open slowly. She at least knew better then to open them wide and get blinded by the light. "...Marik..?"

Shar shifted in her seat at Setie's soft words before she spoke in a soothing voice. "No, Setie, he isn't here. You are safe. You will be fine."

Setie blinked and managed to look over at her sister. "Shar? Where...?" She looked about as well as she could without moving to much. Her memory was fuzzy at best but she remembered thinking she was going to die. Jan and Marik had been glaring at each other as if they would pull their sabers on each other any second. Since she wasn't dead she assumed someone had gotten her medical help and she didn't want to pull open any wounds by twisting around. She was obviously in an infirmary on a ship though she could tell little else about the place.

Sharlina reached over and took Setie's hands in hers. "We are on a ship called the Stormhawk. They picked us up when I... Well..." She looked bit sheepish then, "There were Sith troops who had boarded the Fate Shatter, to take possession of it for the Empire. And they had orders for your arrest and mine. I... um... Well... I argued the point with them and took off. The Stormhawk picked us up."

Now there was fear in Setie's eyes as she gripped Shar's hand. "Where's Jan? Where's Marik?" she whispered. Maker after everything they couldn't have ran each other through anyway could they?

Shar bowed her head. "I am pretty sure Jan got away. The troops that wanted to arrest us left her alone, told her to leave. She was a mess, but she was alive when I saw her last and moving under her own power. Marik..." She sighed. "I don't know what happened to him."

Setie blinked as this information found it's way through her brain. If Marik was missing she'd just have to find him. The thought had her starting to try and get up. "I'm sorry...for earlier Shar," she said, remembering the mess she had left her sister. She couldn't remember what she had done to Sharlina very clearly but she remembered her sister laying at her feet.

Shar held her down gently. "None of that, girl. You are a mess. Earlier... it wasn't your fault. Although you fought very well. I am proud of your progress. I knew it wasn't you in charge, but your 'darker side' to be cliche. It's okay Setsuna. No Autopsy, no foul."

Setie scowled and tried to get up only to have her sister apply more muscle. She decided that last bit about autopsies was Sharlina's version of a joke. Still she didn't think Sharlina understood the situation like Setie did. After all, a 'darker side' of a person was still part of said person. "I'm fine," she said though it was unconvincing with all the bandages wrapped around her smaller frame as she tried to combat the stronger woman.

Shar sighed, "Setie... Look at yourself with the Force and tell me that. With a straight face..." Her brown eyes were glistening now.

"I'll be fine Shar," Setie said looking annoyed. "I'm hardly made of glass."

Shar sighed and then summoned a mirror with the Force and held it in front of Setie's face, just out of reach. "Look at yourself, Setie. And then tell me you are fine...."

Setie blinked at herself with an oddly unemotional look. Habit had her running fingers through her copper colored hair to cover the bandaged scar and dark colored veins. Hiding them like she had for so long. "Nothing I haven't dealt with before," she stated. Part of her cringed that she was right back physically to where she had started when she had fled from Korriban.

Shar nodded, "I know. But you were in a bacta tank for almost eight hours. You nearly died Setie. Please... Let me take care of you." She shook her head. This wasn't what she was trained for. "I know you are hurting, and not just physical. I do know. You are one of three people outside my kin who know about... what happened to me..."

Setie sighed a bit and reminded herself that Sharlina meant well. She sincerely hoped her sister settled her past before she drove Setie demented. "I know your worried Shar but I'll be fine, honest. I promise to take it slow here."

Shar nodded her red haired head, "That is all I ask. And I will be here for you."

The hatch hissed open and a fully armored form walked in. He stood near the door for a moment and then nodded to Sharlina, "Bladeborn. You look pretty good for someone who supposedly died when her ship exploded."

Sharlian smiled at the armored form, but there was no friendship there. "Setsuna Andal meet Stormhawk Boss. The commander of this ship." The newcomer nodded to Setie.

"Nice to meet you ..uh...sir," Setie said and tried to give a respectful bow only to hiss a bit as some of her wounds protested.

Boss raised a hand in a a placating gesture. "No, no, don't move too much. The body tends to get annoyed with you when that happens, then you have all kinds of problems. I need to talk to you Sharlina. Hawkir will be in in a moment." His words had Sharlina freezing in instant rebellion.

Setie resisted the urge to roll her eyes at the older woman. By the Maker she was hardly a puppy that was going to run out into the street and get ran over by a speeder here. "I promise I won't leave the infirmary without you Shar," she stated in a long suffering tone.

Sharlina snorted,"You better not. But... here is what you had on you. I am afraid your clothes and armor were... not salvageable. We will get you something to wear." She placed a small box in easy reach and stood up stiffly to walk to the door. Boss preceded her out and Shar, with one last glance back, followed.

“Finally,” Setie muttered irritably. Sharlina's hovering had started to grate on her nerves. While Setie was trying to be an understanding soul there was only so much smothering she could take.

Shaking her head about her sister's weird ways Setie snatched the small box of her things. They would hardly be much but she would likely at least need her lightsaber in finding...

Hands froze and green eyes were wide as she blinked down into the bin. Her saber rested inside of course, along with the knife Sharlina had given her, and the blood red crystal that her mother's spirit was connected to.

It was the last thing that had Setie's eyes going wide as they slowly started to fill with tears.

Carefully, as if worried they would shatter into dust any second, she lifted two pendants out of the box. One she knew had been around her neck since Marik had given it back to her on Dantooine after repairing it.

It was Marik's half that had her chest feeling as if a great weight was crushing in on it. He had said...that he would never leave...

He would not have given her the other half of the pendant though if he had thought they would meet again, if he had intended on them meeting again...

“” she choked out with a sob as she hugged the two halves to her chest. She couldn't seem to breath and the pain was just ripping into every bit of her. Loose things rattled and started floating around without her really paying attention to them. A metal chair start to crinkle like someone wading up a piece of paper.

