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irl speculation,what code do you adhere too?jedi or sith?

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irl speculation,what code do you adhere too?jedi or sith?

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06.21.2012 , 09:21 PM | #21
The tax code is the one I live by.

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06.21.2012 , 11:51 PM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by Baphomet_x View Post
im just expressing that the jedi seem to enjoy alot of rulebending of there code

the republic is also somewhat different from the jedi

the jedi are supposed to follow there code without error,yet everytime they smile,everytime they move,everytime they protect something..they are violating there code
The revised Jedi Code is worded pretty restrictively, compared to the original. And since there was no justification in the original Code for the Jedi Council to ban or severely restrict marriage and relationships, George had them change it to add "There is no" instead of "yet" in each line. Therefore, it was better to justify the garbage in the Prequels with Anakin and Padme having to keep it a secret.

The Jedi Councils throughout history have interpreted the Jedi Code in the strictest possible sense. Basically, they became Nookie Nazis.
The New Jedi Code: "Keep Calm & Carry a Lightsaber"

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06.22.2012 , 04:46 PM | #23
Interesting question actually when you take it to new grounds. I had a discussion with a friend last semester just before I dropped out about Star Wars being symbolic of archetypes in human spirituality. Think a type of universal consciousness, and how it was the device that brought Eastern philosophical ideas about being to the Western mainstream consciousness.

Being a philosophy major, former philosophy major, I've spent a good deal of time piddling around thinking about this question, OP.

Like some have already said, I think most people tend to fall somewhere in a spectrum between the two since both represent extremes. There is a sort of single mindedness within both camps that disturbs me on a psychological level, because I feel like healthy human beings just don't act that way. An inability to meet people halfway regarding decision making and moral choices is probably going to be a huge hindrance in any society.

That being said, societies at large in the Star Wars universe seem to be sort of afraid of both the Jedi and the Sith in the sense that they view them as "others". They understand that they are inherently different, living by different rules, and for various reason, this causes division between the Jedi, Sith, and society at large.

An example would be the citizens of the Republic seeing the Jedi as uncompromising dawdlers who are content to stand by and do nothing for the sake of "clarity", when any sane human would be compelled to act. Or, a blind adherence to morality caused by an inability to see things from all perspectives and perhaps "bend" one's morality. "The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

The citizens of the Empire on the other hand are terrified of the Sith. They Sith are sociopathic social darwinists who take delight in heeding the gene pool along. It's quite disturbing. Again, they are playing by a moral code that is entirely foreign to "normal" people, or the majority if you prefer that term.

So when applied to our own lives, we can see that we feel no different from society at large in the Star Wars universe. How do you view sociopathic, uncompromising social darwinists? We view them as being insane. How do we view someone who is stoic to the point of them blindly following a moral code that often binds them to total inaction? We view them as being strange, dawdling, and insane as well, just in a different fashion.

As far as what code we "appear to follow"... I would say again it is a synthesis of the two existing on a spectrum. Sometimes we are selfish, passionate, and despising of weakness, other times we are calm, absolutely moral, and attempt to be selfless.

Didn't Revan practice some kind of synthesis of both Jedi and Sith ways? If so, has it ever occurred to anyone that perhaps that is why he is/was so great? Because he understood that aiming at the means is better than the extremes, and perspective is king. Just speculation from someone who is woefully uninformed about the details of his character.
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