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[Armortech] Electrum Onslaught augment slots

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[Armortech] Electrum Onslaught augment slots

CraigPay's Avatar

06.12.2012 , 07:18 AM | #1
Been crafting Electrum Onslaught Helmets with my BH companions (400 skill level, capped affection) and not a single augment slot in a dozen helmets.

I get plenty of aug slots crafting Custom weapons with an Armstech alt (an Agent).

Is this just bad luck or do Custom Armormech patterns somehow work differently?



Dartanel's Avatar

06.12.2012 , 07:29 AM | #2
In this case, I believe it's the particular pattern you're working on.

Crit formula for missions is:
10% for orange missions
15% for all other missions
+1-5% based on affection
+companion crit trait if applicable

Since the armor you're making is orange difficulty, it has a reduced crit chance.

CraigPay's Avatar

06.12.2012 , 08:37 AM | #3
Electrum Onslaught is actually yellow at 400 crew skill. Maybe it's just the roll of the dice? Saying that, I switched to crafting a Diatium Helmet and got a crit with that first time.

I'm lining up another 5 Electrum Onslaught items, greaves this time. I'll post once I get more data.