She couldn't take it, couldn't keep it in as she finally just let it go and screamed. Tears ran down her face and the jagged edges of the pendants in her hands bite into the flesh of her hands like a cruel beast. Thing zipped around the room unheeded to crash into other things while some simply bend under an unseen hand.

The whole time Setie screamed again and again for someone she'd never see again.

((Posted by Setie))
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06.25.2012 , 04:55 AM | #4
<In the hall>

"We do owe you Sharlina of the Bladeborn, but you can't stay here." Sharlina nodded to the armored form's matter of fact tone. She knew how the Stormhawk crew felt about Sith and could sympathize. She didn't like Sith much most of the time either. And she was one. The Stormhawk had spent more than ten years fighting the Sith so a little thing like cooperating against the nutcase Zelkin Infinium was unlikely to have changed their attitudes overnight.

"I know. As soon as Setie is stable, we are gone." Sharlina said soberly. Boss shook his head.

"That may be a while, and we are not going to just throw you out. But don't draw your weapons on this ship. Ah,Hawkir..." Sharlina turned to see the Jedi she had spoken too coming down the hall with what looked like robes in his hand. Sharlina smiled and would have spoken, except for the horrid outpouring of emotion that came from behind her. She spun to the door and froze as the feelings started making sense.

"Oh no... Setie..." She felt Boss and the Jedi come up and she held up a hand. "Wait..."

She turned back to Boss and Hawkir stared at her, dumbfounded. When he spoke, it was strained.

"She is in pain." The Jedi winced at the torrent of emotion that came through the Force. "She needs help." Sharlina shook her head slowly.

"Right now, she is really dangerous." Sharlina knew that better than many, she had fought Setie's dark side on the Fate Shatter and nearly died doing it. "She has lost most of her control. That is why her face is the way it is. You go in there and she is likely to kill you without realizing it. And that would just make her feel worse. I have been where she is. She needs time." A loud noise came from beyond the door and Sharlina winced. Boss spoke.

"Can you keep her under control?" Sharlina nodded. "Then she is your responsibility. Don't let her kill anyone and don't let her break too much. The stuff in the med bays is expensive..." With that, he was gone. Hawkir turned to Sharlina with an odd look on his face.

"She is grieving... isn't she?" The Jedi asked. Sharlina nodded. "So are you." Now Sharlina shrugged.

"I don't know the whole story." Sharlina sighed. "All I know is that my orders are to protect her. Even from herself. And if she ticks Boss off too much, he will have us both tossed out an airlock, so... I better go in." Hawkir nodded and handed Sharlina the bundle of robes.

"One set should fit you." Hawkir smiled at her expression. "The others will fit her, if a bit big. Be careful." Sharlina smirked. Like that was a problem at the moment. Hawkir smiled at her and stepped back.

"Give me five minutes. That should be enough time I think." The Bladeborn squared her shoulders and opened the door. Inside was a scene of destruction. Setie sat on her bed, crying. All around her, pieces of medical gear lay strewn around the room. the girl stammered something that was probably an apology as she tried to fit pieces of a medical monitor back together. But there was no way at all that piece of equipment was ever going to be anything but scrap. Sharlina laid the robes on the side of Setie's bed and climbed up beside her sister. Setie stammered an apology, but Shar just shook her head and enfolded her sister in gentle arms.

"It's all right Setie. I am here and I won't let anyone hurt you again."

She held the younger girl as Setie sobbed, trying to keep herself calm, trying to help. trying to lay aside her rage at the universe for hurting the one thing in it she loved. But it was so hard with Setie sobbing uncontrollably now. Sharlina held her sister and murmured soft words to her, nothing important, it was mainly the tone that mattered. if there was one thing Sharlina did know about, it was grief. Sadness, fear, anger: all these she knew. But the main emotion that fueled her rages was grief. it always had been, ever since she could remember. So she did what others had done for her once. She sat quietly and held on, trying to give strength by osmosis, simply by being there and holding Setie.

Oh Setie, oh my sister... It will be all right...
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06.25.2012 , 04:58 AM | #5
It took ten minutes just for Setie to calm herself. Though she felt somewhat better after things, she reminded herself that control was important when one had...well her abilities. It took ten more minutes to convince Sharlina she was truly alright and to prod the Bladeborn into leaving the room for five minutes so she could get clothes on. It didn't matter if Sharlina was her sister or not, Setie was not about to be naked in front of anyone short of a doctor when it was required and...


The thought had tears burning anew in her eyes as she looked out at the stars. She was decent enough in trousers and a sleeveless tunic, though both were obviously meant for someone who was taller and had more muscle mass then her. Her feet were bare and the odd gray over robe lay over the bed she had been resting on as she crossed to the view port. So many unanswered questions plagued her. She reached out a hand as if to shifted through the stars and find them.

She should just forget them, put them out of her mind for there was no one to answer them. Just let go of him. Yet how could she when there was so much of him that had been a part of her?

She heard the door open and felt Sharlina walk back in. Exactly five minutes after she had left. She could feel her sister's concern, both over her own well being and how the older woman would handle her.

Sometimes being an empathic person had it's bonuses.

“You don't have to fret you know,” Setie said with a sigh, finally breaking the silence that had been stretching painfully.

Shar sighed, "I know but... I don't know what else to do Setie. Except be here for you. I... I don't mean to be overpowering but... I know you are hurting and it tears me up that I can't help you."

When has anyone ever been able to help me? Setie asked mentally thought she painted a smile onto her face as she turned. It was still sad but as reassuring as she could manage. “Hey, I've taken hits before. I'll be fine,” she pointed out.

Sharlina gave her a smile back though her heart was not in it. “Yes you have,” she said before seeming to close her emotions off. Apparently she had forgotten Setie's empathic nature for a few moments there.

"See," the green eyed girl said, sounding almost like a child displaying an accomplishment. "I'll be fine. I'm hardly the first to lose people in life. I get to learn to deal with it like everyone else." Her tone sounded bitter at the thought. It was simply wrong to her that she often got to share the tragedies of being mortal but not the happier parts.

After all, she'd never asked to be born different.

