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Sage PvE dps ideas

Tissuemonster's Avatar

06.16.2012 , 01:20 AM | #1
Fist off, this is pretty much in regards to PvE only, though I assume it will probably effect PvP too.

I play a telekinetic sage, and for the most part, I really enjoy it. There are a few things that I feel can be improved on though. First is the heavy reliance on procs. It almost feels like I have very little control over my dps. When things go well, I do great, however if nothing happen, my dps really suffers. So I came up with a few ideas to help smooth out the spikes and make it feel like im in control of my dps, not a random number generator.

First is to switch the damage on Turbulence and telekinetic wave. The free wave is nice, but I feel like it should be less of a crucial part of the dps. Also it will give better dps output when thee are cc mobs involved. It will also slightly improve our burst, as Turbulence damage is not mitigated by armor

Second I feel the 3% damage buff from tremors should be passive ant not rely on the duplicate Disturbance. There are times when I get unlucky and the buff will wear off (movement fight really amplify this problem) then im down 3% damage for about 20-30 seconds until it builds back up. A passive buff will help keep dps consistant.

Psychic Projection seems hard to work with. Honestly I think with the other changes this will actually work nicely. The one idea I had was to give it a 50% chance to proc on every Weaken mind tick, but have a 12 cool down (random numbers, tweaking may be required). But I don't know if that's really an improvement.

What are you thoughts?

Tashim's Avatar

06.18.2012 , 12:24 PM | #2
Not bad ideas, although I think the strength of the telekinetics spec is supposed to be range and burst, with the disadvantage being that it suffers abit with more than minor movement, and has the lowest sustained dps in a stationary fight of the viable sage dps specs.

I do think that the TK spec has to work alot harder than balance or hybrid specs, for minimal gains. Still, as a min-maxer, I'll take it for those gains, but I'm also lazy and wish I didn't have to work 3x harder than other classes who can just faceroll 4 buttons and out-dps me with less gear. When it comes time to blow up bombers in the kephess fight in denova, or burn down Soa when his shield is down... I really appreciate the burst of the TK spec.

However, it is a little deficient in sustained damage. This could be corrected, and the spec simplified a little if tremors had a 100% chance to proc on disturbance or tk wave, similar to how concentration works with disturbance. its reliable, so as long as I use it once every 10s, it doesn't wear off and its not based on random chance. The buff from Tremors would probably have to be reduced in duration to balance out that change, but that would be fine.

I disagree with making psychic projection a fixed chance, I like having *some* use for crit, although the TK spec in general values crit very little, psychic projection is one of the few things that increase its value.

I also dislike Mental Alacrity. I'd rather a talent with a fixed alacrity bonus, (4% or so), over yet another cooldown. Between Force Potency, power adrenal, power relic, and mental alacrity, its just yet another button to an already button-overloaded spec (when compared to balance or hybrid, anyway).

Tissuemonster's Avatar

06.18.2012 , 03:47 PM | #3
I honestly didn't like my idea for Psychic Projection either. There didn't seem like there was a way to make it better, without making it too powerful. I'll agree that its pretty good as it is.

I do like your idea for tremors, it adds some consistency to our damage, but keeps the skill factor in it.

Mental Alacrity is...meh. I'll take it cause its there, and there is nothing better. The only spell its really wonderful for is turbulence, and you will only get one, maybe two if you time it right. A static buff would be nice, but to make a difference it would have to be about 8% (4% off disturbance is only .06 seconds, .12 off turbulence). Even then, that's still just meh for being that deep in the tree. Even combined with Alacrity on gear. (assuming 10% from gear, 1.5 base Disturbance with 10% = 1.35, with 14% = 1.29. On a 5 min fight, that's an extra 10.26 Disturbances if that's all you ever cast and never have to move).

That being said, I'll take the passive buff of another cooldown.