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The Battle of Balmorra: The Dark Ascension OOC

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The Battle of Balmorra: The Dark Ascension OOC

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07.26.2012 , 12:30 PM | #21
Species/Race: Human
Name: Sabrina
Last Name: Kotass
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Height: 5`6"
Weight: 130lb
Hair Color/Style: Brown hair shoulder length with one braid coming down the front
Facial Appearance: See pic
Eye Color: Blue
Body Appearance: slender
Home Planet: ApatrosCurrent Residence: Drummond Kass
Allegiance: Empire
Profession: Sith Inquistor
Armor/Clothes: Red robes made from Kilick Slick interlaced with Phrik metal to stop lightsaber attacks
Primary Weapon(s): Force
Main powers
Force conceal
the abilty to go unseeen

Force lighting
not mastered long durations yet, but has abilty to stun and major force bolts

Secondary Weapon(s): Single bladed lightsaber with red blade and Hilt is shaped like krayt Dragon
Use shein as her force form, also known as way of dragon.
Miscellaneous Item(s): Fury
other reasorces 1 comapny of troops and captain loyal to my master

Early years.0-12
Sabrina started life in a slave camp on the plant Apatros in out rim, where the slave mined for cortosis. Sabrina worked outside the pits in the kitchens, until age 12, then she was discoved to be force sentive. So under imprial lore she was taken to korriban for tutoruage
Initiation years 12- 17
She did not warm reception, when she goto the sith homeworld of korriban. She was slave and she could feel the overseers did not approve of this. Although they had no choice to train her, they did not treat as well as free born initiate. She spent first six months learning the sith code, and practicng with a vibrobalde where she learned to use shein form. These classes where held by, Overseer Remel who took great delight in shocking her when she messed up. This only fuled her futher, to till one day she actualy blocked the bolt hittung her. At that moment Overseer Remel smiled then unleashed wave ligting at her, knocking her out. When she woke he told her, that it was time to move on to prove she worthy of the title acoyte.
She assigned to group of nearly a thosand other initiate`s, she still rembers the overseers speach to them. "Congrations you passed your first test`s" he said "But know we whittle you down to six to see who is worthy of chance of becoming an apprentice" By the age 14, half them already been killed.The only thing what kept her alive was her abilty to endure, something she picked on harsh condttion of the mines. She was starting to pick the use of the force at this point, with abilty to move fast and defend herself. A note worthy day was,when she was order to goto a tomb with 4 other initiate`s. To clear out some K'lor'slugs, from one of the tombs. It was her first time in a tomb, but she kind liked it remined her mine`s entrace back her home world. As her and the group got deeper into the tomb`s, they where attacked by whole host of K'lor'slugs. As the group where fighting for their lives, and making some head way with their vibro blades. She started bolting them down using bolts of lighting, she was scared but the fear made her stronger. only two of them survied that day her and anohter initiate called Keragtor an iriodian. After this they became freinds.

