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(L,F&E 26) Revelations of Darkness

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(L,F&E 26) Revelations of Darkness

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06.18.2012 , 04:58 AM | #1
((OOC this fanfic takes place after the co-authored fanfic 'Fall From Grace' Comments and or suggestions always appreciated))

Nia sat up in her bed. She was bored. Everyone was gone, except Hawkir, and while he was good company, he wasn’t… She froze as something impinged her senses. Then it was gone and she shook her head. She liked Hawkir, he was a good man, if a bit too strait laced for her. He never tried converting her to his own view either, unlike many Jedi she had met at the Enclave who had seemed to take her being grey as a personal affront. He was strong in the force, witty, wise and calm in all situations. She sighed; she had given him reason not to be. She still remembered her former fuzzy mindedness with trepidation. It had seemed so clear and at the same time, so foggy. Every so often she would stumble over a word or phrase but no one paid any attention anymore. She fought hard to get her body to respond as it should and both of the docs were amazed at her progress. They actually allowed her out whenever she wanted, now that she was capable again, but they insisted she sleep in Medical, at least for another sevenday. Just to be sure.

She froze, the feeling came again. It felt like… she was on her feet and out the door before she knew what she was sensing. She stopped before a sealed door and looked at it. Then she walked slowly to the Doctor’s office. To her relief, Crota was out, doing rounds and L’trask sat behind his desk. The Trandoshan looked up and smiled as Nia came in. He sobered at the expression on her face. He opened his mouth, but she beat him to it.

“What happened to Boss?” He froze, she had been…er… out of it after the incident on Kuat. He looked at her, and then sighed. He waved her in. As soon as she entered, the door clicked shut and locked behind her.

“He was attacked on Kuat and injured badly, but is recovering. You sensed something?” He asked quietly. She nodded.

“What is going on?” He shook his head. When he spoke it was quiet and sad.

“I can’t tell you that. Only he can. I…” He broke off and looked at her. No, she realized he was looking at something only he could see. “Trust him, he knows what he is doing.” Nia shook her head.

“He hurts, it’s not just physical is it?” L’trask shook his head again.

“Nia, listen to me. Please, tell no one. I am pretty sure Hawkir knows, but if so he probably won’t speak of it. I…” he broke off as the door to the office hissed open. He flinched; the only person able to do that… He jumped up as Boss entered the room. Then he sighed. “You shouldn’t be up.” The Trandoshan took a portable scanner and ran it over the armored form of his friend. “You know you shouldn’t be up…”

“She needs to know.” L’trask slumped back into his chair, dismay written all over his face.

“No… My friend…no…” Boss laid a gentle hand on the Trandoshan’s shoulder then turned to Nia. He raised both hands to his helmet and popped the seals. Nia watched, open mouthed as the helmet that never came off, did. Then she hissed. The face wasn’t human! Nia found a chair and sat heavily.

“You… you aren’t Mace Shin…?” The Iridonian wearing the armor of Stormhawk Boss shook her head and smiled sadly. Her skin was pale, wan almost, but her eyes were alive.

“No I’m not, Nia. He was a friend, a good friend, and then he died. But before he did, he asked me to keep the ship going. To keep his, our, family alive.”

“I… I don’t understand…” Nia shook her head in disbelief.

“Myself, your dad and L’trask are the only ones who know for sure that Mace Shin died of a Sith poison. We were there. The rest of the crew….well… Some suspect, but won’t say anything. To the galaxy as a whole, Stormhawk Boss is indestructible. A symbol. They can poison him, he keeps going. They can shoot him, he barely notices, they can cut his arms and legs off and he is back in a day or so. They can cut him into very small pieces and he just keeps coming back. You can’t kill a symbol.”

“A symbol…” Nia shook her head at the simplicity and scope of the deception. “A symbol of hope… of defiance…” She shook her head again. Her eyes narrowed. “Why tell me?” The Iridonian smiled at her guarded tone.

“I can’t do this for too much longer Nia, I…” She broke off and shuddered. Then she straightened. “When Mace died, he asked me to find a replacement, we did. His name was Renim. He lasted a year before a bounty hunter killed him. The next lasted less than six months. Her name was Kerina. I… I didn’t want any others to die, so I took the role.” L’trask snarled.