Shar stepped over and set a gentle hand on her shoulder. Setie almost sneered at it but contained herself, knowing her sister was just trying to comfort her. “No, no you are not. Yes you get to learn like everyone else, you are not however alone. You don't have to face this alone.”

“I'm always alone,” Setie thought as she felt the weight of things seem to press in on her. Once she had thought that wasn't true. That she had found someone who could understand. She had tried to explain it to Marik. Deciding for once to be selfish and take something for herself.

Look where that had gotten her.

She pushed the loneliness back for now and gave a grin. “Still no need to be a mother hen there Shar. Doubt you'll let me wallow in misery long before wiping the floor with me anyways.”

Shar stared for a moment before sighing, “I could, and I might if it comes to that but...”

Whatever Sharlina was going to say was cut off by the door chime. The older woman was between Setie and the door in a flash prompting a long suffering sigh from the younger one. She was tempted to remind Shar that she had taken on the man that almost destroyed existence, this made her quite capable of defending herself from someone buzzing at the door.

The door hissed open and a middle aged man in Jedi robes with a medic's pouch at his waist stood there. He took in Shar's defensive stance and Setie's reaction before giving a smile."Hello. Miss Sharlina, Miss Setsuna. I am glad to see you awake and looking so much better. Miss Sharlina, I need to check again, do you wish to watch?" There was a slight undercurrent to the Jedi's tone, that suggested he thought Shar might profit from being elsewhere.

"Jedi." Sharlina predictably bristled before answering in a matter of fact tone that slid off the man like oil. “You lay one hand out of place and I will cut it off, healer or no.”

The Jedi simply looked at Setie with an apologetic smile. “Miss? I need to do a final check of your injuries before they release you from medical.”

“Of course,” Setie replied as she went back to where she had been laying down earlier. She knew all about final checks and the like after all. Granted when she had worked in a clinic the patients had been rude, mean, threatened her with force lightning, and otherwise had not been inclined to listen to her about limitations. She gave Shar a look then. "Go on, you know I can handle myself. I probably know where he should poke better then you after all."

Shar was staring at the jedi, who had not moved yet for obvious reasons of tempting dismemberment from the Bladeborn. "You... Do you want me to stay?"

Setie almost threw her hands up in frustration. When had she turned into some glass doll for Shar to hover over like a dog over a prized bone? “What did I just say about fretting Shar? I'll be fine,” she replied, her voice holding a bit of steel in it.

Shar growled one final time at the man in Jedi robes before striding to the hatch and closing it with a slam. The Jedi gave an exasperated grin. "Is she always like that?" he asked as he moved a bit closer, but still far enough away not to be a threat.

"More so now I think," Setie commented with a sigh as she laid down. "It's like everything just...made it worse."

The jedi simply nodded with a sad look on his face. "I understand. My name is Hawkir Strum, Jedi Consular and currently half of the professional medical people on this crazy ship."

Setie grinned a bit thinking of Damaya suddenly. She hoped he had survived matters well though she had no idea who to ask about the miraluka. She didn't think it likely that he or Puk would be dead, Damaya at least had things to do while Puk had things to fix. “I'm Setsuna Andal but everyone just calls me Setie."

“Sharlina has dropped a few hints that you have some medical training? Not that she said much. Getting information out of her is like getting water from a rock,” Hawkir stated with a soft laugh.

Setie nodded her copper colored head. “It's one of my few strong points actually.”

“Then you know how this works,” Hawkir said with a nod as he came to the side of the table and set his bag down. “I will be as fast and gentle as I can.”

Setie raised a brow at that. While his tone was warm and the smile genuine there was an undercurrent of worry, the kind of worry reserved for those those cut too close to death. “It was that bad huh?” she asked curiously though she knew the answer already.

Hawkir nodded to her but as he promised, he kept matters quick, gentle, and professional as he checked all of her injuries.

"It's ok. I know I got lucky. I rather though, I would never wake up," she stated flatly. Part of her truly wished she never had woken up. That everything now was just a bad dream.

The jedi froze then, laying a gentle hand on her shoulder though he said nothing. She sensed compassion and understanding before he removed his hand and started packing his pouch up again. “You'll need to take it easy for the next few days and you should be fine. You're in excellent shape obviously...given the thrashing you have given this place.”

Setie cringed at that. The room was still in shambles from her earlier tantrum. “I'm sorry. I'm usually much better about...things. I'll help clean it up and I'm sure I can help out to pay for it around here.”

The older man shook his head then. “Things, Setsuna, these are things. Things can be replaced. Lives are harder. Besides this is only a drop in the bucket as far as the crew is concerned with Sharlina. Not everyone would die to save the mother of a member of this crew. Even if she didn't actually die. Don't worry about this mess careful. If you want to talk about anything, I'm here or can be found easily.”

Setie simply nodded but she wanted to laugh at the man. How could he possibly understand her situation? Sure he might understand losing someone, but to know that you could have saved them if you had just been better, smarter, quicker, or maybe stronger. The though hung around her like shadows, crushing the brightness she had been trying to keep up, like a mask she could hide behind from the universe.

Hawkir shook his head and went to the door, which opened just as he reached it. Sharlina stood glaring at the older man as he simply bowed to her and Setie before leaving.

“Fracking Jedi...” Shar muttered in a disgruntled way as she came over.

“They aren't that bad,” Setie commented finally pulling on her boots. At least these were the right size for her. “Then again I'm likely biased. You know since I have a father who is one and all that.”

She pondered for a moment if maybe, finding her father would help with this aching hole in her that Marik's departure had ripped in her. Somehow she doubted that but it was a nice hope.

Shar looked Setie over and gave a small smile, “Are you hungry? I know I am hungry enough to eat a ronto, tusks and all.”

While the thought of food did not really appeal to Setie she knew that her system likely needed something resembling fuel. “I'm a little peckish,” she stated only to have her stomach growl loudly. “Or maybe a lot...”