Over next few years she learned to chanel her power, and found a hobby in the accadmy archives. She sfound she had a love of history and the power it could bring. Also she was also quite the acrobat, even for a force user.
Then eventualy they whittled down, to justa hand full. They where told plain and simple, "We are going put you in an arena, against each other. Who ever wins gains the right to be an acolyte."
She was put with her blade in hand into a pit, their she saw the five other initiate`s including Keragtor.
Keragtor lept at one at a twi'lek initiate, swiping of the twi'lek head as he caught him off guard. One of sith initiate tried to do same to her, but she manged to parry the blow, she then turned his blade back aginst him. Quickly she bolted him with force lighting then ran him though her own blade. The other intiates a zabrack and a rakkatick also forght the zabrack won. She did not see how, as she was busy with her own duel. Then her and Keragtor tuned on, the zabrack. Keragtor charged in first, the zabrack blocked his attacks. Mean while sabrina waited for her chance to strike, it soon came as their bades clashed. Their vibro blades seem stuck together, at that point she let loose a lighting bolt on the zabrack. The bolt killed him instanly, but bolt crossed over to keragtor aswell. The shock stunned him, sabrina quickly thrusted her blade into him. As he looked at her, his eyes kind of said why as they fluttered as life force left him. Sabrina hispered in his ear sorry but it was ethier you or me.
After this she became an acolyte.
Acoylte years 17-19
After she got out the pit she was given new robes, to define her as acoylte and no longer an initiate . She was also given her own room, it was simple room a bed a light and chest. She spent next six months honning her skills, espicaly her force powers. It was in this time she found out, how to use the force to conceal herself. She used it mainly to, mainly to get extra rations. She also got grasp of telekeniss, aswell as force speed. If she got chance she, practiced her acrobatics. After the six months a darth vergas deside he need a new apprentice, and she was one six choosen to compeate for the role. The others where sith pure blood, two other humans, a cyborg, and a kel dor. They where gathered together, told we be put through trials until only one of us was left alive. Overseer Cordarian was in charge of us, he was red face zabrack.
The first trial they where sent to drummond kass, to survive and kill atleast one major preditor. They simply put into drop ships, and told they would be back for them in a week. they scattered through out the jungle world with just one days rations. As her pod laned, it hit planet with all mighty crash. The vibration`s shaked her seat,as she she got out she had to reorinator her slef as legs did not feel right. After couple hours she left the pod to look for her kill. As night fell it found her, a vine cat. It lept at her, it claws scratched her as she rolled out the way. It cam at her again this time, reaching out with it front claws. Sabrina used her blade to fend them off, as she summond force bolt to hit the cat. The blast hurt the cat, but did not kill it. The vine cat then pounced at her, she rolled back and impled it on her blade. in morning she draged the corpse back to the pod, and began to carve it up for food for her self. After week was up, the overseer cam to collect thoose that survive. We where all ready down from six to four. One humans and the kel dor dies that week.
After a couple months we where sent on next trial, this was nothing so deadly. We had to be judge jury amd possibly executioner to some prisoners. We simply told the jailer will abide by your choice, sabrina relised this was test of charcter and intellignce. In her room the where four prisoner lined up, the first was a petty thief, the seconed was a murder, the third a republic trooper, the last a was a rebellious slave.
She listend to the theif first, his story and how he was caught. He seemed capable sort, who got unlucky. Her punishment was simple, he was to be indentured to imprial intelligence.
Then sabrina turned to the murder, he had killed in vengence. He said the man attacked his daughter, and saw no choice, sabrina told the jailer to conscript him into imprial army.
After that was the republic trooper caught out of uniform on balmorra, he spat at her as she looked at him. For that alone she bolted him not enough to kill him, but to stun him. She turned to jailer, jailer thought she was about to kill him. Though sabrina had a diffrent idea, torture him find all his contacts. Get every bit of infomation you can, out him she barked at the jailer
The last was the slave, he broke his bonds and tried to start an uprising. The slave however failed misribly, to even get one more to follow him. After listening to whining voice, sabrina simply bolted the slave in his cage. She could smell his burnt hair, as she freid him with lighting.
After this trial the overseer, order the cyborg to kill the other human for being stupid. He did this quickly, in a double strike first his chest and then accross his head.
Her next trial, they where told to go and get a relic from the tomb of ajunta pual we all jorneyed into the tomb, and split up here. Sabrina serched for the artifact, but soon relised she could not find one. She doubled back on her self and waited near the exit. As she got their, she saw the sith leave tomb. Damn she thought to late, then she could hear the cyborg, about to come round corner she quickly concealed herself. Then she waited for him, as he passed her. She attacked him first with bolt of lighting which stuned him as his circuits overloaded, she could hear his circuit crackel as they strugled to cope. She quickly followed up with serval quick blows on his head. She beat him to the ground as layed their about to taking his last breaths of life, she lept up and slamed her vibro blade into his back cracking his vertibray. Then she took his bloodied artfact, and walked back to her room, Where she washed the trace of blood of her and the artifact. Then head to the overseer handed the artifact in, he grined and asked politly so where the robot?. Sabrina replied I do not know
Her final trial was a race, first back was going became an aprentice. This was no ordinary race, you had to take company koriban troopers through one of the tombs of korriban. Their where looters in these tombs and need to be killed of quicklly, and you got penlty or each member of your comapny that died. She was sent to Tomb of Hakagram Graush, here their was 3 route in she devid her her men 2 platoons came with her, other waited in ambush at other exits. Her plan was simple attack with total feroiusty to drive the looters out into the ambushes that waited. She enetered first concealed, as the platoons and command squad entered behind her. She moved quickly to first anti chamber, here she saw about sixty lootes gathering his old relics. She wiated for the first of her troops to alert them, thenbegan to attack using blots of lighting and quick kills with her blade. As the fire fight broke out, the looters relised they where out matched began to fall back. As they did panic spread through their ranks, and they made run for it, as left the tombs they cut to peice by troops laying in wait. Her company lost only a handfull of men. As they headed back to academy her hart fell she saw sith their, he got back before her. She disembarked form the transport, she was worried she about to be killed. She saw a grin on his face, which droped as her men started to disembark from the transport. He relised in need for speed, he sacrificed too many of his men. The overseer handed me a lightsaber, and said use it. She bowed to the overseer, and beheaded him in single blow.
She was then sent to drummond kass, to meet her new master. As she goto his residence, outside karth city. She was met by sith troop, and escorted to his private anti-chamber. This was first time she met Darth Vergas, She knelt before him. He turned to her and saidRise, my new apprentice he went onto explain, who he was and how i fitted into his pwer structure. I was not his only apprentice, but one of many. He also how several lords beneath him, as well as a couple of other darths. Then inturn he was beneath another darth, who was on the dark council. His duty was primarly a military role, and would besending me where he felt i could be of use. Her hart fell a little bit she prefared history, but then he said but i do need artifact gathering orginsing as well as that my aster primary role.
Soon after she was dispatched to her first mission

