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How to Kill: SD-0 World Boss

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12.18.2011 , 12:08 PM | #1
How to: SD-O World Boss
By Akilis, <Business Casual> Vice-President of Ops
Edited by: Reilloc, <Business Casual> CEO

SD-0 is an open world raid boss located in the Old Galactic Market area of Coruscant. This giant droid is basically a "tank and spank" boss with a few abilities to keep in mind. A full group of 24 people of appropriate level (15-20) is recommended. However, if you know the mechanics of the fight it can be killed with fewer. We did this with a operation with eleven: 2 tanks, 3 healers and 7 DPS. Our average level was around 17, with a handful of level 20s and one person in the group as low as level 11.

There are three main abilities that you need to be concerned with. The first is called Proximity Laser. When this ability is used SD-0 will place a red targeting crosshairs on two of the raid members. There will be a laser beam connecting the two people affected by Proximity Laser. After a few seconds the debuff will wear off and when it does everyone standing near the two afffected people will take damage: the closer these two people are together, the more damage that the raid will take. It is therefore critical that the two lasered individuals move away from each other and the other members of the raid as soon as they are targeted with the ability. The laser beam joining these two together will change color from red to yellow the further apart they are (indicating how much damage the AE will do) and then eventually disappear once they are far enough apart.

It is also critical to note that Proximity Laser can be used by SD-0 on the the initial pull. Since your two tanks are likely going to be the only people attacking the boss, if this happens the second tank should move away from the raid.

The next ability to keep in mind Is Ionized Stream. This is a blaster bolt that will hit the tank for a ton of damage. This ability must be interupted every time it is used. So make sure your DPS is playing attentions to the boss's "casting" bar.

The last and perhaps most important thing to consider takes place between your two tanks. SD-0 stacks a de-buff on the main tank that increases the damage he or she takes by 5% with each stack. So once the stacks get past 6 the second tank will need to taunt and get aggro. If your tanks are higher level, you may be able to wait until a higher level of stacks before taunting. (In our first kill we swapped at 8 stacks but both our tanks were in the low 20s.) After the tank switch, the tank affected by the debuff needs to be to be fully healed and the debuff must have completely worn-off of him before he taunts back. This tank switch should continue throughout the duration of the fight, so keep a close eye on the number of stacks each tank has.

Lastly the Boss has an Enrage timer of eight minutes. So make sure your bring enough DPS to ensure you burn him in time.

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