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Looking for tip on gaining legacy XP

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Looking for tip on gaining legacy XP

Cheops's Avatar

06.08.2012 , 02:03 PM | #1
Well like the title says i'm looking for way to gain legacy fast on a dieing server

I'm trying to get to legacy level 25 i'm currently just doing is running dailies on my 2 levels 50's

the reason i want lvl 25 is so i can get the xp perks on my alts i know as i level it will go up and i could unlock them then but i would like to beable to start with all 5 rands for the +30%

the things is i'm getting tired of running dailies.. i was doing them all twice a day... was getting REALLY old so i started just running ilum and blackhole (can run both in less then 1 hour) except the heroics because of population

So i'm kinda stuck cant run flashpoints due to no one on at the same time as me.. (same for warzones)

So anyone have any thoughts about gaining legacy xp? so you get it from finding holocrons? still have to got all of them on both characters..
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SoulJahSoul's Avatar

06.08.2012 , 02:09 PM | #2
Fastest way is running alts seems like once ur 50 the exp u gain is minimium. ok i took notes on my 50 and a 40 alt i was running.
lvl 50 daily quest u get 3300 legacy exp per quest yes u get more exp here but for killing a reg guy u only get 12 exp on legacy and killing a strong guy u get 42 exp added to legacy.

On my lvl 40 i did 1 quest got 2,552 exp on legacy and did the bonus got 1,278 exp added to legacy for kills i got 72 and 59 exp per kill strongs i got 179 exp per kill and the elite at end u get 347 exp added to legacy. This only took me 10 mins.

Only thing that slows u dwn here is watching evry cut scene their is i skip threw every cut scene except 4 class cuz 9xs out of 10 i seen them already on my main. So i dnt see where people say doing dailies on ur 50 is faster. You might gain a lil more legacy exp on something u havent done before but idk. Gnna go check out exp lvls on my lvl 17 ill be back and fill you in.

MadHobbit's Avatar

06.08.2012 , 02:17 PM | #3
will an new char get legacy xp? start a new one andlvl it up 50 lvls of LXP should add up fast

Niaymh's Avatar

06.08.2012 , 02:29 PM | #4
From personal experience you gain much more legacy xp at 50 than at lower levels. The legacy XP is a quater or a third or something like that of the XP you gain? Level 50s obviously gain more XP from missions/mobs than a lower level will.

pureeffinmetal's Avatar

06.08.2012 , 02:33 PM | #5
The most legacy experience comes from completing quests.

My suggestion? Do your dailies. You will gain loads of Legacy EXP and make money at the same time. I had 2 toons I did dailies on for about 6 weeks and gained a legacy level each day more or less.

Been Legacy 50 for about a few months now.
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Damask_Rose's Avatar

06.08.2012 , 02:48 PM | #6
My lvl 50 is only getting 5-7 legacy xp for mob kills, where as my low level alts get about 1/4 or more of a mob's xp as legacy xp.