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Guild's Quests/Story

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06.23.2012 , 01:10 PM | #1
This game's isn't about tell a story? One of diferencials is the deep story immersion?

So why stop on chars? Big company as guilds have story too.

It could have a guild progression quests leveling the guild with exclusive guild quest arcs.
You could choose a guild style or some options when you create a guild to first direct your guild "class" or quest arc. After that each choice the guild master or guild council make, give different paths. In the end the different guilds will have diferent stories givin' some rewards or guild levels/perks.

In this way could have normal guild quest, heroic guild quests, operation guild quest, daily guild quest, pvp guild quest, operation pvp guild quest.

Normal quest is the basic you do it once and you're moving toward completing the guild story, it could be based on solo efforts, like win 30 warzones, each warzones' win count as 1 toward this quest, if 4 players in the same warzone it still count 1 win, if there's 3 players in 1 warzone and 1 player in other and both wins, this is two victory. In pvp style, can be kill 200 players. Pve same, but kill mobs, or complete a number of heroic 2+ quests, as gather style gather (x) amount of a material.

Heroic could be need to complete a specif heroic challange for the guild. Or a trail of heroic challanges.

Daily is dailies like normal dailies but guild based, that could be heroic, and could have monthly and weekly quests.

Heroic could be like normal or daily, but you need more people.

Operation quests could be defeat a specif world boss and/or like the weekly operation quest, guild need to complete a operation with only guild members, or a fixed number, like 8 men op you need at least 7 guildies.
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07.08.2012 , 04:14 AM | #2
Sounds really fun, i liked the idea that the guild leveled in WoW but i wanted more, this idea is so much more and so much cooler. Would be awesome to be able to create your own guild story.
Keep up with the good ideas and hope Bioware will take them and create them
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