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If You Have Transferred Servers...

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If You Have Transferred Servers...

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06.15.2012 , 10:17 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Vithalor View Post
...Please keep in mind one thing, the transfer was voluntary.

Upon logging into my home server tonight, (which is incidentally a target server for five other servers), I was greeted by an endless spamming in General, Shout and Say chats of people complaining about how they were forced to transfer servers.

First off, we, the players, BEGGED Bioware for the OPTION to transfer servers.
Bioware, in an attempt to please us, their customers, gave us the OPTION to transfer servers.

So if you decided to take this OPTION to move, please, don't assault your new server-mates with complaints about how you were "Forced" to do something that was purely your choice to do.

Now I've heard many players say, "But Bioware left us no other choice! It's either transfer or stay on a ghost town server and watch it die."

Only one thing makes a server a Ghost town and that, is players LEAVING the server. So if you like your origin server, by all means, stay, show loyalty to the server that you don't want to see die and stay there, to keep it alive.

Don't blame Bioware for the death of a server, they did not force you to leave, they gave you the option to. Every person who takes that option and leaves, contributes to the death of the server they're leaving.

There have been several mass exodus' from servers, huge guilds bailing to another server in hopes of finding the grass greener on the other side. We make that grass green and if you sour things by coming onto your new server with a bad attitude, you only succeed at making yourself and the other people on that server miserable.

So if you have made the independent choice to take Bioware's OPTIONAL server transfer, please, stop the crying about being forced. You were not forced, threatened, coerced or otherwise. Stop acting like you were.

Just a few words of sanity... I hope they are heeded.
All true. I for one am just glad to be on a server with PEOPLE again. My origin server was dead as disco.
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