((Posted by Setie))
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06.25.2012 , 05:01 AM | #6
Shar laughed and then froze as the door chimed again.

She didn't move between it and Setie, although it was obvious she wanted to. "Yes?" She called.

"Dinner." Came the response and Shar looked at Setie.

"Well isn't that handy," Setie commented.

Shar didn't move and her hands were on her sabers. "Did you order dinner? I didn't..."

"No but since Master Hawkir likely can put two and two together to figure I hadn't eaten and mentioned going to the mess is a bad idea. He likely thought to send for something." She sighed then in annoyance, "Maker Shar who would want to risk you loping off their head which I'm sure most of the crew knows you do well."

Shar looked at Setie and then sighed. "Enter."

The door opened and a droid carrying trays entered followed by a woman with black hair. Sharlina froze. "Maria...?'

Setie gave the woman a curious look before looking over at Sharlina. "I take it you two know each other?"

For the first time since Setie had woken up, Sharlina smiled. "Yes, yes I do."

Maria stood and waited as Shar walked towards her, then the older woman seemed at a loss as Shar threw her arms around the black haired woman and gave her a hug. "I thought you had died." Maria smiled as she returned the hug.

"Same here. They told me The Rancor's Bite blew up... I..."

Shar turned to Setie. "Setsuna Andal meet Maria Kalenath, one of the reasons we... er... met... the way we did."

"Pleased to meet you," Setie said giving a nod. She would have bowed but decided not to aggravate her wounds more.

Maria nodded to the younger girl and smiled at Sharlina, who backed away. When the black haired woman spoke, it was quiet and sad. "I am sorry, Sharlina, I had no idea we were going to cause you such trouble..." But Sharlina was shaking her head.

"It wasn't your fault." The Bladeborn waved to dismiss the concern. "I knew going in that I would pay for what I planned. And I did. But now, I need to eat and so does Setsuna. Have you eaten?"

"Not yet." Maria smiled and waved towards the droid that had three covered trays on it. "Like I was going to let them get away with feeding you recyclo-spam."

Setie grinned a bit at the pair. "Could be worse," she pointed out thinking of the slop from her days in a sith academy. She swore that stuff had been engineered to make students try and steal real food from the kitchen.

"Yes, it could be. It could be her cooking." Maria glared at Setsuna but there was a grin on her face that spoiled it. "Maybe, But I have my standards, I will be darned if I will let her eat badly. I didn't before..." Sharlina laughed, an almost normal sound.

"Yep, you have all the subtlety of a bull rancor Maria, you know that?" Maria grinned as she pulled trays off the droid for the others before getting her own. Setsuna said something under her breath that sounded like 'Pot meet Kettle'

"Well thank you for thinking of me in there," Setie said politely though the word rang off key. "Did you need a hand with those?"

"You are a guest and you were injured not too long ago. I may be old, but I ain't dead yet." Her grin belied the sharp tone as she lay a tray with utensils close to Setie. Sharlina took another and Maria stood, looking from one to the other.

When she spoke, it was quiet. "if you don't want me here, I will leave. I had to say thank you. 'Mistress'." At that word, Sharlina recoiled as if slapped.

Shar shook her head. "Don't call me that, please..." Her face was...sad.

Setie raised a curious brow at that but said nothing as she murmured thanks for the food and started digging in, she was hungry after all.

Sharlina spoke quietly. "I don't have a problem with you staying. Setie?"

The younger Andal shook her head. "No qualms here. Visit with your friend Shar, I promise to behave."

Maria looked at the younger girl and while it was obvious she didn't have the Force, it was as if she could see far far down and what she saw made her sad. "Oh... I would call you child, but you are not one, are you? I should go..." Whatever feelings she might have felt suddenly disappeared behind some kind of wall.

Sharlina froze, looking from Maria to Setie, unsure of what to say or do.

"Do any children exist in this day and age?" Setie asked, sounding like an old woman pondering the universe. "Please, sit. It'll be good to have company."

Maria looked at her for a moment, and then she did as instructed, as she did, some of her wall cracked and a bit of who and what she was peeked out. Sharlina winced at the sheer torrent of pain and it quickly vanished. "Sorry..." Maria said quickly. "My control is usually better... I..." She shut up and her force sense... vanished. Shar looked at Setie with worried eyes.

Setie said nothing, seeming oddly distant. "Visits with friends are never to be passed up. You never know...when they won't be there anymore." She looked unbearably sad then, thinking of at least one friend she would never see again.

Maria nodded. "Oh yeah." For a moment, the two women, older and younger, shared a remarkable similarity. Both survivors who hadn't wanted to. Sharlina ate quickly, her gaze darting between the two.

Setie grinned a bit at Sharlina then. "Geez Shar I don't think the food will jump and run there. Oxygen is good for you too." It was an obvious attempt to lighten the mood.

Maria stared at the woman she almost called friend and then sighed. When she spoke it was careful. "Do you trust me Sharlina?" The Bladeborn stared at her.

Now Maria looked at Setie. "Sharlina has never worked well unless she is able to burn off stress every so often. Problem is that when she does that, things usually break or go boom." Sharlina rolled her eyes, but didn't speak. Her glare said it all.

Setie looked from one older woman to the other. "Well we'll have to see if we can borrow a room for her to do drills or something then, if for nothing more then to keep from breaking the ship."

"We can do better than that. IF she trusts me not to do anything to you. There is a training room on this ship, set up for just such things. They have never had many Sith aboard and never for long but Jedi train hard too." Sharlina immediately set her tray down and stood. Refusal came out of every pore.

"Sounds like a good idea really," Setie stated. "As long as the doctors say she's ok that is."

Shar turned a disbelieving face towards Setie. Maria nodded to the younger girl. "They have cleared her. You they would like to stay resting for a day or so, but she is good to go. If she will."

"Maria..." Sharlina's voice was low and dangerous, but Maria's was just as low and just as dangerous.

"I am no threat to her. And you know what I do to people who hurt my family, or my friends." Sharlina winced just a bit at that. Yes, she remembered the picture of the Stormhawk with the gruesome figurehead on it. That Jedi had taken hours to die, and then they had tossed him into space to make a trophy for the ship.