“And she has been nearly killed a dozen times since then. This last time, the only reason she didn't die is because the assassin didn’t want her dead.” Nia looked from one to the other speechless. Finally, she found her voice.

“Why tell me, me?" Nia barely noticed her stammer, it was inconsequential. "I… There is no way… I couldn’t do that…” The Iridonian smiled at her.

“You might be surprised. But… no, I have already picked my successor. And they will be told when the time comes. But you needed to know. I am sick of hiding who I am from people I care about.” Tears fell from her eyes and Nia found herself hugging the armored form.

“Nia, things are going to get worse before they get better. This ‘Zelkin’ character, the one who put the bounty on me, is known. He is a Sith, a powerful one, but… odd. No one knows what he wants, but according to my sources, he killed an entire space station full of people. And apparently he did it just to make a point.” Nia’s eyes widened in horror. “I am going back to duty in thirty minutes, and I will remain aboard doctor.” L’trask nodded, his face a study of Trandoshan disapproval. “I want you to be my representative, Nia. To be my voice off the ship. The team that accompanies you would have taken that ‘Leo’ character and eaten him alive." Nia looked at her.

“Does Trava know?” Nia asked slowly. The Irdonian woman nodded.

“The always armored form was her idea actually, after Mace died.” The woman's voice was sad, but proud. Nia snorted.

“So… now what?” The younger woman asked. Boss put her helmet back on.

“Now I go back to the bridge, and you go back to your room and we continue business as usual…”
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06.18.2012 , 04:59 AM | #2
<Later that day>

Sara was almost dancing with bundled energy as the shuttle touched down on the Stormhawk. Maria sent her a quelling look and Sara subsided.

“You are going to listen to your elders and behave, clear?” Sara nodded. But her exaggerated subservient posture brought smiles to the Mando faces around them. After a seeming eternity, the hatch cycled and the tube connecting the personnel shuttle to the entry port of the Stormhawk showed. It was lot safer than walking around on the hanger deck. The Mandos picked up their gear and filed out in silence. Maria picked up hers. Sara had been wearing her gear for the last ten minutes. “Armory first, then Medical, clear?” Sara nodded.

They dropped off the gear with the Chief Armorer, keeping their armor and sidearms, and made their way to Medical. But when they got there, Nia was standing in the door waiting for them. Sara ran to her and hugged her tight.

“Ouch! Sara…” Nia grinned heartily at Sara, who had forgotten about her armor. Sara looked chagrined, but then Nia grinned and hugged her tight. “It’s ok, Sara, I am glad to see you.” She looked at Maria and extended a hand. Maria joined the hug. “And you Maria.”

“You’re better.” Sara said quietly, her head buried in Nia’s shoulder. Nia smiled and nodded.

“I am. I am not 100%, but I am better. Boss is busy on the bridge, he told me to take your report since you were coming here first.” Maria nodded. They moved into Nia’s room and sat. Sara spoke first.

“When we arrived on Naboo, we had two missions. Find Kirin Starlace and find the droids. We accomplished both.” Nia looked at Maria and Maria sighed.

“It was a little more complicated than that…” Nia laughed and shook her head.

“It always is. Begin at the beginning.” Nia clicked on a recorder. Maria nodded and spoke, calm, precise and clear.

“We arrived at Theed, found transportation and located the archives. We planned to find Kirin’s family, maybe ask around…”
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06.18.2012 , 05:04 AM | #3
<Thirty minutes later>

Nia was sobbing. She knew that death was a fact of life, but she had liked Miki. Sara cried with her and Maria, well, she sat, lost in thought. Nia looked up finally and dried her eyes. Miki wouldn’t have wanted her to be all soppy and forget what needed to be done. Then she looked at Maria as Maria exclaimed.

“That same woman… I knew I knew her from somewhere…” Sara and Nia both stared at her and Maria flushed.

“Mom?” Sara asked carefully. Maria was angry now, very, very angry.

