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LF Friends on this game for 1.3

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LF Friends on this game for 1.3

XUlyssesX's Avatar

06.10.2012 , 08:53 AM | #1
TL; DR want a leveling partner on any server contact me on here

Hey guys, I have a few characters I plan on leveling up with the release of 1.3 and the server my alts are on is completely dead. I probably will transfer them to a different server along with my main. If anyone is looking for a leveling partner for leveling up I have a few characters around 15-20 on both sides of factions. I can transfer them to any server as cost isnít much of a problem but I really want to go to higher population server but population dosent matter if you got good people to play with.Im aware transfers are coming earlier than 1.3 patch, and what will happen with the transfers.

For my characaters i have them quite spread out
Lvl 20 sentinel and 17 commando
-Namadii Corridor(PvE)
50 Juggernaut, 18 Operative( really want to play this class), 15 Jedi Shadow
-Vrook Lamar(RP)
lvl 38 Gunslinger(also really want to play this charatcer)
So i can transfer to those types of servers if i need to but if youre o nthose servers we cna partner up too.

Voice chat would also be nice if weíre going to partner up or hang out.

So if anyone is interested Iím just looking to make friends and have fun on this game so message me here if youíre interested.