Setie's mouth twitched in a scowl before she sighed. "I'm hardly an invalid Shar. It'll do you good here and I can manage."

Sharlina stared at her sister, and then at Maria, but then she slumped. Maria was right, she hadn't relaxed in a while. Maria waved towards the door.

"Third corridor on the right. Second blast door. Code N-K-O-R-R. That will give you any level of training you want. Be warned, Nia believed in pushing herself beyond her abilities." Sharlina snorted and Maria nodded. With a long look at Setie, Shar left the room.

Maria bowed her head and spoke to Setie now. "I am not going to insult you by saying 'I know what you are feeling' or any such dreck." She sighed. "I am not you. And you are not me." Setie said nothing, simply blinking and waiting for whatever Maria had to say.

Maria sighed. "Sharlina has a good heart, if a dark soul. She means well, but she has no idea at all what she is doing. She has no idea that she is suffocating you under her... well.. her mothering..." Maria shook her head and met Setie's eyes. "Speaking as a mother of two myself, I can feel a bit less hypocritical in saying that what she is doing is excessive."

Setie smiled with no humor. "If you are worried I'll suddenly fall into a homicidal rage on her...there's no need to anymore."

Maria snorted, darkly amused. "If you do, then she will no doubt deserve it. But what I am saying, in my own obtuse way, is that you are the only person right now that she is likely to listen to." maria bit her lip, then spoke again. "You are in pain. I do know what that feels like, even thought mine is almost seven years in the past. And I was chained and drugged in a cell at the time. I don't know what happened on the Fate Shatter, and it is none of my business." She was going to say something then froze. "Boss give us privacy." The camera above the door stopped turning.

Maria looked at Setsuna and there was something, something deep in her eyes now. "You and Sharlina are not safe on this ship. Once they release you from here, all you have to do is ask and I can get a ride anywhere you wish. My ship is too small for passengers. But all you have to do is ask." Maria waited for the girl's response and prayed she hadn't just made a huge mistake.
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Setie's jaw clenched and for a moment looked rather like Maria had slapped her across the face. "Because...I'm a Sith?" she bit out the word sith like it tasted bad to her.

Maria snorted. "That is part of it. But not nearly the biggest part. Not even close. It was Jedi who took me, experimented on me and killed my husband. It was Jedi who outlawed this ship for its commander following his heart instead of his orders. It is Jedi who have hunted this ship and her crew across the galaxy. Yes, they have fought Sith, hard and long but its Force users of ANY stripe they distrust. They don't even like Hawkir. And he is fairly nice, for a Jedi.' The last word was bitten out as if Maria was in physical pain.

There's a flash of pain across Setie's face before she closes her eyes and takes a breath before letting it out on a sigh. The air around her seems to get oddly colder for a moment as her face seems to go blank. "We'll leave when it's ok for me to travel," she says simply.

Maria sighed. "Your pain calls to me, Setsuna Andal, even though I don't have the Force. I don't need it. I have kids. I want to help you, but I know I can't. All that can help you is time. If you ever want to talk, I am not affiliated with the Sith, the Jedi, or even the Stormhawk really. And I owe Sharlina."

Setie said nothing. Something dark and cold twisting in her eyes for a moment before disappearing, leaving just a girl in mourning.

Maria nodded, but didn't move. Her hand rested on her blaster as her other keyed in a command and the camera started again. Her focus was on the door and anyone coming through without permission wouldn't get a step. After a long time, maybe ten minutes, Maria spoke again.

“You are hurting now. You feel as if the universe has taken everything and given you nothing.” The old woman’s words were matter of fact. But they did hold something, not pity, not condescension… Something else. Something deep, warm and wide. “You have been hammered, hard. I don’t know who you lost, but I know what I felt when it happened to me. Nothing I say or do can help you now. Time. Time is the only thing that can help you. Sharlina can give you that time. I hope... I hope your life turns out better than mine has." The older woman shook her head and focused on the door again.
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Setie had barely let the door to her and Shar's quarters open before she stopped it and stepped out. Her footfalls were silent and she managed to get the door closed just as quietly. Her sister needed sleep after everything and Setie was willing to bet the Bladeborn hadn't slept a wink since the whole mess on the Shatter. Besides, Shar and everyone else's hovering was driving Setie up a wall. A little exercise in an empty training room would do her sanity a world of good.

She did her best thinking when she was alone after all, and the exercise would help her vent various frustrations and anger. At Sharlina, at the crew that hated her for being born, at the universe for taking Marik from her.

"Training rooms..." Setie muttered to herself as she roamed the halls. She thought she had known where exactly she was going but she must have missed a turn as she looked around.

"Miss?" A startled voice came from nearby as a human in a coveral straightened from a panel he had been working on.

"Oh thank the Maker," Setie said with obvious relief. "I'm sorry to bother you but I was hoping to find a room out of the way where I might get a little exercise in?" Her voice was timid and almost submissive. She remembered that she was an uninvited guest on this ship and was weary just in case this guy proved unfriendly.

The tech stared at the girl who had just appeared seemingly out of nowhere. Then he looked at her face and froze. the dark veining said Sith, but the manner and well, the niceness threw him off completely. "Uh... sure Miss. Um... yeah. What kind of exercise?" He wondered briefly who she was, but they had taken a bunch of people aboard during the battle. "You shouldn't be out here alone Miss. The ship took a lot of hits. We have damage all over the place but I can get you to an exercise area."

Setie blinked a bit at the odd look before realizing the black veins on her face were showing. She cringed and combed at her hair, trying to hide them and shame screaming from her actions. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be a bother. Just needing some room for basic stretches and some moving. Figure the doctors won't lecture me to bad for that." She gave a small apologetic smile then feeling some nervousness from the man. Likely he was thinking her some sith marauder training to slaughter them all, so she tried to put him at ease. "Pretty sure I'm not up for combat training. Whole nearly dying thing will put a cramp in that."