“The woman who interrogated me, she was one of the higher ranks, right up there with the Jedi that is decorating the hull.” None of the three winced at all. If they had caught him, they probably would have done worse, although how they might have was hard to imagine. “I met her once, a long time ago, she was working on a project…I can’t remember!” Maria shook her head trying to get the memories to accumulate, but Nia reached out and touched her on the sleeve. Her voice was calm.

“That doesn’t work, I know. Think of something else. You say Dad knows the queen?” Nia's voice was somewhere between disbelief and awe. Sara grinned slyly.

Very well apparently.” Nia was caught completely off guard by Sara’s tone and giggled. She hated when she giggled, but the thought of her somber, dark mooded father and royalty of all things… It was just too much. Maria gave a small cry and sat down heavily. Nia jumped up and took her shoulders in her hands.

“Maria, what?” Maria shook her head and collapsed into sobs. Nia stared at Sara, who stared back helplessly.

“She was supposed to be dead." Maria spoke between sobs. "We killed her.” Nia looked at her, then at Sara.

“Then we will just have to make sure this time.” The door hissed open behind them and Nia looked up to see Hawkir standing there.

“It won’t be as easy." The Jedi looked pale and drawn. "I’m sorry Maria, I just found out too…” Nia snarled at him.

“If someone doesn’t tell me exactly what is going on, I’m gonna…” She froze as Maria raised her head and started her in the face. Her voice was calmer, but still hard when she spoke. “What?”

“That woman was a pirate named Naj Orh. My ship, the Vigilance, was detailed to bring her to justice, fifteen years ago… She had killed dozens of our starfighters, we took her by surprise, interdicted hyperspace and went after her. She fought hard, but we took her, we captured her ship, and when we took her out of it…” Maria broke off, lost in her memories. Hawkir spoke up.

“She went mad.” The Jedi nodded soberly to the others. "It was a mess." Nia stared at him, then at Maria.

“She can do what dad does…” Maria nodded. But it was Hawkir who answered

“She could. She can’t anymore.” All three of the women looked at him. “When I was researching your father’s injury, Nia, I found records of her. The Republic asked us, the Jedi, to heal her. We did. She worked for Republic Intelligence. Apparently they gave her a pardon in exchange for her assistance breaking several crime rings, and then they put her to work on a special project shortly after the Sith came. I haven’t been able to find out anything more about that project, but I can guess. Jarrell's project.” The Jedi looked as if he wanted to spit for a moment, but controlled himself. Nia nodded.

“Then we need more information.” Nia said flatly. Hawkir’s eyes widened.

“You have got to be kidding…” Everyone winced at the Jedi's tone as Nia grinned, evilly this time.
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06.18.2012 , 05:06 AM | #4
<Three days later>

Nia moved through the Republic base, anonymous. Her head was uncovered, but her face and buzz cut hair were different. Her armor was absolutely one hundred percent Republic Special Forces issue. Her ID, not so much, but… it was an actual Republic Special Forces ID. Even if it did say her name was Ci Torren. She moved to the records room and waited her turn. She finally reached a clerk and keyed in her request. When asked, she provided the authorization datapad and the clerk nodded to her and a few minutes later waved her to a secure room. She entered it and the door hissed shut, but she froze on seeing someone else in it. The woman in Republic armor sighed.

“You have brass ones girl, no question.” Nia stared at her, aware of the fact that she was unarmed. The stranger seemed that way too, but… She spoke again. “Before you do anything... My name is Hala Shin.” Nia’s eyes widened. Mace’s sister? “I don’t know who you are and I don’t care. I need you to take a message to my brother.” Nai stared at her. “This is the one place on this base where there are no mikes, so please…” She put a small datapad on the terminal and Moved quickly to where she could not see the terminal screen. Nia stared after her, then shook her head and sat at the terminal. She had maybe five minutes now. She found what she had been looking for and downloaded what she needed. Then, per Special Forces protocol, she shut the terminal down and secured it. The woman, Hala, stood with her back to the door. Nia walked to her and spoke quietly.

