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Same gender relationships clarifications?

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Same gender relationships clarifications?
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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12.05.2012 , 01:12 PM | #3671
Quote: Originally Posted by Uluain View Post
I emailed GLAAD.

Sorry for not having said something sooner, but there were complications regarding my ability to post.

I didn't mean for my exit to be quite that dramatic, but a Livestream Q&A that not only failed to address any of our longstanding questions but actually subtracted from the information we have, by saying that not all Guild Summit statements hold true without specifying which, was the last straw.

My current subscription ends in a week or so. I do not have any plans to renew it. At this point, I doubt even the implementation of SGRs will bring me back as it was the abyssmal disregard for player concerns that ruined it for me. Good luck to all of you. I'll be putting on my pointy ears and brushing up on my Sindarin to go play another game altogether.
I'm close to hitting that point. My subscription ends mid January. I've hit the point that I feared I'd reach last year; a lack of inclusion and heteronormativity in my face are interfering with my ability to enjoy this game. And the way we've been treated here only makes it worse.

Last year when that video went up, after I had bought my pre-order, all excited, I got very angry, like many of us, on the old forums. That vague statement was released and I had a feeling in my gut that it wouldn't lead to anything. Since then I'd not bought the game, not used the early access I got in my mailbox. I lurked the forums. Didn't want to get fired up on this again. My curiosity got the better of me a month and a half ago. I installed the game, started posting again. Got more involved. And upset again, last year is coming in flashbacks, that was nasty. It tastes foul.

The Q&A. As previous "feedback" moments hadn't bore any fruit either I didn't think it'd lead to much, I still tried, and the bait got taken, but the question ignored. The Guild Summit statements current status, does make it even more confusing. All in all, if I add all up, I'm left with something that I cannot understand, and cannot just sit around and hope the best for.

I'm sorry to see you go Uluain, I understand your position. A dramatic exit though, is like a grand entrance, making it an unforgettable moment is the best way to leave.

"..the worst kind of DARTH one can dig up!"

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12.05.2012 , 01:25 PM | #3672
Any new thread we make should contain a summary of all communication we've had from Bioware (ahahahahahahaha, sorry), a link - if not the entirety - to Natashina's FAQ, same again for Chaac's timeline, records of our attempts to query Bioware and a record of our recent action in contacting LGBT positive groups as well as gaming media groups.

Anything else we'll need, beside a flame retardant suit, anti-troll spray and for Bioware to stop being d*cks about this?

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12.05.2012 , 01:27 PM | #3673
Can anyone tell me what was said in Hall Hood's deleted tweet? I'm writing my letter to GLAAD, and would like to quote it.

Also, I'm sad that you're leaving, Uluain But I'm almost getting to that point, myself.

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12.05.2012 , 01:33 PM | #3674
Quote: Originally Posted by QwibQwib View Post
Can anyone tell me what was said in Hall Hood's deleted tweet? I'm writing my letter to GLAAD, and would like to quote it.

Also, I'm sad that you're leaving, Uluain But I'm almost getting to that point, myself.

(1/2)@StoleTarts Thanks, Megan. I know it's frustrating to wait for answers, but be assured we're not ignoring our SGR fans.

That's from Natashina's FAQ

It would also be good to note that Hall Hood has taken pains not to link his tweets to any SGRA tweets recently.

"@hallhood Hey, just saw on the boards that SGRAs are coming with Makeb. Yay! Why couldn't you tell us that though?

@hallhood "SGRs are coming with Makeb. When we have an ETA for Makeb, we'll be sure to let you guys know." - there it is "

I sent those to Hall Hood, and he later posted this

"I'd answer every question people ask me about #SWTOR if I could, but it's not always my right to do so. Hope people can understand that. "

the same day.

As to his tweet, I find his use of the words "not always my right" interesting. If the Lead Writer does not have the right to discuss story content, who does?

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12.05.2012 , 01:35 PM | #3675
Is the one where he linked to Gabe A's interview still up?