The man shook his head. "It's okay Miss. There is one nearby, just... please ask for an escort next time? You step in the wrong place at the wrong time and well..." He indicated a hole in the deck that had obviously live power cables arcing through it. "We like our guests to stay in one piece."

Those you like. Setie immediately snapped in her mind. Her face twitched a bit from it but she nodded her acceptance of the rules. “I'm sorry. I'll remember that for the future. Uh...the room please?”

The tech nodded, “Follow me, and stay close..uh please." He started off, threading his way through areas that had obvious damage until they reached a spot that was less so.

Setie looked around as they walked, getting lost in her surroundings for a moment. While the bodies of the dead had been taken away there was still blood splattered here and there. She could hear the whispers of the dead and dying. The cries of the wounded like a constant moan in the echoing footsteps of the living. These were just things, like Hawkir had said yesterday to her. She wondered though how many friends and loved ones had the crew on this ship lost? How many of them had suffered. “I'm sorry?” she said when she realized the tech had said something during their stroll.

Apparently the tech had not been paying much attention either because he started. “Sorry, just...I live on this ship. She's my home. To see her so messed up because of one ignorant fool... I ever catch that dikut Zelkin Infinium alone, I'll show that cowardly little hutt wanna- be what I think of him. If he's lucky he might actually be dead before I impale him on a strut.”

Setie went pale and had to squash the immediate urge to snap at the man. She twitched some from the temptation though. “I'm sure he thought his reasons were justified,” she said carefully. Honestly she could not blame Marik's...Zelkin's hate of the Force. Being different, as it was, was something all jedi of either philosophy had to deal with. Sometimes it lead to a hate of things, like with the sith, and sometimes it lead to an acceptance of it just being how things were. "Most crusaders do."

"Crusaders? Nutballs... What do they ever do for us except use us and then throw us away when they don't need us any more?" It was obvious the tech wasn't looking at Setie. "He was no different from any of the others. Only good thing about him is that he is dead. Hope so anyway. Can't have been slow enough in my opinion."

Setie ground her teeth together and did her best to resist the urge to clench her fists. "I think the term you are looking for is idealist. He very likely thought he was doing something good for everyone. Besides who are any of us to say he should die or live or how?" Her tone had a slight edge to it but with her efforts concentrating more on her temper there was little she could do.

The tech snorted. "Idealism is for jedi. Most of us prefer to live in the real world. Action begets reaction. Someone tries to kill my family, then yes I want his shebs dead. Someone tries to kill the universe? I am just glad the fool failed. To bad so many good people had to die for his stupidity..."

Setie carefully folded her hands in the sleeves of the robe then. The better to resist the urge to slap the man. "He had family too you know, and loved ones. He just wanted the best for them I'm sure."

The tech shook his head. "Most of the ones I have seen were only in love with their power. They lived to hurt other people. Who cared if they hurt, maimed, killed, or destroyed as long as they got whet they wanted?W ell, he got what he wanted. He got the whole fraking galaxy up in arms. Well done I say to him. Well done indeed. May he roast in hell."

Now Setie snarled and the air seem to plummet in temperature. "And what would you know about it?" she snapped giving the man a shove. "What have you ever been in charge in aside from keeping your little world up and running?" She scowled then, "Yet you people judge everyone else that wants to try and change things. What the hell right do you have to do that?"

The tech snarled right back. "Why should I care? All Force users care about is how much they can hurt people like me. Oh, sure take my family away, make me work in a mine all my life and if I speak out, well just fry me with the Force beause I don't matter. After all, I am just another weak Forceless peon. All I am here for is for people like him to step on. Well I am glad someone finally stepped on him."

"You think none of us go through hard times?" Setie yelled back and shoved harder. Her fingers jabbing into a nerve without thought on the shoulder that had the tech's arm going numb. "That man you hate so much went through hell himself. Watched his family get butchered at age five and then was dragged off and treated like an animal! Got hate shoved in his face and down his throat till it twisted him and that was all he could do. All because of a talent he had, one he never asked for and certainly never wanted! We never want to have these fancy powers! We want nothing more then to live our lives like everyone else. Who the hell are you to judge all of us trash just because some of them are? We're not different then normal people you know!"

The tech responded with just as much heat. "Oh yeah, of course. he had it so bad. Poor little force prince. Did he ever have to work his fingers to the bone? Or gnaw them off when they got gangrene?" His hand shoved Setsuna away and now it was obvious it was mechanical. "Oh, yeah, he had it so bad. I am sure" The scorn in the tech's voice could have peeled paint. "Let him work in a mine for a day or so without the Force and see how long his lousy shebs lasts." The tech was just as angry as Setie now and his voice was cold, “You are one of them ain't you? Gonna fry me for getting uppity now?”

"No," Setie said before grabbing the tech and throwing him into a wall. Her wounds protested but she ignored them as she spun and planted a foot on the man's neck. A bit more pressure and he'd have issues breathing or a twist of the foot she could snap his neck. Instead she used it just to hold him there and keep him silent as she held up two fingers towards his face and just let a bit of blue energy dance there like fire. "I'm going to explain something and you are going to listen you ungrateful little huttspawn," she said in a tone that froze the blood.

"I am not belittling your life or saying you haven't had a terrible time in it. Neither do I support what Ma...Zelkin did. However I am going to tell you the same thing I told him before I..." She stopped and shook her head then, not wanting to remember the screams. "You can sneer and spit at us Force users or wackos or whatever you want to call us. We are no different then you are. We love, we hate, we bleed, and...we die." She jerked her fingers in front of the tech to pull his attention to teh little blue flame. "This is the only difference. That we're a bit more connected to that which granted us life in the first place. In some cases it's so much...that all it takes for us to painful or peacefully END a person, is a touch."

Green eyes were flat and narrowed at the tech. “Maybe I should be just as judgemental as you and the rest of the galaxy huh? With all that power how about I judge if you are worthy to live or die?”

