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Entered PRODUCT KEY before the 13th. Not credited with product key in account page.

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Entered PRODUCT KEY before the 13th. Not credited with product key in account page.
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12.15.2011 , 10:54 AM | #791
Have it fixed too, nice
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12.15.2011 , 10:56 AM | #792
I'm also having the exact same problem...

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12.15.2011 , 11:01 AM | #793
I'm still having issues. I believe I pre-ordered on December 5th. Purchased Digital Copy and put in my code and everything. Says I'm good to go and color stone is waiting. Ever since the 13th, when BioWare revamped their My Account page, I've been trying to reenter the code I was given to no avail. Please help!!!
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12.15.2011 , 11:15 AM | #794
Quote: Originally Posted by JovethGonzalez View Post
Hi everyone!

There still seems to be confusion about the issue at hand. Let me start by clearing up a few things.

The product registration code is NOT your pre-order code. If you check under My Account, you will see the following message:

If you are a pre-order customer, the following steps are NOT required for Early Game Access. However, in order to play Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ at the official launch of the game on December 20, 2011, 12:01AM EST (Pacific: December 19th, 9:01PM; European: December 20th, 05:01AM GMT, 06:01 CET), you must first answer a series of security questions and provide your contact information. Then you must redeem a Product Registration Code that came with the game, and either subscribe to the game or redeem a Game Time Code. Follow the steps outlined below!

Unless you are one of the Europeans that I mentioned earlier with an actual copy of the game (with dvds and everything), you should NOT have a product registration code registered yet.

If you pre-ordered a digital version of the Game on Origin...the official Game Product Registration Code of your digital edition will be emailed to the email address associated with your pre-order starting on December 16th at 8:00AM PST.

For physical versions of the game, your product registration code will be in the actual game box when you receive it.

Please spread this information, as there seems to be a lot of confusion. You can also check out our FAQ page here for more details.

Early Game Access is ongoing and we will continue inviting people throughout the rest of this week based on the order that people redeemed their pre-order code. Please see the pre-order FAQ.

This should have answered most concerns.

Now, the issue that we are currently trying to handle is the following:
if you have an actual Product Registration Code (as of this writing, it should only be those very few Europeans that got their game copies early by accident), and you are receiving an error after redeeming the code, please let us know in this thread.
Bumping this to the end of the current posts.

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12.15.2011 , 11:19 AM | #795
I'm from SWEDEN and got my CE Box on the 9th of December and redeemed the PRODUCT CODE that day. I've got the CE registered on Origin as of the 9th but not here.

I've been in contact with the support through tickets and mails BUT THEY ALL THINK I'm talking about the pre-order EGA wich I'm not. I'm in the game (got in with the 2nd wave) and love it and I'd like to get my in game stuff and be able to got to the VIP-Lounge.

Can't you just scan all registered games on Origin and make sure that everyone who registered prematurely are able to play the game and get their in game items before the 20th of December?

Joveth put me up on that list of Europeans in need!!!
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12.15.2011 , 11:23 AM | #796 Click here to go to the next staff post in this thread. Next  
Blarg. My previous reply was eaten by the site.

As an update, we are in the process of fixing user accounts that have the actual physical boxed product and are experiencing product registration code errors.

Let me try to clarify this one more time. Your pre-order code is NOT your product registration code. Your pre-order code is tied to early game access: the earlier that you registered the pre-order code, the earlier you get to play in Early Game Access.

This confusion seems to stem from the fact that Origin has called the pre-order code a pre-order "serial" or "product code". THIS IS NOT YOUR PRODUCT REGISTRATION CODE.

Origin will email customers who pre-ordered their digital copies of the game tomorrow, December 16th at 8AM PST with your PRODUCT REGISTRATION CODE.

Once you receive that, you will be able to input the product registration code under "My Account". Again, the product registration code has nothing to do with early access.

I'll be keeping an eye on this thread, trying to help you all resolve your issues. If I don't reply immediately, it's because things are kind of crazy here in the office, but rest assured I will update when I hear anything major.

Once again, if you have the physical copy of the game (yes, some Europeans may already have theirs due to a distribution error) and you can't register your product registration code, please report it in this thread.

Thank you for your patience! I hope that you all enjoy the game!

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12.15.2011 , 11:29 AM | #797
I entered my PRODUCT key before the 13th. I am currently experiencing the same issues as others.

I tried to contact support but the reply kept going on about pre-order code instead of PRODUCT code.
Very non-helpful.

So, guys, what do?

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12.15.2011 , 11:30 AM | #798
i have my ce box and used the product serial code on the 9th december in the redeem center and it was accepted , but it dident show up on my account page i do have the pre order earlie acces code allready redeemd and it works but not my actuall hard copy code dosent. any update on this issue would be helpfull

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12.15.2011 , 11:32 AM | #799

European customer here.

I am also trying to register my collector's edition (I received it very early), but I always get the following message:

"The entered code is invalid. Please verify your card and try again."

Thanks for your HELP


PS: it's the first time I'm trying to register my game

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12.15.2011 , 11:34 AM | #800
I Bought standard edition from Origins, and i got my product code right away when i purchased the game, at "My account" it does says:

11.27.2011 Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Early Game Access: Ready to patch
11.27.2011 Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Digital Standard Edition Pre-Order

And it's gray at the Product registration code box, when i type my code in it says that its already been used.

Am i one of those Europeans that recieved the distribution Error?