“I can’t promise anything, but I will deliver it.” The woman nodded, but didn’t turn. Nia left without a backward glance. She turned the key in to the clerk, signed the requisite forms and nodded to them. As she walked out, she wondered, but then a heavy armored hand landed on her shoulder. She spun, ready to fight or flee, but a dozen blasters covered her.

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06.18.2012 , 05:10 AM | #5
Nia sat. She had been sitting in this same chair in the interrogation room ever since the soldiers who had taken her into custody had placed her in it. She wasn’t manacled or anything obvious, but… She knew she was under observation. They hadn’t said a thing, nothing at all… and that bothered her. They had been utterly professional, utterly precise, and utterly cold. Their senses in the Force had been just as cold, no emotion at all. She didn’t flinch as the door opened. A human came in. Brown hair, blue eyes, civilian clothes. He looked her over, after her first glance she ignored him. His voice when he spoke was dispassionate.

“What is your name?” She ignored him. He sighed. “Honey we can do this two ways, soft or hard. We know your name is not Ci Torren, what is it? That is all we need. You haven’t broken any rules, hell, you followed everything to the letter. The only reason we know you aren’t Ci Torren is that Ci Torren is dead.” She looked at him, then returned her gaze to the wall. He sighed. Then he walked to the door and rapped on it. It opened, showing two guards with ready weapons outside, and then it closed again, leaving Nia alone with her thoughts.

<Outside, a few minutes later>

“Okay, we have a mystery woman, using a fake ID, carrying two encrypted datapads. And nothing else. Do we have any idea at all who she is?” The base security commander was stumped. This woman had accessed restricted files, that made her a spy, maybe… The sergeant in charge of the detention facility cleared his throat. “Yes sergeant?”

“I don’t know who she is sir, but we won’t get anywhere with the soft approach. And hard...? I… I have known a lot of kinds sir, and she, well… she’s a hard case. Breaking her won’t be easy if possible at all. Most of the ones I have know who rub me like she does would die before breaking.” A com chirped and the commander went to answer it. His face paled as he listened.

“Uh… yeah… Uh.. what? who?" The commander paled. The sergeant stared at him, but remained silent. "Oh my god…Yes sir… no sir… at once sir…” The sergeant watched as the security commander slumped. The sergeant spoke.

“Sir?” The commander sat down, heavily.

“We just got a DNA match. I… I wouldn’t have believed it…” The sergeant had seen his commander in a lot of stressful situations, but never had he seen the man so close to… well…crying.

“Who is she?” The sergeant asked, sure he would NOT like the answer. The commander’s voice in reply was so soft as to be almost inaudible.

“Her name is Nia Korr, she is wanted in connection to the destruction of a ‘special branch’ base on Alderaan.” The sergeant hawked and would have spit but caught himself.

“Special branch, sir? We have to turn her over to those...scum?”

“It gets worse…They did a fast full workup. Her dad...” He keyed something into a datapad and handed it to the sergeant. The sergeant looked at it, and then slumped.

“Sir… I can’t…I…” The commander stared off into space for a moment, then hit a control on his desk. The sergeant stared at him then froze as popping noises came from around the office.

“Nasty malfunctions on the base today, don’t you agree, sergeant?” The sergeant smiled, it was not a nice smile.

<A few minutes later>

Nia froze as the door to her cell, just… opened… She stared at it, then curiosity got the better of her and she walked to it. There was no one there. Then a form came running towards her. Hala!

“We have to go. We don’t have a lot of time… Here!” She threw a bundle at Nia and Nia caught it, it was her armor! She started pulling it on and Hala handed her a helmet. Hala put another helmet on and suddenly they were both Republic Special Forces troopers. Hala moved out and Nia followed, having no better ideas. Hala handed a small package to Nia and Nia felt two datapads inside. She spoke quietly as they merged with a group of other troops.


“Some…friends of your dad’s… oh no…” Nia looked up and saw a group of other troops, these wore heavy armor and carried heavy weapons.

“Who are they?” Nia asked in an undertone as the group stopped, and the new troops started searching through them.

