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Open Letter to Bioware

Aluminum_Falcon_'s Avatar

06.20.2012 , 10:29 PM | #1
The server transfer has made Rubat crystal a ghost town. This is not fair to me at all!

Our clan moved here from city of heroes (NC-soft) to play your game.

This server used to be fully functional, I had quick pvp Ques and lots of players to group up with.
Now it's empty because you stole all the players away. I haven't been able to PVP in 4 days. There are almost no items on GTN, and the items I post do not sell.

As I right this I'm standing in the empire side station and I'm one of three people in channel!

Moving our clan is not as simple as you make it sound. It's going to take lots of coordination between members. It also risks us getting split up into different servers as players move around.

I've contacted you before for tech support and I've had good experiences. You'd finally worked out all the bugs for me and then you pull this.

Why would you pull the players from a sever with a medium level of traffic ? Why not one of the low traffic ones to here ?

I'm not happy, and I can say others are equally displeased. Angry players ends in subscription Drop!

I can also say I have a lot of friends still clinging on to Blizzard products like World of warcraft. The reasons most of them state for not wanting to switch seem to be issues with MMO. I can say I've always been a fan of Bioware games, I like Jade empire, KOTOR and the like. You guy make great missions, characters and npc companions. Your plot is fairly well developed as well. Where you fail is issues in the multiplayer categories. I know your next patch plans to rectify these issues but there are still more. An example I keep hitting is the lack of demand for crafting. People don't care to buy your crafted armor, even if it's orange quality, because they can get it as a drop, from PVP, from a mission etc. At this point the cost of doing the gather almost out ways the value of the product. You also have issues grouping. I've also found the guilds to be less the epic, your bank vault tabs are costly, players don't seem to get much of a perk from being in a guild together, there is no "guild team pvp" such as one similar to guildwars, no guild base. I also find there is no group activity with the ships, such as one player piloting the other gunning, or two ships flying together, no ship to ship PVP.

Also what about the website ? Old code? Lack of the equivalent to a "Armory" (see wow's site)

I feel my monthly subscription money is rather wasted, it just seems like the worlds best online single player game.

--- So what are we going to do Bioware? ---

I personally would like an apology!

I would also like you to offer up some potential solutions.
If need be I will help in the capacity of a consultant.

(AKA "Say'bella, Cobra-sett, Cain-cassidy") and a few more...

P.S. this is not intended to be a Bash on the game but rather something to build a better future gaming experience.

Artthen's Avatar

06.20.2012 , 11:43 PM | #2
Hi Aluminum_Falcon_,

Since there is an existing thread on this topic, we’ve closed this thread in an effort to consolidate discussion. You can find the existing thread here:

Dead Server and I'm not transfering?

We encourage you to continue your discussion at the above link. Thanks!