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Same gender relationships clarifications?

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Same gender relationships clarifications?
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12.14.2012 , 03:56 AM | #4051
Last of the updates for now.

I'll be happy to do so! You have no idea how much this means to the SGR community. You guys using your journalism skills will at least give this community an answer, which is all we're asking for.

As the writer of the SGR FAQ, I decided to see if I had missed something with the Cantina Tour statements. I try to keep that FAQ as up to date and as accurate as possible. My own searching revealed nothing about Same Gender Romances, unfortunately.

I've been leading an email campaign to get the word out. This is incredible. If it sounds like I'm gushing, I am. That deleted Tweet was literally the last word we've had on this. I hope you can understand why that drove me to this action. Once the word is fully out by the press, I'd like this knowledge to be spread. I really feel that this needs to be known and to clear the misconceptions once and for all

As an American on the night shift, may I say cheers to you too!

Thanks for making my night!

do you have any screenshots from the Hall Hood tweet? If we can't get them to answer any questions, we might be able to smoke them out...
Can I give your email to Lisa ? She will then contact you.


Sadly, I do not. I didn't even think about that, just copied and pasted it. Grr, that would have helped too. I can ask more members of the thread if they have an actual screenshot when more of them wake up in a few hours.

Now I wish I had screen shotted that Tweet directly. Here it is, for the record:

Hall Hood @hallhood (1 of 2) To all the folks who have been expressing interest in SGRs, here is the official word from Gabe Amatangelo:

This was taken down the same night as it went up.

Oh, this gets a little stranger. The community has a bad feeling that Mr. Hood not allowed to talk about this. Here's a couple of recent Tweets:

I've concluded that it's someone in management that isn't allowing anyone to speak up about this. It looks like a serious communication breakdown is taking/has taken place.

I'll be frank. Most of the posters/players in support of this content could live if the answer was no. Or just about any answer really, as long as it was concrete and official. If this is delayed and/or scrapped due to the sweeping changes in BW-Austin, then we could handle that. I wouldn't be very happy, but I would be satisfied with the honesty. They need to come out publicly and say something one way or another.

Lisa certainly can have my email address! I can try to give you guys any background information you might need. If you saw the size of that FAQ, I've got a lot of information right at my finger tips.

Finally, I sent this after a ton of googling.

I only wish I was making any of this stuff up about the delete Tweet and all of that.

I'm heading to bed shortly, since I have a tooth extraction in the morning.

All I could find related to Mr. Hood's tweet was on a google search using the phrase: TORwars (1 of 2) To all the folks who have been expressing interest in SGRs, here is the official word from Gabe Amatangelo

That was the only site that talked about it at all other than the SGR related thread. It was gone within hours. No one expected it to be deleted, which is why it was only copied and pasted.

That's all I can find anywhere. We're not crazy and I have no grudge against the company, so I wouldn't make this up.

That video of Gabe's is the one I sent to you guys. Forgive me, but I don't think an off-handed comment from a non-story developer counts.

Thanks again for looking into this!

Cheers to you and Lisa,
And nope, the Cantina thing never said a word either. I love Google.

Now I'm off to bed. If anyone has a direct screenshot of the deleted Tweet, please please PM it to me so I can get it off to the press.


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12.14.2012 , 05:22 AM | #4052
Being that I'm often prone to wombat-levels of stubbornness (that was an odd comparision.. I must be tired), I went back to where that wily and elusive Tweet was first mentioned - turned out to be Page 166. Doesn't look like anyone got a screengrab.

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12.14.2012 , 08:36 AM | #4053
Excellent work Natashina.

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12.14.2012 , 08:46 AM | #4054
Quote: Originally Posted by Rayla_Felana View Post
Excellent work Natashina.
Thank you!

We can't rest on our laurels. It's not over yet.

Please, write to that site to make sure they know that several people want this content. We've got to keep the pressure up!

I also sent a follow up letter to GLAAD telling them about some of the changes that has happened here. So they have been contacted again as well.

As far as Imps talking to Pubs, well...I've seen this happen before. It did turn into a huge crap talking fest that caused the language rules to be changed. So I don't think that this is happen anytime soon. For friends on Pub side (since I don't play Pub atm,) I keep a document that has the list on my computer.

I wouldn't take that as any sort of sign that BioWare isn't listening. Neglecting the rest of the story is part of the issue. Same gender romance is a big part of the story for some.

This is all the more reason to keep on going. Our efforts are not in vain. If we can even get one news site to write an article, we can then spread this information across the net. Link it anywhere and everywhere that has game related news.

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12.14.2012 , 08:57 AM | #4055
Terrific work, natashina.


p.s. good luck on the tooth extraction.

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12.14.2012 , 12:01 PM | #4056
The separations of faction, while certainly important, are not on topic with this thread. I don't want to see your post get wiped. I would recommend saving your posts about that.

However, if you start a thread regarding that topic, I'll come and take a peek. I do think there is some valid points there.

No tooth extraction today. The dentist said I was fine for now but to come in after the New Year.

I'm going to go take a nap. Please get those letters out!

Remember: We've gotten the attention of the press. Keep the pressure going.


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12.14.2012 , 12:04 PM | #4057
Magnificent Job Natashina

Fired off a mail to both Joveth Gonzales and Allison Berryman at their forum handles by the private message option.
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12.14.2012 , 12:12 PM | #4058
I hate to say it, but you probably won't hear back from them about SGRs. I sent them a PM last night on a different matter.

Before I lay down, here's a recap:.

I've written to many sites. It's got to be over 20 by now. If anyone wants the full and complete list, PM me and I can let you know. I'm losing count at this point, but I can always check my Sent folder on my email address. has replied to us with a very vague non-committal answer that BW-Austin gave them.

GLAAD has replied to us. I wrote to them when I found out that they cared about this content before. They have said that they were looking into this matter. With some of the changes, I wrote them a follow up letter last night. I would highly recommend everyone do the same or just write to them if they have not yet.

Now has stated an interest in doing a story about this. Deleted Tweet aside, it looks like we've got ourselves a case. I spent quite some time Googling last night to just to make sure that BW has not said if SGRs are scrapped. Nope, nowhere on the net does it say at all that it has been scrapped. The PvP dev video is the closest we've had to any info since March.

So try to write to those sites. We're going to have much better luck with outside sources at this point. Goodness knows that BW is too chicken to publicly address any of the playerbase about this.

I keep encouraging everyone to write in, because I can only do so much. The more we make the net aware of our presence, the greater chance of getting this resolved.

Also, if I get any more updates, you guys will know just about as soon as I do.

Edit: Speaking of updates...

I have already heard back from GLAAD. I sent that message at about 1am my time and it's now 11:30am

Here's what they said.

Hi Real Name,
Just to let you know that we have reached out to Bioware about this, and can confirm that these concerns have been heard. We will plan to follow back up with them again early next year, but also have reason to hope that an answer will be coming soon. Thanks for reaching out.

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12.14.2012 , 12:57 PM | #4059
I was contacting them about David Copperfield being active in these threads.
I just happened to mention SGR's in there too
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12.14.2012 , 03:32 PM | #4060
Hey, everyone! I'm back after a few months off, but now it's time to make some noise. There was something in General discussion about comparing TOR to other BioWare games, and that's a double standard when they say we shouldn't compare SGRs here with Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Jade Empire, or even KotOR or KotOR II. WTH is wrong with that picture???

Is it so wrong to want to see two women kiss in a videogame? Am I wrong because I would like that here? If so, I don't wanna be right.
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