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Mass Effect [Heavy Spoliers]

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06.20.2012 , 09:19 PM | #1
PS: I played on my old neighbours computer, I couldn't afford the game myself. $15 for TOR is a stretch in itself . I'll certainly be saving for a collector's edition with all three ME games even though I own the first two. Anyway, I don't get access to post this on your ME3 website, I am restricted to read only. So, here it is. I am aware that the post is long, unedited and without a pattern. I'm not patient enough to go through formatting. Just saying thanks.

Hello Bioware,

I recently finished playing ME3 after all these days, trying very hard to keep away from all the spoilers and rage floating around in regards to the climax. I finished the game last night and I really had to make this post to say, I am grateful to Bioware for making a game that was absolutely fantastic and an extraordinarily great way to finish a series.

It was immediately obvious that the final sequence was a mental experience for Shepard. There was no resistance from the reapers as he walked toward the beam, just when they had thrown everything to obliterate the hammer forces that just attacked them, and once on the citadel, the conversation between Shepard and Anderson [Andersons presence was questionable in itself] seemed very uncharacteristic of both of them. They were being overly cautious and it seemed as if there was fear in both their voices as they chatter - Shepard fearful?? That makes no sense. No one who fears goes through the Omega 4 relay, fear cannot be in someone who ASSAULTED THE COLLECTOR BASE, Shepard buried any trace of fear when he fearlessly sacrificed himself to save his crew. So, it is entirely unlike Shepard to be fearful. Anderson whose escaped Leng, escaped Cerberus a number of times in his past, organised the resistance on Earth, show fear? No, this is definitely not Shepard or Anderson in the flesh. Anderson then later says, "it's been a while since I simply just 'sat down'". No, this is a man that drives himself and his men until the war is over, the cleanup is done and will not rest even after sufficient defences are in place to deal with a similar threat again.

Proceeding on to the upper levels, the moment I saw that kid, it screamed indoctrination at me. It made sense. And I had to choose my destiny. At that point, my assumption was, Shepard was at that moment lying beaten up in London and this decision would decide his fate. I refused to do anything the Illusive man would, on principle, but seeing the colour coding reversed from what you would otherwise have assumed, made me smile. The brilliance of indoctrination. The synthesis being a reaper victory was blatantly obvious. . In those few moments of agonizing over which path to take, I forgot myself. I was staring at the screen, I was Shepard. I proceeded down the right path to destroy the damn thing. Then I awoke on Earth.

I felt sad that such a beautiful game and all its characters have been laid to rest. I wanted to make this post to thank Bioware for leaving the end open, without making a cheap rendering of the futures of his crew and the fate of the galaxy. It leaves things open for you to think about. It's not going to be the same tech assisted comfort that the races have known. People would have to build their futures again, the problems of the earlier centuries would have to be dealt with once more. They would have to work with the responsibility of ensuring they do not go down the same road that leads to Reapers. And they would have to do this with the agonising knowledge of what once was, with memories of a great inter-galactic civilisation, which they can never see again in their lifetime.

I then went online to delve into the barrage of information on this hotly contested topic i.e. the ME3 climax. I found some of the doubts I myself had, being voiced. It certainly did not make sense about the Normandy, the beam assault crew being on it, the destruction of relays and the consequences on the systems etc.. And then I found the indoctrination theory. . And all of these questions seemed to have been answered as an extension of the climax sequence that I had just played. Now I'm a believer. Bioware gave us one mother of an ending. The more I've been reading on various indoctrination theories, the more convinced I became. it's fabulous. I don't really care what happens after. In my game, Shepard beat indoctrination and he's alive. That's all I need to know.

Every time I look up at a beautiful pattern in the sky, the stars, an out of the ordinary sight, it reminds me of Mass Effect. I always took time to read those little descriptions every time you entered the orbit of a planet, the planetary information such as population, chief industry, when it was first settled, notable cosmic events etc. make it feel extremely authentic. I lay awake for a long time last night, thinking of all those hours I spent on the game, all those mind blowing stuff that game presents to us. Space always amazes me, and Bioware I am really grateful for being able to experience this wonderful experience you crafted for me.

Guess this will be deleted soon, but I had to share it. Others who happen to read it before the thread goes away, please dont hate.
“Equality is a chain, like obedience. Like fear or uncertainty or self doubt.”
-Darth Bane


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06.20.2012 , 11:31 PM | #2
Hello randalthorr!

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