“Special branch scum.” Hala replied, equally quiet, looking for a way out of… She grinned. “Whatever happens, you have to get out of here.” Hala grabbed Nia and pulled her into a door that opened just in time for them. Nia froze as her interrogator came into view inside. He growled in her ear.

“Get out of here, Nia, and… tell your dad, he still has friends in the service.” Nia stared as he turned back towards the door and drew his blaster. “Go!” He barked at them. Hala stared at him, then at Nia.

“Nia? Flarg me, come on!” They took off running as a pounding began on the door they had used.
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06.18.2012 , 05:12 AM | #6
They almost made it. They had exited the base with few problems. Only at the last second did Hala freeze as they were approaching the starport landing bay. She tensed, and then spun throwing herself between Nia and… Several blaster shots rang out and Nia ducked for cover. Hala collapsed in a heap just in front of her and Nia could see the burns through her armor. Then a voice called out.

“You have no chance, surrender girl and you will save your friend.” Hala raised her head enough to look Nia in the eye and shook her head before collapsing again. Nia looked around, smiled grimly and stood out of her cover. Her blaster was holstered. A man in heavy armor appeared in front of her.

“Lose the blaster.” His voice was gruff but he flinched as she smiled at him and spoke sweetly.

“Flarg you.” Then she summoned her lightsaber from where she had hidden it earlier. It ignited. “This time… I’m prepared for you.” He barely had time to scream and his men didn’t last much longer.


Hala woke, she hurt. Nia was sitting beside her. Hala stared at Nia then around at the bay of the shuttle they were on. She opened her mouth but nothing came out. Nia laid a gentle hand on her shoulder.

“It’s all right. You will be all right.” Hala took the kind words back into unconsciousness.

<24 hours later>

Nia stood and watched as L’trask and Crota worked on Hala. Boss came in and Nia nodded to the armored form.

“You read it.” It wasn’t a question. Boss nodded. “When?”

“We will be in position in eight hours.” Nia looked from Boss to the window.

“Will you tell her?” Boss nodded. “I’ll be there of you want.” Boss nodded again.

<Two days later>

Hala woke, she still hurt, but it was deep and muted. She smiled. Then she opened her eyes. And froze. Standing at the end of her bed was her brother…? No…it wasn't. He didn't stand like her brother had.

“Who are you?” She asked in the quiet hoarse tone that was all she could muster. One of the shots must have hit a lung, she realized.

“I am Stormhawk Boss, Hala Shin.” She shook her head, then realized that Nia was sitting beside her bed. She looked from Boss to Nia and winced.

“You are not my brother…” The armored from nodded. Her eyes went wide. “No… No… please… no…” She bowed her head and Nia took her hand in both of hers.

“I am sorry, Hala Shin. Your brother is dead.” Hala was crying now. “But…” Boss turned to the vidscreen and Hala could see… She stiffened. “We hit the target you gave us. We rescued them all. Thank you.” Hala nodded between sobs. Nia held her tight now, but not tight enough to constrict her injuries. Boss nodded to Nia and left the room. Hala sobbed, but finally calmed herself.

“Who is he?” Nia shook her head.

“He is Stormhawk Boss, a symbol of hope and defiance to the Sith. He knew his presence here would hurt you, but he needed to tell you himself.” Hala nodded. “You did a good thing Hala. Those slaves are free now, but… you know you can’t go back.” Hala nodded again. If she did go back, the special branch would kill her for leading the Stormhawk to one of their slave convoys. And even if they didn’t, she had helped a fugitive escape, so her superiors at Republic Special Forces HQ would not be happy either. “So… how would you like a job?” Hala stared at Nia bemused. “We have few job openings at the moment…”
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06.18.2012 , 05:15 AM | #7
Nia sat and perused the data she had recovered from the Republic archives. Maria and Hawkir sat with her, doing the same thing. So far, the data was remarkably straightforward, the woman had been captured, treated for severe bouts of paranoid schizophrenia and then released into the care of Republic Intelligence. No information on her activities with them was listed. Nia snorted then explained when the others looked at her.

“As if Republic Intelligence is going to tell anyone what they were doing.” Maria and Hawkir both smiled at her wry tone; then went back to their own searches. After a while Nia stretched, then got up. She had been sitting for hours. “I need to stretch my legs, I’ll be back.”

