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(L,F&E 27) A New Boss

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06.18.2012 , 05:33 AM | #1
<This fanfic takes place before the attack on Chrysalis outpost. And be warned. It’s very sad.>

Boss woke. He hurt. It was worse than ever.

The doc, gotta get to the doc…

He swung his feet off the bed, er, he tried to. They wouldn’t move! He struggled, but his body wouldn’t respond. Finally he reached for his remote and keyed in a sequence. Literally less than a minute later, L’trask opened the door to his quarters with a CMO medical override and walked in carefully. L’trask sighed.

“You don’t have to sleep in the armor, you know that…” The Trandoshan came to the bedside and quickly removed the helmet and started on the breastplate. Boss tried to stop him, but the Trandoshan was adamant. “NO! This time, you listen to me.” L’trask removed the armor, scanned the exposed portion of the body and swore loudly. Before Boss could react, L’trask had slapped a hypo against Boss’ neck. Boss fell asleep to the sound of Trandoshan swearing.


Boss woke, free from pain this time. But then… She slumped. Her armor was gone. L’trask stood beside the bed.

“It’s spreading. I can’t stop it.” L’trask couldn’t weep, but his distress was easy to read. Boss reached out a hesitant hand and L’trask took it in a gentle claw. “I’m sorry… I’ve tried everything I know. Everything…” Boss gave his hand a gentle squeeze.

“I need Trava.” L’trask stared at her, and then nodded. He keyed his comlink and a moment later Trava entered the room. She must have been just outside. Boss nodded to her.

“Have you thought about it?” Trava nodded, but remained stone faced. “I wanted to tell you… You may not have to.” Trava’s control broke for a moment, and then she shook her head and came to sit by the bed.

“Who?” She asked quietly.

“Who do you think?” Trava stared at him, and then she flushed.

“I don’t know if she is ready.” Boss snorted.

“I wasn’t…” She coughed, and both of the others shared a worried look as she coughed again. “I’m not dead yet! So stop it!” Both looked at her and smiled. “I need to talk to her. Trava nodded. “Alone.” They both nodded now.

<Elsewhere on the ship>

Hala looked up as her comlink chirped. Everyone was on edge, everyone knew that something was wrong with Boss. The only thing faster than light speed was eth grapevine. So everyone knew Boss had been admitted to sickbay, but no one knew why. She stared at the code. Trava? She requested relief from her post, she had been working as a weapons tech, she was good at that; and made her way towards sickbay. All while thinking…

Why would she ask for me? It must have something to do with Boss but...

Her thoughts broke off as she entered medical and saw Trava standing with the Trandoshan doctor, L’trask. She liked him. Trandoshans had the reputation of being brutal and merciless. He could be hard, but he was fair and gentle most of the time. She winced in memory of him…er…correcting some of her habits while she was recovering. He was kind though and funny. She liked him. She stopped in front of them, but Trava just waved her into the room. She entered and froze. The figure on the bed wasn’t Boss! The female Iridonian spoke.

“Thank you for coming, we need to talk.”
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06.18.2012 , 05:35 AM | #2
She stood, frozen. The voice was wrong, the armor was gone, but… This was Boss.

“I… I don’t understand…” The Iridonian smiled.

“Take a seat, this may take while.” She sat cautiously, noting the medical monitors, the drips feeding into the woman’s body; the… she froze again as she saw the readout on the scanner. The Iridonian nodded. “Yeah.”

“No… No, you can’t… you can’t die!” She put her head in her hands and sobbed. After all this, after all she had gone through, after all of what had happened to this ship, to have it end like this? No! “You…can’t…” She felt a gentle touch on her arm. She stared at the mechanical arm that had extended to reach her from the figure on the bed. Then she looked at the figure closely. The arms and legs were all obviously mechanical. She stared. Boss smiled.

“It’s been a secret for so long. The invincible Stormhawk boss. Shoot him and he barely notices. Cut off his arms and legs and he is back in a day. You never see his face. You never know where or when he is going to attack. All a big pile of flarging bull osik.” She stared at the Iridonian woman, dumbfounded by her bitter tone.

“I… this is all a hoax?” She wanted to believe in anything, anything at all that might… the arm tapped her again and she smiled, wanly. “That is…” Boss grinned.

“Odd, I know. I asked you here for a specific reason.” Boss waited but she didn’t ask. Boss snorted. “You will have to get over that shyness if you are going to be in command.” She could have sworn she couldn’t get any stiffer. She would have been wrong. She stuttered a word out past strangled lips.

“C…Command?” Boss looked at her and she found herself drawn to the Iridonian’s eyes. When Boss spoke, it was quiet.

“The ship needs a captain. This ship needs Stormhawk Boss. I will be able to function for a while, but this… cancer…” Boss coughed and the woman in the chair stood quickly and came to the bedside. Boss grinned. “I am not going to die right now, but…” the standing woman spoke quietly.

“I don’t want you to die.” Boss slumped.

“Someone said this once a long time ago. Everyone dies. Not everyone truly lives. All living things are born, live and die. Soon it will be my time. I want you to succeed me.” She shook her head, not in denial, but in disbelief. “You don’t have to choose immediately, I won’t do that to you. And you can say no. I did twice before I took the job.” She stared at the supine form, ten sat back heavily in her chair.