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07.26.2012 , 01:25 PM | #22
Sorry everyone for my periods of absences, I have been distracted with several 'projects', but I am ready to put my attention to this battle. I will start the rp on our arrival to Balmorra and the attacked base, would you like to be on my ship or your own.
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07.26.2012 , 01:48 PM | #23
not bothered opening post could be docking or shipping people in from your ship

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07.26.2012 , 04:00 PM | #24
I will start on yours
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07.26.2012 , 10:15 PM | #25
Wait are we all supposed to be Imperials
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07.26.2012 , 10:17 PM | #26
So 2 Sith and 2 Jedi and also please don't attack my base
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07.26.2012 , 10:33 PM | #27
Note that the 2 Jedi I named are only important if you want them to be they might not even be from the correct battle on balmorra
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07.26.2012 , 11:18 PM | #28
Full Name: Ravvok

Middle Name: Voltaire

Last Name: Durandal

Race: Human

Nickname: Reaper

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: Unknown

Place of Birth: Balmorra

Age: 28

Height: 6'2

Weight: 186

Hair Color/Style: Brown, long-ish and unkept

Facial Appearance: Scar going diagonally up to the right across his face

Eye Color: Yellow

Body Appearance: Average

Home Planet: Korriban

Current Residence: His ship

Allegiance: Darth Morva

Profession: Sith Marauder

Armor/Clothes: Elite Sith assassin armor (see forum avatar (recognize the armor?))

Primary Weapon: Two yellow lightsabers

Secondary Weapons: The Force, vibroknife, double-bladed yellow lightsaber

Misc. Items: Datapad, wrist-mounted holocommunicator


Growing Up (0-12)
Ravvok was born in to a family of Balmorran resistance soldiers. He was trained to fight the Empire's attack forces. However, at age 9, he was discovered by a Sith warrior leading a strike team. However, a Jedi knight swooped in at the last second. The warrior and the knight clashed. After a long fight, the Sith prevailed, and he took Ravvok to Korriban. The young boy trained for 3 years before turning into a juvenile, when he accessed his true inner power.

Juvenile Years (13-17)
Ravvok grew up around a lot of violence. He witnessed Overseer Harkun's harsh methods and Overseer Tremel's idiotic training methods. He witnessed many students going in to the ritual chamber, and none coming out. He witnessed many go to activate the Red Engine, yet none returning. Finally, at age 15, Ravvok was given a vibroblade and sent in to the Tomb of Ajunta Pall to kill tomb looters. He killed remorselessly; at the end of each day, we would have fresh blood splattered across his face and clothes. Finally, at the age of 17, he went to activate the Red Engine, and he came out, drenched in klorslug blood and guts. He had finally earned his lightsaber. But instead of crafting one, he crafted two.*

Eight Years of Exile (18-26)
After his success at the Red Engine, Ravvok was ambushed by another apprentice, Callito, who attempted to kill Ravvok. After Ravvok impaled Callito on a wallspike, the boy was taken into custody for two years. Then, he was put in to exile. Before he left, he recovered his lightsabers from the weapons vault. He hunted and grew stronger on Dromund Kaas. The jungle provided many foes. While training, at age 21, he met a Sith hermit who began schooling Ravvok in the ways of dual-lightsaber combat. The hermit also taught the boy how to use a saberstaff. Ravvok then killed his hermit-master. Finally, he arrived at Dromund Kaas spaceport and boarded the ship heading to Balmorra.

Balmorra Campaign (27-28)
Ravvok has remained on Balmorra since he returned from exile in the jungles of Dromund Kaas. When he heard about the escalation of the war, his thirst for blood of the Jedi lead him to attempt to kill a Jedi Master named Auro. Ravvok succeeded, however Auro left a large lightsaber scar on the marauder's face.
War Hero Drazir
Carnage Marauder
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07.27.2012 , 01:54 AM | #29
It is time to finally start this. Sure we can have at a Republic 'controller' on this, but is Empire-centered.
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07.27.2012 , 01:56 AM | #30
Quote: Originally Posted by MarkuiseTalon View Post
It is time to finally start this. Sure we can have at a Republic 'controller' on this, but is Empire-centered.
I can die at a point
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