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Same gender relationships clarifications?

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Same gender relationships clarifications?
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12.19.2012 , 10:06 PM | #4271
Quote: Originally Posted by Likomg View Post
I personally have no interest in seeing SGRs implemented; I am not, however, against it. As I would not partake of the content, it makes no difference to me whether it is implemented or not. This does not mean it should not come, as it had been said to be intended at release -- the fact that it hasn't been is unfortunate. I have a hard time believing there had been any good reason it has been bumped so long, partially due to the fact of the several companions that gain affection from courting gifts from same sex players. Malavi Quinn, for example, gains affection from courting gifts given by male players -- I suspect he had been designed bisexual from the get-go, but BW removed these storylines prior to release, for whatever reason. If this is the case, then SGRs should have been available on day 1.
"In for a penny, in for a pound", ultimately. Especially since the pound has been gathering interest, and dust, in some forgotten piggy-bank at Austin.

If I am wrong in my previous statement, then I would hope that they do not waste any resources on creating them. This is not due to any offense at SGRs, but more concern about the limited development resources this game has been left with; I would rather *new* story content (specifically class story content) be developed for *all* players rather than SGR story content for the likely few players (in comparison).
Fair enough - certain things need prioritising... they should at least keep us in the loop. We've heard nothing, not even a "oops, 'This year' was unable to be met. We're still working on it, though. Hang in there."

Good luck, if nothing else, I do hope they at least acknowledge your concerns with an actual answer, whether positive or not
Thanks... I'd certainly appreciate one, regardless of what it is.

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12.19.2012 , 10:12 PM | #4272
Quote: Originally Posted by HellbirdIV View Post
... Please never use that word again. Think of the children.
I know you're joking, kind of, but that really is what the thing is called.
"I am a lizard woman from the dawn of time, and this is my wife."- Lady Vastra, Doctor Who and the Snowmen

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12.19.2012 , 10:15 PM | #4273
I'm going to say this. This isn't meant to offend anyone that enjoys other forms of contet, but I do have some points.

Edit: I mean a sincere thank you for the support, no matter what!!! I need to make that very clear. None of us could do what we do without all kinds of support. I apologize if I seem rude or attacking anyone. I assure you all it is not my goal.

This is what happens when a LS Sith gets grumpy. After the podcast, apparently this is a sore spot for me.

Heart of a Jedi, passions and temper of a Sith.

It's not so much anyone in this thread at all, including the supporters saying hello, but I'm tired of hearing the words, "wasting resources" floating about freaking everywhere as an excuse to exclude this content.

The use of the word "you" is a general term.

Show me where I said it should come before game breaking bug fixes. Show me where anyone in this community said this. Myself and others have stated time and time again that we want bug fixes to happen. Link the post please; I'm not going to go by a quote on this one.

Links or it didn't happen.

Show me where it is stated that the writing team, the PvP team, the animation team and the bug fix team happen to all share team members and they can't work on multiple things at once.

I'll start this just from a feature perspective alone:

A minority amount of players use end-game PvE. So I guess that's resources wasted, right? I mean after all, not a lot of people want this content, right? I enjoy Ops, but that doesn't make me a majority.

A minority amount of players play PvP right? So I guess that's resources wasted too. After, most of a MMO playerbase does not PvP. Oh and PvP servers are a waste too, right? Most MMOs lowest population servers are PvP, so no point there?

I don't go into a thread and tell them that they are wasting their time developing this content. That is rude.

I hope you're mad that they are using precious resources for chat bubbles. Or that they are using resources to work on hood toggles.

So the majority vs minority argument really has no weight.

If anyone honestly thinks that they deliberately wasted writing on Makeb just because of SGRs, then I think they are very mistaken. I don't think a continuation of class story was intended at any point for this story update. SGRs or not. To imply as such seems quite erroneous.

If they want us to pre-order know, the story update...then they need to come clean. This isn't overreaching at this point. We have a right to know if this is coming. They want our money? We want an answer.

Edit #2: Rant about some of the thread here. Took it down to cover my butt.

Any and all threads are shut down and redirected to only one of two places.

Please don't even try to invoke the "no multiple threads," nonsense. Read the General forums anytime, and you'll see a bunch of multiple threads on all kinds of other topics. The hottest one of which is a lot of the Life Day/Cartel Shop items. Go count the number of threads that are not locked and redirected to only two areas.

For the record, I do think some of the Cartel Shop problem is just that: a legitimate problem. So I'm not saying our content is better, but it is as game breaking for some of the players in the LGBTQ community.

Why is that okay? Why is the rules not enforced for everyone, for every thread? How should this be any different?

So that is some of the reasons why this email campaign took place. They talk publicly about how much they love giving the LGBT community game content. EA straight up let the idea that ToR already had SGRs in it get published. Go look at the linked October 15th article and take a look at that correction notice at the bottom. Actually read the whole article if you really want to know what EA claims to think about this content.

We had to write to the editor to get a big assumption changed.

They had a picture of ToR that said very clearly, "Same gender romances are a staple of EA games such as Star Wars: The Old Republic." They took that down and replaced it with a shot from ME3 after we wrote in, using slightly different font.

So if EA/BW wants to claim they find it worth their time, then it obviously isn't a waste to them. They need to quit doing pro LGBTQ articles if they think it's a waste of time. We went to GLAAD because that article hit, then they ignored us at the Livestream, and now they are not enforcing certain forum rules for everyone. Just us.