They nodded to her ad she left the room. She wasn’t sure where she was going, just wandering. Then she found herself at the training ring and smiled. Sara was training today. The huge engine tech who faced her looked apprehensive and who could blame him? Sara might be small, but size really didn’t matter much. A few seconds after the match began; he was lying on the floor of the ring with his arm locked in a nasty looking arm bar. He tapped out. Sara nodded to him and he asked a question, she replied something then demonstrated in slow motion what she had done. Nia looked at Trava who was standing beside the door and grinned.

“You have taught her well.” Trava smiled back, but remained silent. Nia looked at Trava and made a questioning gesture. Trava grinned again and shrugged. Nia approached the ring. Sara stood back. “Can I take a turn?”

A mutter went up around the area and Sara smiled and bowed. Nia dropped her gear belt, took off her shoes and entered the ring. For a moment, they stood, taking each other’s measure, then Sara moved. Nia moved as well and they both lost themselves in the blur of fighting. A few minutes later Nia found herself trapped by a similar hold to the one Trava had dislocated her shoulders with and tapped out with a foot. A moment to catch their breath, and they were at it again. This time Nia found herself lofted through the air, but she rolled and came back up fluidly. She didn’t have to use the Force and she wouldn’t. Not for this… She ducked under a pair of flailing legs and caught Sara square with a punch that stopped just short of doing actual damage. Sara woofed and went down, trying to avoid Nia’s attacks, but now Nia was on the offensive. Then, Sara miscalculated, just a bit, and Nia caught her hand in wrist lock and took her to the floor. Sara tried Nia’s hold, found it unbreakable, and tapped out. Sara looked at Nia and smiled.

“You are good Nia.” Sara said quietly as they both left the ring. Nia shrugged. “No, you are. Who trained you?”

“A guy named Canaak…” She froze as Sara’s expression changed, from exited to… serious. “Ok, what is it about that guy that makes all Mando’s shut up suddenly?” Sara looked up and Nia followed her gaze, to where Trava was standing. Trava walked over to them. When she spoke, her voice was quiet, almost reverent.

“Canaak was a great man. We thought he had died, to find out that he was instead defending something he deemed important, well… that doesn’t detract from his greatness.” Nia looked at Trava and shook her head, she didn’t understand.

“We asked him to do something. He said he was unworthy and before we could convince him otherwise, he left.” Nia rocked back on her heels. The man she knew wouldn’t have run from anything. “We didn’t know why, although many believed him craven. To find out otherwise… It stings us Nia, it does.”

“Canaak was anything but craven…” Nia protested, what she remembered of the man was a tough, if elderly sort. Someone who could get a raging Wookiee to listen with a single barked command. “What did you ask him to do?”

“To gather the clans. To fight the Sith.” Trava’s simple answer shook Nia.

“But…the only person…who can gather the clans…is…” She broke off and Sara spoke quietly.

“Mand’alore” Nia flinched. She had been trained by… Trava nodded to her.

“He trained you, well. We hope, maybe…” Nia shook her head in bafflement.

“I…I am not his successor…” Trava nodded.

“We know, but it is the thought, and, it is the hope, that maybe, we can find another, someone who can unite the clans. To fight the Empire.” Nia looked from Trava to Sara and her eyes widened. Sara bowed her head and didn’t speak. Nia was sure her jaw was about to hit the floor. But then she shook herself and nodded.

“If anyone can, but… Mand’alore…” Nia was in awe. Sara shook her head.

“I am not Mand’alore.” Sara demurred. Trava snorted.

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06.18.2012 , 05:18 AM | #8
Hala sat in her chair and wondered. She had heard of the Stormhawk or course, who in Republic Special Forces hadn’t? And she had a certain interest in the ship anyway, with her brother… She broke off that line of thought. She sat for a moment, listening to the ventilator pump. Her lungs were healing. The doctors both promised her that. All of her injuries were healing. But… She sighed, hearing again the mechanical wheeze that translated from her voice box to the machine that talked for her while she couldn’t. The chair she was in was a marvel of technology, but… She couldn’t move from it. The docs promised that she would be able to, and it did give her mobility but… She broke off as a black haired girl appeared in front of her. The girl stared at her, and then nodded.