“Who can you do this? You… you had a life… you had thing you wanted to do… I am sure you did. How can you encase yourself in that shell and live like that?” Boss shrugged.

“It needed to be done. Go think on this, but please, don’t tell anyone about the cancer… Morale is bad enough when I am laid up.” She nodded in silence and left the room.
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06.18.2012 , 05:36 AM | #3
<An hour later>

She sat alone. The observation blister was a good place to think. Just her and the cosmos. She didn’t like where her thoughts were leading her. The Stormhawk was an outlaw ship, she knew that and she knew why now. She had learned a lot about the ship while working as a tech. She had even worked with the crazy bunny Jikirt and the weapons designer Val once. She liked the ship. It was… a good place. A dangerous place, but a good one.

Could I lead them…?

Her thoughts broke off as the hatch opened. She spun, then seeing Trava standing there, she relaxed. She liked Trava too. Her voice was sad when she spoke.

“You knew.” Trava nodded, came into the bubble and squatted down on the floor. There really wasn’t all that much space. “Oh, Trava…” She broke off, she felt her eyes burning. Trava put her arms around the girl and held her as she cried. After a time, she shook herself. Trava let her go. “What should I do Elder?” She asked plaintively.

“I can’t tell you that. All I can say is that you have my support whatever you choose. You know what lies ahead.” She nodded at Trava’s words. “You know what we need. Ask yourself… can you do it?” She slumped.

“I don’t know.” Tarva smiled.

“Join the club.” Trava smiled at the other’s expression. “None of us know what the future will hold. I… I loved Mace. I love this ship, I love my children.” She gave the other a quick hug. “You know what is needed.” The other nodded again. “That’s all I can tell you, vod.” To be called sister by such an accomplished warrior was… well, it was uplifting and at the same time worrying.

“I… I am scared Trava.”

“So am I, vod." She stared at the Mandalorian, but Trava was absolutely serious. "But, I will be here to help you, to keep you safe. And to keep you in line.” This last was delivered deadpan and against her will the other snorted with laughter.

“Then I know what I have to do.” Trava nodded, they left the bubble together.
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06.18.2012 , 05:39 AM | #4
<Four hours later>

Hawkir released the Force with a sigh. He knew there was more to this female Iridonian crew member than she or the Doctors had said, but it wasn’t his place to pry.

“I am sorry. It is too progressed." The Jedi bowed his head. Death was a fact of life, but it never got any easier. "I can make you more comfortable. But that is all.” The woman in the bed nodded.

“I figured as much, but thank you for trying.” Hawkir nodded to her and left the room quickly. He hated feeling useless, and now that Nia was gone, he was useless. Most of the crew didn’t want anything to do with him. The Mandalorians pointedly ignored him. Sara was, well, very young still and Maria… He snorted. She had a ship of her own to worry about she didn’t need his problems. He sat down in one of the chairs outside and put his head in his hands. He felt L’trask come up and spoke without looking up.

“I’m sorry. I…” A scale covered hand landed gently on his shoulder and he felt the Trandoshan’s sympathy and rage at death from such an ignoble thing. “I… I should leave…” The hand withdrew and he heard L’trask hiss in disbelief.

“Why?” He looked up into the doctor’s eyes and saw no sarcasm, just honest inquiry.

“I can’t do anything more. Nia is healed. And your crew doesn’t want me here.” Another voice came and he jumped as Stormhawk Boss entered Medical.

“The crew can go hang. You are welcome here.” Hawkir stared at the armored form, something… his eyes widened, and then he bowed. Boss snorted. “Figured a Jedi would figure it out.” Hawkir stared from the armored from to the closed door and shook his head.

“Your secrets are safe with me. I pledge my word that I will speak to none of this.” Hawkir stated formally. Boss looked at him and he felt the being’s scrutiny.

“Do you want to stay?” The Jedi nodded to the commander's question, the facilities onboard dwarfed anything he had every worked with. “Then you are welcome to.” He looked at the figure and Boss shook his head. “I am going to make an all hands announcement. You are part of the crew now. That brings rights and responsibilities.” Hawker nodded. “You answer to the crew council as well, but… I ask for your forbearance. Some of what we do…” Hawkir snarled.

“What you do follows the light. I may disagree with some of your tactics." HAwkir scoffed. "I do disagree with some of your tactics, but you do bring light to dark places.” Boss nodded. “And I can help…” He broke off, remembering the last cargo of slaves the ship had rescued.

“Yes you can.” With than Boss nodded and entered the room where the Iridonian woman lay. The hatch clicked locked behind him.
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06.18.2012 , 05:42 AM | #5
A few minutes later the intercom chimed and all personnel on the ship listened as the general announcement call sounded. Boss’ voice was heard.

