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Official Q&A Thread for June 29th Blog Post

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Official Q&A Thread for June 29th Blog Post
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

webgenius's Avatar

06.24.2012 , 03:42 AM | #81
When are you going to add schematics for the other crafting professions to the daily commendation vender?

Only 1 profession getting some is not right

waterboytkd's Avatar

06.24.2012 , 03:46 AM | #82
In a recent interview with Daniel Erickson (here:, it is mentioned that there will be no new story lines or missions with the coming-sometime-this-year level cap increase. So will players be expected to participate in the typical MMO-style xp grind to get to the new level cap (ie finding the quests with the highest xp/min ratio, and then running the same quests over and over)? Or will there eventually be more storyline (ie another chapter) introduced after the level cap increase to bring characters from 50 to the new cap? Or would new storylines require us to grind from 50 to a certain level first before we could begin them?

As a player who's sick of MMO-style grinding, SWTOR brings a refreshing change with actual character-driven story gameplay, and I'd hate to see new additions to that gameplay interrupted by mandated xp grind.

yeahimcrazy's Avatar

06.24.2012 , 05:01 AM | #83
Will there be an option to change Legacy names in the future? While these are stated as permanent, only a select few (unlike myself) who's legacy names were glitched have been able to have them corrected.

Jimsam's Avatar

06.24.2012 , 05:42 AM | #84
Looking at how a lot of the current sage class armor is leaning towards the feminine side, are there any plans on releasing armor that would make my sage look like a true man's man as well as the diplomat i know he is?

GarrickBlackSun's Avatar

06.24.2012 , 06:17 AM | #85
Will we be seeing SGRA choices, dialogue, and or companions some time in the near future; say between 1.4 and 1.5; or will that not be until sometime later such as when the first expansion pack is released?

Muttaius's Avatar

06.24.2012 , 07:24 AM | #86
I was wondering about the implementation of more RP features, in particual chat bubbles, along with being able to interact with the enviroment such as sitting on more chairs than the select ones in you ship and more social pack emotes being implemented into the legacy system.

Tommot's Avatar

06.24.2012 , 07:38 AM | #87
Will Act IV of our class stories eventually make it into the game?
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Kissakias's Avatar

06.24.2012 , 07:57 AM | #88
any chance to add more bays in each character?
the problem start to be very in high demand because of the BoP items which cant transfered to other chars in same account
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Risl's Avatar

06.24.2012 , 08:53 AM | #89
My friends and I have started playing (PVP and PVE) in a certain set of social gear. We can't wait for the Adaptive social gear in 1.3! Using the outfits, lightsabers don't fit the style, but other allowed weapons do. But then we noticed another issue relating to using electrostaffs and vibroswords as alternate weapons to lightsabers.

Assassins can equip electrostaffs, and Marauders can equip vibroswords, but certain skills *require* lightsabers. Basically, if we use these other weapons as allowed, we are gimping our characters. There may be other restrictions for other AC's but I haven't checked it out yet.

With all the great work BW is doing to allow players to have the look they want through Adaptive armor, it seems allowing characters to properly utilize the range of weapons they can use would make sense, also.

So here's the question:

For non-lightsaber weapons currently allowed to be used by a certain advanced class, will certain class skills be changed to allow them to be used when equipping with these other weapons, and not just restricted to lightsabers? (Electrostaff for Assassins/Shadows, vibroswords for Marauders/Sentinels, for example.)
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Hyde_v's Avatar

06.24.2012 , 10:08 AM | #90
Would it be possible to mark schematics so that they state you already know the schematic without having to try to learn it and find out that way?
"And they probably redesigned the whole sickbay too. I know engineers. They love to change things." -Dr. McCoy, ST:TMP