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Flashpoint Commendation Exchanges

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Flashpoint Commendation Exchanges

ziegenbagel's Avatar

06.20.2012 , 02:21 PM | #1
Like many people im sure they wish that this was available and will be soon. Im sure we have a bunch of Tionese Commendations and Crystal that we now have no use for because we have gear that is Rakata or Columi and have no use for the lower lvl gear. Much like another MMO "The one that shall not be named" you are allowed to trade up end game gear commendation for the next highest commendation, of course with a convergence rate. Now, if in SWTOR lets say you were able to exchange 10 Tionese Crystals for 1 Tionese Commendation, 10 Tionese Commendations for 1 Columi Commendation, and eventually after time has past 10 Columi Commendation for 1 Black Hole Commendation. Allowing exchange up to the highest level commendation until the next currency or patch is released which would then allow exchanging of the past High Lvl Commendation. Also I must add that many people enjoy PVP more then anything and an ability to purchase PVP commendations with your Flashpoint Commendations would also be a great idea. Please comment in hopes someone will realize this would be a great idea.

VulcanLogic's Avatar

06.20.2012 , 02:24 PM | #2
I'd be down for an exchange like that, simply to gear up my companions. Well, my alts' companions, as my main's are geared to the teeth.
Yo. Droid companions need an operations vendor, too. My extra coms have to go somewhere, and I'd prefer SCORPIO to Kaliyo.