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Which Enhancements Should I Choose

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Which Enhancements Should I Choose

Jabrunn's Avatar

06.20.2012 , 03:42 PM | #1
I have a lv. 50 Jedi Shadow specd for DPS. I am looking for some purple enhancements for my companion Tharan Cedrax. I'm not sure what to choose as I don't completely know what all the attributes (such as alacrity, power, etc...) do. Tharan's main attributes are cunning and endurance. Any help (without all the mmo jargon as this is my first mmo) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much.

GnatB's Avatar

06.20.2012 , 04:52 PM | #2
My opinion would be cunning followed by power, then critical, then surge.

IIRC Theran's your healer. While power gives more bonus damage point for point than cunning, for bonus healing I believe they are roughly equivelent. However I believe cunning also increases healing crits. Theran isn't going to be much of a damage dealer, so power is thus inferior to cunning.

I happen to prefer consistent healing to spike healing, which is why I would place power over critical, though that's debateable. It's quite probable improved critical will provide more healing over the long haul. Surge... well, if you don't have good critical it isn't terribly worthwhile.

I can't remember whether or not his heals have significant cast times, but I'm fairly sure they ALL have cooldowns, which are what they will mainly be restricted by. As such the benefit from alacrity is fairly questionable.

Presence in my experience, is a no-go. Some people have reported significant gains from putting it on companions, but in my experience it has negligable benefit. (It's possible it varies from companion to companion? I'll admit I tested it on a healer companion. At one point in beta I believe healing was controlled by presence. It's possible when they altered that benefit they zeroed out all the presence benefits to the healing companions, but left presence benefits on non-healers?)

Not sure where to rank endurance. The only times I've rolled with a healer companion was when there was a tank there. With the tank holding aggro, the healer companion didn't really need any endurance. But since you're rolling DPS? Not sure.