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Social Professions

RyokoMia's Avatar

06.20.2012 , 10:28 AM | #1
If this idea ever gets approved, it would likely be something after an expansion pack.

So here is the idea!

Social Professions!
Cooking - Cooks food from mats gathered off of beast and herbs. Also enters into cooking contest.

Fishing - Gathers Fish and enters into fishing contest.

Dancing - Dances at Cantinas and Deployed Contest Events, as rell as enters into contest.

Musician - Plays Musical instruments solo or in a group at Cantinas and Deployed Contest Events, as well as enters into contest.

Events Coordinator - Sets up light shows and makes independent contest with their own rewards, independent from server lead regular events, deploy a contest area in places other then a Cantina. Can also play a part in server established contest and events.
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