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Dark Side Ending Feedback

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Dark Side Ending Feedback

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06.25.2012 , 01:04 AM | #1
So I understand why Satele doesn't offer me a position on the council, unlike the light side ending. What I don't understand is why I - a dark side consular who craves power, not to mention a Sith - doesn't throw a hissy fit, a-la Anakin when denied this honor he feels he's entitled to, "You're holding me back" and all that.

He just takes his position as "military adviser" a dead end job if I've ever seen and goes on his merry way.

I feel that an opportunity for good storytelling was lost here. Seeing the multitude of ending options in the Agent storyline, it feels like this story got streamlined to a point with merely the minor 2-line of dialogue variation based on your light/dark side choices throughout the rest of the game.

Think of the possibilities:

1. I could get mad and take my rather sizeable army and storm off.
2. I could leverage that same army for the position I feel I am entitled too.
3. I could concede and go for "military adviser" role.
etc. etc.

That was part 1.

Part 2: Whatever happened to the pirate I chose to save and use. When given the chance, I told him to go forth and recruit people. And it did come back on Corellia where I had the option of utilizing them. However there I chose the option "hold back in orbit" or something along those line and the dialogue went something like "Syo might escape, better hold back." This was in anticipation of, like every single other storyline, it would not end on Corellia, but instead have a final confrontation in some unique instance. Nope, that was it and I've never heard from those pirates again.

Who knows, perhaps with that flag still active I could see them in the expansion, but I'm guessing the percentage of people that used the exact same sequence - ie. Not kill, use, tell him to recruit, not use on Corellia is rather minuscule.

Part 3.
As far as dark side choices, this felt rather weak.