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Planet Generator

Hardicus's Avatar

06.21.2012 , 03:55 PM | #1
This is a suggestion for 1.4.
There should be a "planet maker" that comes with legacy. It allows the user to make one minor planet per legacy. Some ideas for the editor:

Objects: Pre-made objects include: flags, medical hutts, tents, shuttles, security chests, and corpses. Objects can be interacted with as part of a quest or to get a quest.
Quests: Quests can be givin to by a CPU or an object. CPUs, objects, holocom, areas, and etc. can be objectives. Planet quests for a specific type of player can be givin out, too.
CPUs: CPUs can give quests, and be quest objectives. They have gear and weapons. Droid sprites are pre-made. Non-droids sprites can be made using a selector simular to the one used to create players. You can make them weak, standard, strong, elite, and champion . You can choose their type (by "type" I mean types like Ranged, Melee, Heavy Shot, Interrogation Specialtist, etc.) too.

Companions: An optional thing to add to the mix are companions. They can be Ranged DPS, Ranged Tank, Ranged Healing, Melee DPS, Melee Tank, and Melee Healing*. Give them in Planet Quests.

There should also be comments on the planet. If you play a stinkin' small planet with only one quest, you could say in the comments:
"This planet sucks! Private Recty does not outrank Genral Lertface! Prision Cells don't have party ballons in them!!!! This planet is so small! "The Lyyeiogfh Ukasdfgl" quest barly makes sense!"

Some other ideas are taxis, quick travel, cantinas, PvP, phases, and more of what makes a planet a planet.

*Yes, I know that in regular SWTOR, you don't get Melee Healing companions.
Please, if you have suggestions for the planet editor, post them here!!

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06.21.2012 , 04:25 PM | #2
This would be very awesome. I doubt their tech would allow them to pull something like this off least for a very long time.

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