“You are Hala, aren’t you? My name is Sara.” Hala nodded, she spoke, er tried to and the machine spoke for her. The tone was flat and she cringed a bit.

“I am Hala.” Sara looked at her and smiled.

“You will get better, it may take some time, but you have the best docs in space on this ship.” Hala couldn’t help it, she smiled. “You helped Nia, I want to help you.” Hala looked at her. “I can’t wave my hands and make you body heal faster, but I can keep you company…give you someone to talk to, if you don’t mind.” Hala’s eyes burned. The machine spoke for her again.

“I thank you, but it is not needed…I am…” She broke off as Sara stared at her.

“Don’t give me that, don’t tell me you don’t feel bad. You just lost everything you knew, your people will be hunting you, and you did it to help my aunt…” Sara shook her head. “I owe you.” Hala stared at her, then her eyes widened.

“Your…aunt…is…Nia…?” Sara nodded.

“Strange huh?" Sara snickered a bit, sounding her actual age for a moment. "Will is my brother and he is twenty four years older than I am.”

“Will is your brother…he…not have sister before family disappear…?” Hala’s question was hesitant, but Sara didn’t hesitate. She sat beside Hala’s chair and spoke, serious.

“I was born in a cell. I don’t know where. They kept me and my mom together until I was about six, then they split us up. I didn’t know who they were, but… they claimed to be working for the Republic. They were Special Branch.” Hala’s eyes went cold. And Sara nodded. “I was actually rescued, if you can call it that, by the Sith four years ago. They held me, trying to figure out what the scientists had done to me. They treated me all right, I guess, but I was a prisoner. The Sith actually rescued my Mother too and turned her over to the Stormhawk. The Sith who did that died because of it when her superiors found out…” Hala looked at her.

“Your…father…?” Sara froze, Hala did as well, but Sara shook her head and smiled sadly.

“It’s not your fault, you didn’t do it. The scientists killed him, trying to make his body do something it couldn’t.” Hala reached out a hand and gently squeezed Sara’s shoulder. “they didn’t have me anymore, the Sith had taken me, I survived what they did to me, probably because of what ever my Mother gave both Will and me, but Dad… he didn’t have it, whatever it is.” Sara forced the sad look off her face. “Listen to me, I came in here to cheer you up and all I do is be moody.” Hala grinned. “Come on, I have some people I want you to meet.” She started off and Hala stared at her. Sara turned and waited. Hala shrugged and started her chair after the sprite.

At least I won’t be bored…
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Hala was, in a word…bemused. It was amazing how Sara just ran roughshod over everyone and everything and, even more amazing was that people let her. She didn’t have fifteen years yet, and she was… intimidating. She had led Hala to the mess hall, then to a series of rooms and now, Hala sat in a group of crew and watched amazed as Sara tore another opponent almost literally apart in a practice ring. She knew, she didn’t think, she knew how it felt to be pummeled, she had taken and given her share in training and after, but to do it at thirteen… She sensed a space open beside her and she blinked as an armored form sat beside her. She was sure she didn’t know the woman. The woman met her gaze calmly.

“I’m Trava.” Hala nodded, she was tired and speaking the way she had to was exhausting. Trava looked from the hurt woman to the ring and then back at Hala. “She has a good heart. And she likes you. From what I have seen, I like you too. But if you put her in danger…” Hala nodded, the woman stopped speaking, her point made. Hala spoke.

“She is a good person. I like her. She has hurt enough.” Trava stared at the Republic soldier and then smiled.

“Yes she has. Thank you for your understanding.” Hala looked at her, a question in her eyes, but she was afraid to ask. “What?” Trava had no patience for small talk or beating around the bush.

“Mandalorian?” Trava nodded. Hala bowed her head. “Wish to speak, later.” Trava stared at her, and then nodded curtly.


