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Denova (Rep vs. Imp PvP planet)

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06.24.2012 , 09:51 PM | #1
I think the world of a RPG game should be more dynamic and organic, players actions should impact the world, the politics the geografic, the power balance. Should change the world around them.
This way getting the lore from Novare Coast, a warzone that takes place on Denova, bioware could create this denova planet where the focus on it should be the war between Republic vs. Sith Empire. So it could be the entire planet and zones about PvP.

What i thought:
Some maps with some bases that you can take over. So this map's belong to your faction. The other faction can try take it back, on both sides there's a spaceport/base that you can't siege, a safe zone, outside this zone is where the battle takes place. I made this map as exemple: My Denova Map

On northwest is the republic base and southeast Empire base. The red line is the zone's boundaries.
Each map have a progression bar with 10.000 points. A faction need to achieve 6.000 points to dominate a zone, if a faction dominate the base on the map (the bright octogone structure) the other team in order to dominate it back need to put the bar toward the other side by 6000 points. A faction that own the base can, however, increase his points to 10.000, so the other team need even more to get it back. Why not like 5.000 to dominate, cos' this way a faction can take and just one second after the other faction can take it back, with this "safe" range, the other faction have at least some time to lost it again. Plus the defensive team should have some benefit of get the base. One of the benefits is the other team need to pass a thousand points more than half of zone "life" or points.

Now, how to get the points. This could use the valor, each enemy char you kill worth his valor points toward faction warfare effort (the zone bar points). So kill a high valor rank earn more and it's fair, cos' probly thei're are somehow geared. It's like lose a major, the impact is higher than lose a recruit.

But this isn't the only way to earn collective effort points. Could have some quests from time to time, or events, or each player can do a quest each 15 minutes. Pvp quest, completing it earns a bonus of 250 warfare effort points.

What i think about quests: It could have 2 major types of quests; Open world quests and Phased quests.

Open world take place in the zones, like escort a elite soldier back home (marked as a red X on my map), kill some players. Heal a certain amount. Arm bombs on some places.

Phased pvp quests, like phased story class quest. Its like world pvp, but imagine a scenario that allow only a certain number of players, like a live organic warzone. But you isn't transported there, you need to enter by the door, and the oposite faction can guard it. Those quests represent like spec ops, missions that require a special squadron. I put some structures on the map that represent it, One mission could be Sabotage the force generator. Or infiltrate a building and kill a NPC. Or enter a buildng and rescue a NPC. But it isn't PVE missions, in the meanwhile the opposite faction enter the same phased area and try to stop you. Some mission can be even nullify opposite team mission. Like a arena, you enter if you die, the other team succeed so you can't do it anymore. You fail your mission and thy succeeded.

So each mission could have limit, like only 12 people can get this mission, once they get it, the others cant, need to wait 15 minutes to get it. So you need to queue. Open world missions do not have limit of players.

So factions may use some premade team to do a specift mission.

The missions could also give some benefit, like a bonus to everybody if you complete it.

So, to not let the maps stactic, one side ganking other, it could have a system like this. The first map near your faction base your faction gain a bonus on warfare effort points. Each kill multiply the bonus of warfare effort by 2 so if you kill sombody that have 72 valor rank in your x2 bonus zone your team will earn 144 WP (warfare Points)

So near your base is more likely you re-gain the second base control. Your second zone give you a x1.5 bonus.
Some phased missions like assassinate a general can reduce the bonus in 0.5, so in your second zone you gain no bonus (1.5 - 0.5 = 1) and in your first zone your bonus is reduced to 1.5.

If you kill sombody inside enemys base it could give 3 times the warfare effort points. So siege could be a good thing. But inside the base enemy should have some benefit. Like cannot be CCd, or reduce the CC time by half, or even double the amount of resolve created by a cc abilitiy. Or a boost in the expertise's damage reduction.

Phased Missions bonus could be:
Assassination: Reduce the valor multiplier by 0.5. for 15 minutes. Cos' its affect the morale and the strategic decisions of your team.
Abduction: Show the position of all other players in the map for 15 minutes. Why? Cos you abducted a general and he give away the faction attack and defense plans.
Retrive a computer data could be the same effect of abduction.
Sabotage the power generator: Reduce or deny the defensive bonus for the team that fight inside the base cos they lost the shield base protection.

I guess that's it for now.
- "Do or do not, there's no try" -