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Numerous technical issues

Greengoguy's Avatar

12.18.2011 , 04:28 PM | #1
I have contacted customer service for my extreme lag issues. After waiting a whole day just to get asked for more information. Then after downloading, updating, and cleaning out my computer in order to run this game (that I have been waiting for since the announcement of), I find out from another player that applying high graphics and then switching it back to low graphics fixes the problem. This sounds silly, but it worked. One of your many I'm sure college educated computer whizzes couldn't just shoot me a ten word e-mail?
And now I get d/c all the time and haven't found a solution yet. I know the game is brand new and not even officially released yet.
I was just wondering if maybe others were having these issues; being slow customer service, and laggy/temperamental game play.


draxtar's Avatar

12.18.2011 , 04:30 PM | #2
Try the link in my signature, hope it helps.

Summup of big threads, check it out.