Hala sat in her bed and tried not to sigh. She knew what she wanted was wrong, but… Her eyes burned. Her family was all dead now, she had hoped that Mace… She shook her head. The door hissed open, but instead of a doc, Trava stood there, impassive. Hala nodded to her. It was all she could really do, as encased in medical gear as she was. Trava walked in far enough to pass the door’s threshold and it closed behind her with a swish. The Mandalorian woman looked at Hala.

“You wanted to talk?” Hala nodded, but her throat was too painful for her to speak, so she held up a pad. Trava nodded, and came to the side of the bed. Hala wrote for a moment and then handed the pad to Trava. Trava looked at it, her face was impassive. “No.” Hala looked at her and slumped, tears came. Trava sat beside her bed and spoke quietly.

“Hala Shin, your brother wouldn’t want you to die by my hand. If there were no other choices or alternatives, then yes, I would do as you wish, but…” Hala stared, she could have sworn, no… there were tears coming from Trava’s eyes. “…You have choices girl. And… no matter what you might think, you are not alone.” Hala stared at her, blankly. “Mace knew you lived. He had hoped his distancing himself would give you some modicum of protection, and your posting to Special Forces also seemed like a good thing. They take care of their own.” Hala nodded. “No matter that you cannot return to them now, you have a family girl. Ours. Mace’s and mine.” Hala stared at her now. Trava grinned, slightly. “He was a good man, a good friend, a good Mandalorian and a great husband.” Hala raised a hand slowly and Trava took it. “And when he died, we all lost something special.” Hala nodded. Then she braced herself and spoke. It hurt, but she needed to say it.

“Buir…” It cracked at the end but Trava took her head in her hands and held the girl while she cried. Hala's tears mixed with Trava's.

“Yes, child, welcome home.”
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Boss stood and sighed.

“I don’t believe this…” He shook his head and walked into his office, he hit a comcode. “Nia can you come up to my office please?” He waited a few minutes, finishing some paperwork, and then his door opened to admit Nia. He waved her to seat. Nia looked at the armored from and tensed. She felt Boss’ internal tension through the Force.

“What’s up?” She asked quietly. He slid a datapad across to her. She looked at it. Then she groaned.

Boss Stormhawk,

I need help. Please send one of your people to the Valley of the Dark Lords, Korriban. They must be a Force-sensitive. I need their skills to find out what my brother is planning. I hope you get this in time.

Janelle Fatir <3

Nia stared at the datapad, then at Boss.

“You have got to be kidding me.” Boss snorted.

“That is pretty much what I said. But… If she is on Korriban…” Nia shook her head.

“Right now I am the only Force sensitive you have on the ship, besides Sara, and wouldn’t that be covert?” Boss sorted again at Nia’s dry tone. “I’ll take shuttle four, its nondescript.” Boss raise a hand but Nia continued. “I’ll be careful, I learned my lesson last time.” Boss sagged. Nia looked at the armored form. “Hey, it wasn’t your fault. How could you have known? And this time, I’ll play it by ear, if it looks bad you know I can exfiltrate.”

“If you need backup, call and we will come running.” Nia nodded, then stood and left the room. Boss stared after her.

What a captain she would make, but no… I made my choice…

Nai stopped by the medical bay to see Hala and smiled at seeing Sara entertaining the woman with stories of life as a Mando. She smiled at Trava as well. Trava did not. Nia sighed and waved Trava out of Hala’s room. When they were as private as they could be, Nia spoke.

“I can’t take you. You know that.” Trava stared at her, and Nia sighed. “Trava…” She broke off as Trava laid a hand on her shoulder.

“Come back to us, vod.” Nia nodded, then turned and left Medical without looking back. She collected her gear, she had never gotten her face changed back so that at least was handled. She signed out a shuttle and was quickly away. Sara, Trava and Hala all watched on the viewscreen as Nia left the ship.

“She will be back.” Sara said stoutly and Hala smiled, but her eyes were bleak and trava shared her thoughts. Korriban was not a gentle world and to go there expressly to so something against the Sith… well… They watched in silence as Nia’s shuttle entered hyperspace, then turned their discussion to lighter topics.
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