"Setie..." The soft voice came from down the corridor. Shar stood, half clothed, her sabers were in hand, but not ignited. All around, blasters were trained on the copper headed girl. Twenty men and women, all in full armor, stood ready. Shar put her sabers back on her belt as she approached slowly. Her voice was calm and gentle as she spoke. "Setie, let him go..."

Green eyes blinked over at Shar as if not quite seeing her before blinking at the blasters trained on her. Even then she didn't seem quite as worried about them as she should have been. Then she looked back at the tech and tilted her head, as if debating the issue.

"Setie..." Shar moved step closer. "He isn't worth killing and he isn't worth dying for. Come on girl... talk to me..." The Bladeborn took another careful step.

"And yet...he seems to think he knows what is and isn't worth dying for," Setie said quietly before finally removing her foot from the guy's throat.

"Part of you wants them to fire, doesn't it? Part of you figures the pain will end then, doesn't it?" Shar took another step. "I don't know what he said and I don't care." The glint in her eyes gave that away as an obvious lie. That she wanted nothing more at this moment that to tear the hapless tech limb from limb. "He is a fool and I couldn't care less about him. I care about you. Come on Setie... You want to work out?"

Would the pain end if she died? For some reason Setie doubted that. She wondered for a moment if she would become a ghost like her mother. Trapped in some inanimate object with only centuries of misery to look forward to.

Setie folded her hands in the robe's sleeves again and seemed to slump, as if gravity was crushing down on her more then everyone else as she took two steps back. She certainly did not feel like working out anymore. "No...I just...wanna be alone for a little while now," she whispered. She looked about at the armed soldiers before looking at Sharlina. Her eyes once again seeming far to old for one so young. "I think...people are going to be demanding to talk to you anyway."

((posted by Setie))
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"I am not going anywhere Setie.' Shar stood beside her sister. She didn't offer comfort now, just stood between the blasters, which still hadn't moved and her sister. A familiar voice came.

"Weapons down. Now." The armored figure of Boss strode to the fore and he shook his head at the two women as the soldier’s blasters pointed at the deck. “You were provoked Setsuna Andal. But..." He broke off as Sharlina snarled at him and the tension seemed to go through the roof. Another figure came close. A figure in Jedi robes. Hawkir sighed.

"I think it might be best if we did let Miss Setsuna have some time alone, Boss?" Boss stared at the Jedi, and then nodded. He looked at Sharlina.

"We need to talk. Now." Then he was striding away.

Sharlina didn't move from Setie's side and Hawkir sighed. "Miss Sharlina. I will take up the guardianship while you talk to Boss." He said something in a language that made no sense. To everyone but Sharlina. She staggered as if slapped. She nodded to him, but then turned to Setie.

"He will take you somewhere you can be alone for a while. He will stay close, but he will allow you privacy. I'm sorry Setie. I... I failed you again..." Hawkir looked at Sharlina and his face was worried now.

Setie’s head was low as she spoke slowly. "Failure would imply that I'm a bloodstain on the floor," Setie said in a flat monotone. "Go talk, I'll be fine."

Sharlina stared at her sister once more before nodding to the Jedi and starting off after Boss. Hawkir waited until she was gone before his glare had the soldiers moving. He waved for Setie to follow him and she did, silently.

< A few minutes later, in compartment nearby>

“I don’t care who she is. I don’t care if she was provoked. She threatened one of my crew with the Force. If she wasn’t your charge, she would be out the airlock already.” The conversational tone did nothing to hide the bite in Boss’ voice. Sharlina didn’t miss that his hands were resting on the remote built into his armor. Sharlina nodded. Her tone was just as conversational. And no less biting.

“Fair enough. As soon as we can we are gone. The atmosphere on this ship is not conducive for recovery anyway. I do know a little bit about hate after all…” Boss nodded.

“Next stop is Tattooine. We will be picking up more medics to help with the casualties. We can put you off at the same time. Get her off my ship. “Sharlina bristled. But her voice was still cool.

“I know you don’t care for my kind Stormhawk Boss. I don’t care for your piratical ways myself. But you will leave her alone. She has been hurt enough.” Boss laughed a cold sound.

“A Sith who cares, will wonders never cease? We are five hours out from Tattooine. You and she will be on the first transport going down. And I hope we never meet again. This squares the debt we owed you.” Sharlina nodded. Boss nodded and left the room. After a moment, Sharlina followed. The two techs who had been working in the room when Boss had entered stared at each other and nodded. Both headed out, first to the refresher, then to their quarters to get clean ship suits. Those two people were scary
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Setie followed Hawkir through the ship as silent as a ghost. It did not take much mental power to figure out that she had done something very bad and not just because she had almost killed a guy for his insults to force users everywhere and Marik in particular.

The Jedi opened up a hatch and waved Setie through. He kept studying her making Setie feel like she was some kind of puzzle he was trying to figure out, or a piece of one he was trying to place.

The room she entered was simply windows. Aside from the blank wall that held the hatch and the small space of floor there was just the view of stars shooting by as the ship moved. “Pretty,” she commented before sitting down.

Hawkir nodded, "Yeah, there is something about space that draws me. Something about being small. It should make me feel insignificant, but it really makes everything else insignificant. It helps me keep my perspective. Sometimes. When I am not dealing with fools, like Jaken."

Setie cringed a bit as she crossed her legs and set her elbow on her knee. Resting her cheek on her fist she stared out at the vastness of little lights as a brooding air wrapped around her. She pondered for a moment about it. Her mother never brooded, she raged and pitched fits the likes of which had people scrambling for cover. It must have been a trait she inherited from her father then, though she had no idea herself that her father often would take the same position she currently did. “Most people are least at some point in time. It's the question of if they survive said foolishness,” she replied to Hawkir's statement.

The Jedi gave Setie an odd look, but his voice was calm, "Indeed. None of us are wise at all times." His eyes swept the expanse before returning to Setie, "Is there anything you wish to ask? Is there anything you wish to know I might be able to answer? I can't wave my hands and make your pain vanish, but I would like to try and help any way I can. Its my calling, and my curse at times."

