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The Lady of War - Compendium

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12.13.2011 , 11:39 AM | #1
This is the beginning of a compendium which will comprise the stories surrounding the characters that have been developed as a result of the story Warfare I wrote on the previous forums and the stories I wrote with others on this forum. It will in time house complete links to everything I've written as well as story synopsis and any wiki entries I write.

The Galactic Republic as an organization was unrivalled in its scope, an alliance of races bound in mutual protection, freedom, art and expression in its purest form. Seething beneath was an unending cesspool of corruption, simmering bigotry, political naivety and cowardice alike, and the never ending threat of those forces from beyond that sought to tear it asunder and remake it for their own purposes.

Three thousand years would pass until the grand Republic would fall at the heels of its own hubris in a blaze of political brilliance. It survived so long not because it was a pure organization, but because there were those that lived and died to defend those freedoms and rights it stood for, even when the Republic herself did not represent them.

The Jedi were one such force, but they had their own agenda. When the time came, it was the pan humans of the Grand Army and Fleet of the Republic that offered their lives by the hundreds of thousands. Though there were many soldiers and many ships, a few amongst them saw fit to stand out from the crowd and roar defiance to those that would bring harm to their matron.

This is the tale of one such ship, the dreadnought Galatea, and her crew.

The Lady of War

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01.01.2012 , 12:24 PM | #2

The Treaty of Coruscant was supposed to provide a reprieve for the Republic and to give peace in their time. The Empire would never be sated with such measly scraps when a far greater prize remained to be won.

In her time of weakness, the Republic needed the bravery of her soldiers more than ever. Overrun on all fronts, it is up to a lowly Sergeant in the elite Special Operations branch HAVOC Squadron to hold the line, and do what needs to be done.

1. Skirmish
2. Freedom Beneath The Stars
3. Communication Difficulties
4. No Mans Land
5. Breakout