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12.19.2012 , 10:27 PM | #4274
Assuming that was directed at me, Nat, I was not saying that all resources are bundled together in one team or that you, or anyone else, said that SGRs should come before bug fixes, etc. All I was saying is that if, and only if, they have not already done the SGR storyline (and I assume they likely have and they should be implemented sooner, rather than later), then they should not have the storywriting team (which I would assume to include the same devs / writers of both SGR and class content) begin work on SGR story content over new class story content, as the latter would benefit everyone that enjoys the game primarily for the story. Not arguing for pvp, raids, bugfixes, etc over SGRs.

Not sure what I said that would give you the idea that I said that or cause such anger in response to my post.

Regardless, good luck getting an answer from them, either way. As sad a state as their CS is in, the likelihood of such a courtesy seems unlikely to come from them.

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12.19.2012 , 10:36 PM | #4275
PS: One final thought and then I'm off to go play DA: O

You is still a general term, but I am venting some.

You're okay Lik, I'm just a little worn out from this well meaning meaning side of things.

I don't still see why it's considered that the writing team is "wasting" time on SGRs by working on them. That is still pretty wrong to me. It's a waste to write for the LGBT community?

I'm betting they are already working on new class content for quite some time, we just haven't seen it yet. At least they were smart enough not to talk about it in advance this time.

Why can't they work on both SGRs and class expansions at the same time? Just because Makeb isn't coming with them, it doesn't mean that they excluded class story expansions for this. I'll say again that I don't think at any point in time was Makeb going to have expansions for class stories, whether SGRs are coming or not.

Why would they just have to focus on one aspect of the story at once?

Why would they only work on one thing at a time storywise????

Makes no sense if you want anything resembling a lead time.

I know what some of you are thinking. "But but...PvP and end game PvE are expected of a MMO."

Same gender romance was expected of a BioWare game as well.

Is it because PvE and PvP are more mainstream?

Lest we forget, EA/BW promised us this content. If they want to take it out, then they should just say so and be done with it once and for all. If it is coming in, then the LGBT player base would like to know before they spend their money.

A direct, public, concrete answer acknowledged at this point is what we ask. Personally, I'd like it coming right out of Hickman's mouth, but I will take a high level current employee talking openly about it too.

Let's put aside GLAAD for a second. The members of the press did not have any idea that GLAAD had been contacted when I sent out those letters. I wanted the press to take a look at the facts at hand without any outside influences tainting their views.

If no one likes it, thinks we're wasting our time/their time, or just are flat out anti-SGR, go on ahead and write to news sites why you think it's a waste. Make sure you provide 9 months of community research to back up your point. Stuff that is easily checked by an fact checker, with trust worthy links.

Be pro-active like we did. Oh and yes, that FAQ has got several months of research behind it.

Also, make sure you take the time to write a well thought out letter too. And send it off to several websites. Also, make sure the other people that don't want this content do their part.

I'll bet you won't. I bet you wouldn't even think of such a thing. Most people would just sit in the forums, complain and not try to do something.

GLAAD got involved as it became apparent that not only was EA/BW being two faced, but some of their forum rules applied to only us and not others.

I consider talking about loving a minority loudly in the press while ignoring a part of that minority to be very wrong. As far as I'm considered, that's just lying.

If they "love" including this content so much, they should have no shame in telling the players.

Again, I'm not directing this towards anyone. I'm venting after weeks of reading that. Please don't take it personally!

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12.20.2012 , 12:03 AM | #4276
Quote: Originally Posted by Joushigun View Post
Ah...I have always loved how, when lack of an actual argument exists, the bigots and homophobes trot out the term 'disordered' as if there is something disorderly about homosexuality. Of course, the fact that anti-homosexual attitudes are based upon a philosophy that is out of step with the natural world, and is, itself, unnaturally rigid in terms of gender identity, expression, roles, sexuality, and, of course, just about everything else never seems to cross their mind.

In fact, the rigid structure of the societal thinking behind the idea that being gay is somehow disordered requires the chopping up of people's identities in order to fit into tiny little boxes that can be left out in the sun for someone like Brad Pitt to find. No wonder the society often resembles the application of the Procrustean bed from mythology.

And, of course, there is never an actual 'why' to the argument. This is how society is and we should just lop off your arms and legs so that you fit into the box we assign you so that everything has a place and everyone in theirs.
Yes, Se7en reference! I love that movie. I love anything by David FIncher really.

On a related note, that dude is a bigot and he'll likely be removed by the morning.

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12.20.2012 , 12:21 AM | #4277
Quote: Originally Posted by Joushigun View Post
I know you're joking, kind of, but that really is what the thing is called.
That doesn't make it any less ridiculous :P

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12.20.2012 , 12:24 AM | #4278
Quote: Originally Posted by HellbirdIV View Post
That doesn't make it any less ridiculous :P
Indeed - it's not even circular. The closest shape to the Internet would be a 'fractal'.

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12.20.2012 , 12:25 AM | #4279
Quote: Originally Posted by Palar View Post
Indeed - it's not even circular. The closest shape to the Internet would be a 'fractal'.
Or a blood-splatter. Some kind of bodily fluid splatter, anyway.
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12.20.2012 , 01:01 AM | #4280
I actually don't even like the word "blog". The word "Vlog" makes sense, 'cause it's a Video-Log, right? What exactly is a B-Log? Wouldn't P for Personal, I for Internet or C for Captain make more sense?

Sorry, going off-topic now. I blame the fact I'm sick as a dog and can't sleep