It occurred to Setie right then that Hawkir was likely an empathic person, like she was. It was a useful tool in healing but not so great to have at other times. She cringed at the thought of what he might have felt from her in the hall with the tech. “How do you handle everyone hating you?” she asked bluntly.

The Jedi nodded as if he knew she was pondering that. “It is hard. When I came on this ship I had five people try and kill me.” He held up his hands then like a pair of scales weighing things. “On one hand, these people have been outlaws for years. Hunted by the Republic, the Sith, and others. On the other hand, a young member of this crew was tortured and nearly killed brother, who was also a Jedi.”

Setie could feel the admission hurt him but couldn't help her frown. “No offense meant, but I'd say your brother wasn't a Jedi anymore at that point.” She sighed then and shrugged, “Then again what do I know? Not like I know many jedi. Minute I mention being born on Korriban is usually when people pull blasters screaming that I'm a sith. Though if you ask them, I'm a failure.” She gave an aggravated snorted then in disgust. Hated by both sides of a coin where did one reside if not on the edges.

"I don't know." Hawkir shrugged. "He thought he was doing good. I believe he was doing evil. Your training is what you fall back on in most situations. Mine is as a healer and a scholar. I don't know what yours is, but I don't see you as a failure. In all things, it boils down, in the end, to our own point of view? Are you evil because you were born on Korriban? Am I good because I wear Jedi robes and carry a blue bladed lightsaber?"

Setie got a rueful smile then, after all it was other people's perspectives of things from their experiences that had them dubbing people good or evil. "Maybe if I start mentioning my father's a Jedi people won't shoot at me so much. Then again I doubt that will help in most cases," she commented planting her chin in her hand again. "I'm afraid I'm not sure what my mother was trying to train me as. I just...kinda fell into what few things I was good at."

“Your father is a jedi?” Hawkir asked in a tone of disbelief.

Maybe she shouldn't have mentioned that part of her history...

"Well..." Setie started looking nervous. "I think so. I mean, I never met him myself. Just...see I had a couple ghosts tell me he's alive and a jedi. I mean I guess my mother could have been lying. She's...a bit weird in the ghost department but the jedi one...I would think he was being truthful...a little bit at least? Maybe?”

Hawkir blinked as something seemed to click in his mind and he smiled slightly at Setie. “By the're Rio's kid,” He shook his head then as if making sure his eyes weren't playing tricks on him. “I should have realized...The way you sit, the way you stand, its Rio...” The stunned looked stayed as the Jedi seemed to answer some long puzzling question, “No wonder he kept his mouth shut...oh man.”

Setie blinked some in surprise before she jumped up and latched onto Hawkir's robes like a life line. She remembered that Torim's ghost had also call her father 'Rio', but that was not an uncommon name. “Rio? Full name?”

Hawkir took her hands in his gently, least the girl rip the robes. “Riorden Delmon. I can see him in your face now. Not the eyes or the hair but definitely the face,” He looked caught in the sadness of his friend not knowing he had a daughter but was controlling himself.

"Where is he? What's he doing? Is he ok? What he look like? Hell what's he like in general?" Setie asked in rapid fire doing her best to resist the urge to shake the man for answers, like a child did to a present try and figure out what was inside.

Hawkir shook his head, "I don't know. He disappeared almost a year ago. I was one of the healers assigned to his case. I thought he was dead. You say... a ghost says he isn't?" There was no disbelief to his tone, rather more like talking to the dead was a common thing for him.

"Two actually,” Setie confided. “Granted one was a...I guess they are called shades? Dead sith...thing. The other was...a bit more worried about impending doom from the Force being destroyed. It wasn't that long ago though."

"Well, okay then." The Jedi nodded, "I don't know where Riorden is now. I hope he is okay. He is a good man, and I like to think a friend. But..." He broke off then, pondering something again.

“But?” Setie prompted out of curiosity.

"But." Hawkir stated. "Rio was under suspicion, for a long time, of taint. By the Dark Side. You know how insidious it can be. I treated the man, I talked to him. I like to think he and I became friends. He was hard to know though."

“Why would they...” Setie started to ask before stopping. Of course the jedi would have suspected something when her father was found. Likely they did a full investigation into things and collected enough information to have at least an abbreviated story before them. “Er...nevermind. You said he wouldn't talk? Was it about something that happened to him?”

"He can't talk, not verbally." Hawkir sighed then, “There is a lot I don't know. What I can tell you is Riorden was found with his throat cut. He can't talk anymore but that never stopped him. He's very good at telepathy. Likely your tendencies towards empathy come from him, as well as your skill in healing. You would do well though to keep that to yourself. If you have the power I think you do... You should keep that information close. A healer with that power... A worse curse I cannot imagine. And I would not wish it on you for all the good in the galaxy."

Setie was taken aback by that but then slumped, "However bad you imagine it's far worse." She sat silent for a moment then before speaking. “You going to report my existence to your council now let them know why my father refused to talk and the rest of his...well I guess crimes?”

"For love?" Hawkir sounded as if he were fighting back tears. "Even if it is technically against the Code to attach so strongly... I couldn't. He was, is, my friend and you are his daughter." He held his arms out, not crowding, not threatening, just there.

Setie took the hug carefully, rather like a beaten dog taking a treat from a concerned citizen. "Think he'll like me if I ever do manage to hunt him down?"

"Ah Setsuna..." Hawkir's embrace was gentle, as if he knew how skittish she was still as he sighed. "I gave up trying to figure other people out a long time ago, Setsuna. I don't know how he will react. What I do know is that he is a good man who was stuck in a bad position. Worse now than I ever knew. I can't see him not loving you." He shook his head and grinned a bit then, "Know that you have one friend on this ship. Which is more than I had when I got here. Now I think Sharlina is looking for us, and I don't think she is happy..."

Setie snorted then wiping at her eyes. “It's Sharlina. When is she ever happy?"

((Posted by Setie))
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