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new problem with Reverse Engineering?

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new problem with Reverse Engineering?

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06.25.2012 , 03:33 AM | #31
My experience is that the 20% RE chance is about right... on all professions and all trees.

Being a bit of a geek, I put together a spreadsheet for my crafting, with all the schematics I could find, and every time I RE'd into a higher level schematic, I added that to the tree (so where applicable each green item shows the 3 blues I have researched, and each blue shows the 4/5 purples I have researched). For fun, I also recorded the number of RE attempts it took to reearch each schematic.

What I did not do is record the crafting level I was at when attempting the RE, so I am not sure if that plays a part, but from my anecdotal observations, REing greyed out schematics seems to be more likely to succeed.

On the schematics that RE into one single higher level item, my average is a little over 5.6 RE attempts per item. I have a bunch of outliers, where the RE happened on the first attempt, and several where the RE success took 10 or more attempts (22 is the record failure streak so far), but taking every value into account I come up with the 5.6ish number. If I exclude the top and bottom 10%, then it is about 5.5 attempts. Plotting the results on a graph shows an almost perfect bell curve (cut off with nothing below 1 attempt, obviously, so it has a long tail on one side).
On the green schematics that RE into one of several higher level items, I am looking at just over 5.4 attempts to RE the first blue, 9.8 attempts to RE the second blue, and 16.1 attempts to RE the third blue, again with high and low outliers that are included in the average calculations (including 3 RE attempts, 3 blue schematics). This is pretty close to the 20% RE chance that is expected, allowing for the fact that a successful RE (i.e. the 1 in 5 statistic) then can pick up any of the higher level schematics, even ones you have already picked up.

My sample data size is for just over 3000 schematics across the different professions, and around 21000 RE attempts.
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06.25.2012 , 09:01 AM | #32
Hello there!

As we already have a thread discussing reverse engineering, we are going to close this thread. We invite you to join in the existing conversation here:

Broken (or incorrect % chance of success) Reverse Engineering?