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12.05.2012 , 01:45 PM | #3676
Quote: Originally Posted by QwibQwib View Post
Is the one where he linked to Gabe A's interview still up?
No, Mr. Amatengelo's interview seems to be something of a sore point for Bioware, but the video still exists.

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12.05.2012 , 02:15 PM | #3677
This is my letter thus far:


Comments? Concerns?

DarkTrooperV's Avatar

12.05.2012 , 02:26 PM | #3678
As a person who both lurks and pops in every once in a while. I want you guys to know that I have your back on this. The silence from EA is deafening. I hope GLAAD can step in and do what you all have been trying to do for the past year. Natasha, Ulain, you guys are really troopers. I salute you. All of you. I'm going to leave this little saying here from one of my favorite movies (with some personal changes to some of the lines to suit this great cause *smiles*) :

"Good morning. In less than an hour, those for SGR's from here will join others from around the world, and you will be launching the largest civil battle in the history of mankind. Mankind, that word should have new meaning for all of us today. We can't be consumed by our petty differences any more. We will be united in our common interest.

Perhaps it's fate that today is the One Year Anniversary of SWTOR, and you will once again be fighting for our rights to have SGR's in this game. Not from tyranny, oppression, or persecution, but from being ignored and pushed aside. We're fighting for our right to live, to exist, and should we win the day, the One Year Anniversary of SWTOR will no longer be known as an in-game holiday, but as the day when the world declared in one voice, 'We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We're going to live on, we're going to survive.' Today we celebrate our SGR Patch Day!"
The Joker: They're only as good as the world allows them to be. I'll show you. When the chips are down, these... these civilized people, they'll eat each other. See, I'm not a monster. I'm just ahead of the curve.

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12.05.2012 , 02:37 PM | #3679
D'aww, thanks DarkTrooper. You can always send GLAAD a message and help further the cause

Also, QwibQwib, that looks good ^.^ Any and all information (and personal experiences, as from a few pages back) we can send to GLAAD and have them read is helpful. I don't know if they're going to do anything, I don't know if they can even get Bioware to do anything, but it's something.

And hope is all we have.

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12.05.2012 , 03:04 PM | #3680
This is a copy of a snail mail letter to GLAAD sent on behalf of myself and signed by other academics at my home university. Names have been redacted. A courtesy copy will be sent to Hal Hood via PM.


My name is REDACTED, I am an academic and Historian of Sexuality at the University of REDACTED. I am also an openly gay man who plays computer games, specifically Massively Multiplayer Role-playing Games. I am a member of the forum community as well. The publisher of Star Wars the Old Republic, BioWare in the past has had an admirable record about LGBT content and favorable portrayals of LGBT characters. I regret to say that their excellent history (under the guidance of Dr. Ray Muzyka and Dr. Greg Zeschuk who were co-founders of BioWare) has taken a turn for the worse. Muzyka and Zeschuk have retired to private life and BioWare Austin, who leads the development of SWTOR after making a promise of inclusion of Same Gender Romance Arcs in the game have gone unresponsive and silent to requests for information about the promised development of these Arcs. There is only one tightly moderated thread in an odd location for the discussion of these arcs. I have taken the liberty of sending private messages to community moderators and the current Community Moderator Joveth Gonzalez suggesting that it might be beneficial if BioWare addressed these matters openly sooner, rather than later. It has been over one week and I have received no reply. Others have also reached out to moderators and have been ignored.

We have been mostly polite and respectful in requesting information of any sort from BioWare. We have asked questions in anticipation of LiveStream events (upwards of 25% of the thread was taken up with requests for information from the developers) and these questions were not addressed at all.

This lack of communication has dragged on for close to 9 months now and this was content promised by the design team lead last year, Stephen Reid. We feel isolated and unappreciated, most of us have been subscribers to the game for over a year now and also participated in beta tests for the game.

I can safely say that I believe that this lack of communication has grown problematic. Being isolated and restricted to one thread feels discrimatory, getting no response feels like punishment, and all of this could have been avoided by better communication by BioWare.

You may feel free to contact me directly via e-mail or mobile phone.

Best regards,

Keep it going guys.