“Crew of the Stormhawk. I am sure you are all aware of what happened last night. It has been a good six years leading you pack of crazies though fair times and foul. We have dished out a lot of damage to the Sith and all the other assorted scum we have run across. I will now quell the rumors that have circulated. I have cancer, from radiation poisoning. There is no cure. The doctors and even the Jedi who helped Nia have been unable to reverse or even slow the progress of the disease. I have asked Hawkir Strum and he has accepted a position in the medical department. I cannot continue with the duties. So, it is with a heavy heart that I speak this. Hala Shin, who some of you know and have worked with is no more. Stormhawk Boss lives and will live on. My honor to you all, and godspeed…” She deactivated the intercom and took off the helmet. Hala, no- the new Stormhawk Boss, put it back on.

“What do I call you now?” Boss’ voice was soft.

“My name was Serrina. That will do, I believe.” Boss nodded and took her limp hand in his.

“Serrina, what can I do for you?” Serrina shook her head. “Please?”

“Take care of the ship. Listen to your people. They know what they are doing, but don’t always have the big picture. Listen to Trava, Maria, Will when he is here and Nia. Protect your friends; protect the Republic as you can. Watch you six. The crew will support you, but don’t expect but lies, betrayal and death anything else from anyone else.” Boss nodded, then turned and left the room. Almost immediately Sara came running in. She ran to the bed and sat beside it, crying.

“No, no no no no no no! You can’t die! It isn’t fair!” Serrina reached out a hand and took Sara by the shoulder.

“Sara, Oh Sara… Don’t cry, girl.” But Sara cried harder. Serrina gave her shoulder a squeeze, and then pulled her into a weak embrace. “Everything dies Sara, plants, animals, stars, galaxies, people. It’s the way of things.” Sara cried into her chest.

“It isn't fair!” Sara wailed. Serrina’s voice was soft and kind.

“No it isn’t Sara, but life isn’t fair. You know that better than many. Come on girl, buck up. You are tough. You have to be strong." Serrina gave Sara a weak hug. "When your brother gets back… he will go to pieces… I hope he finds Sharra, I truly do. He will need her.” Sara stared at her for a moment, and then hugged her tightly.

“I don’t want to loose anyone else. Please stay and fight this, promise me you will?” She asked through tears that cascaded down her face.

“I can’t promise you that Sara. The doctors and Hawkir have done everything they could. It just isn’t something they can fix. Sara.” The girl buried her head in Serrina’s chest, still sobbing. Serrina’s voice was still gentle but now held just the barest trace of command voice.

“Sara, look at me.” Sara did, her eyes red and swollen and Serinna hugged her again. “I have lived a full life; I have known and loved some very incredible people. Don’t blame the doctors or hawker for this. Blame me, if you have to blame anyone. I am not gone yet, but…” Sara bowed her head. She crawled up onto the bed, careful not to disturb any of the tubes or wires and lay down beside the woman.

“Death won’t take you without a fight.” Sara promised as she curled up beside her.

“Death will win in the end Sara, but thank you. I could…” She broke off overcome. “…I could use the company…” She hugged the girl to her and they both sobbed together.

“Please…” Sara’s muffled words came to her and she sighed, careful not to dislodge the waif from beside her. She saw Trava at the door, and Trava nodded, stone faced, then turned and the door closed. Leaving the stricken woman and the little girl with the battered soul to cry alone.
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06.18.2012 , 05:45 AM | #6
<Three days later, after receiving a transmission from Korriban>

Sara looked on as Serrina put armor on. Stormhawk Boss’ armor.

“You don’t have to go. Trava, Mother, heck send me! My Bes’uliik will make hamburger of those Sith scum. You are sick!” Sara was dancing form one foot to the other in frustration. Serrina turned back.

“Sara, Nia needs help. And, while her code was short for obvious reasons the addendum she added was...” Sara nodded. A suicide mission. “Please… Sara, let me do this. Let me end my life as I lived it, fighting.” Sara looked at her and then ran to her and hugged her tight.

“I don’t want you to go. I don’t want you to die.” The little girl's voice was incredibly small. Serrina hugged Sara.

“Nothing will stop that now. Sara. You know that. Remember me, vod.” Sara stood away from Serrina and saluted in the Mando style. Then she turned and walked out of the shuttle. Boss came up the ramp.

“Some of the Mandos want to go with you.” Serrina froze for a moment, then continued to pull her greaves on.

“You know I am not coming back, Boss.” Serrina kept her voice calm through sheer force of will. He nodded.

“So do they.” She nodded curtly and a few minuets later four heavily armored Mandos came up the ramp, carrying enough artillery to start and finish a small war. Trava came up as well. “It’s a good day Elder.”

“Can you do this?” The Elder of Nova Ordo asked quietly. Serrina nodded.

“My armor has an entire pharmacy built into it, you know that. Take care of them.” Trava nodded and left the shuttle. A few minutes later, the hatch closed and they were off.

Once more into battle, my friends once more… One last time...
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06.18.2012 , 05:46 AM | #7
((that's it for this one. Now I have to go off and cry for a while. Comments and/or suggestions appreciated))

((FYI, the crew had it figured out after the second time Boss 'died', but no one off the ship will have a clue... At least, not yet. As far as the Republic, the Sith and everyone else off the ship are concerned, Mace Shin, AKA Stormhawk Boss is still alive and kicking, HARD. And he just won't die!))
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