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Servers merges

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06.08.2012 , 03:01 AM | #1
Not allowing friends to merged to the same server via the free mergers will kill the already dead game. If they have concerns over servers not being full, not making it available much less easy to transfer to the same server that all of your guild, friends, or just the people that you play the game with is a complete fail. That is the anti way of keeping the servers full or well balanced. It's like are they trying kill the game on purpose.. like FINISH HIM!!

Then there's not an option to pay for the servers you'd like to transfer too, unheard of. Also pvp, rated is now only for 8 man groups, not individual que ups. So you mean that all the good people on my server will now be able to group together in the super group to own all of of us that's left who happen to find an 8 man group. Can't find a 4 man for any flash point.

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06.08.2012 , 04:57 AM | #2
Wrong section

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06.08.2012 , 05:16 AM | #3
ok i have yet to see any game give a free transfer and let you choose which server to go to... they dont work like that if your friends are on another server than you are then apparently you dont care to play with them much anyway otherwise you would be there with each other and when the transfers became available you could move to the new server together...
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06.09.2012 , 01:20 AM | #4
Greetings everyone!

Since we have a few threads on the various topics regarding Server Population and suggestions for it, we are going to close this thread and ask that you please continue your discussion here: You can find more information regarding responses from the Community Team in regards to questions in the Developer Tracker as well as this post:

Quote: Originally Posted by JovethGonzalez
A compilation of questions and answers from the Community Team on this topic can be found below:


Quote: Originally Posted by Alxandria View Post
I have a question:
How will we be affected (if any) if say we are on an origin server, but have no desire to move, either because we like small servers, or we just don't want to deal with the xfer process?
Quote: Originally Posted by AllisonBerryman View Post
You are not required to move when transfers become available; it's your choice if you'd like to stay on your server.
Quote: Originally Posted by joeypesci View Post
My question is, can all of my 8 characters that are on one server move or only one of them?
Quote: Originally Posted by AllisonBerryman View Post
If your server becomes eligible for free character transfers, you'll be able to move all your characters from that server onto the destination server.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rogoo View Post
Joveth, what is the plan for RP servers ?

Will we be allowed transfers from RP-PvP to PvP servers ?
Quote: Originally Posted by JovethGonzalez View Post
Hi Rogoo,

As mentioned in the blog post, we will be maintaining server types. So it will be RP-PvP to RP-PvP.
Quote: Originally Posted by islander View Post
OK, I see one big, big problem. Let me quote the article:

"We're sure many of you are interested to learn which servers are eligible for outgoing transfers and which servers are eligible to receive transfers. However, because the process will be gradual, we cannot provide that information in advance. Depending on the number of characters transferred, the destination and origin servers eligible for transfer may be altered during the process. We don't want to promise a destination in case it may change."

What I interpret this to mean, is there's no guarantee my guildmates will end up transfered to the same server as me (I'm the GM of a guild on Kinrath Spider)

I'd love to get clarification on this
Quote: Originally Posted by AllisonBerryman View Post
It looks like this line is causing a little bit of confusion. Hopefully I can help clear that up! What we're saying here is that we're unable to provide the origins and destinations in advance because those lists may change internally as we watch the response to transfers. We'll be monitoring populations and how many players are transferring, which will inform our decisions about further origin and destination servers. We won't be changing the destination on you once it's announced, we just don't want to announce a pair too early.

Quote: Originally Posted by Keypek View Post
This is a good thing definitely. Only problem I foresee is that a guild of people who want to stay together happens to be on one of the origin servers. They allow us to move to a destination server for a day... two days... a week... whatever their timeframe is. But then that opportunity is limited in time and/or the destination server changes suddenly without warning and we still have half of our guild trying to transfer off the origin server or we have a couple integral members on vacation for the week and completely miss being able to transfer. Suddenly we either have to choose to keep the whole guild on a suddenly dead server or screw over a chunk of our guild members and leave without warning to them.

Like I said this transfer is definitely a very good thing and happy it is sooner then later. But not having some sort of guild transfer function could be problematic.
Quote: Originally Posted by JovethGonzalez View Post
Many guild leaders have contacted us with their concerns about coordinating their guild members in preparation for the free character transfer service and I wanted to take some time to explain how this process will work.

In order to ensure an optimal playing experience for every server, we’ll be offering direct transfers from one origin server to a pre-selected destination server. This means that the destination server will already be selected for the origin server. As mentioned in our blog post, all server types and languages will be respected. You will not find your PvE characters transferred to a PvP server, or vice versa.

Therefore, all guild members on the origin server will be eligible to transfer to the same destination server, ensuring that the guild has the opportunity to stay together.

As we mentioned in our blog, the character transfer service will be made available gradually, starting with a small number of origin servers and adding more until all servers eligible for transfer are available in the service. We know everyone is excited for the opportunity to transfer their characters, but it is critical that we do this gradually to ensure both a smooth transfer as well as a great player experience on the destination servers.

Eligible servers will be listed as they become available for transfers at, which will go live on Tuesday. This is to prevent potential server load issues.

Please note that we will not be dividing the population of an origin server onto multiple destination servers for this free character transfer process.

Additionally, players need not worry about rushing to transfer as free character transfers between selected servers will remain available for as long as it is needed to help balance server populations naturally. Rest assured that if we ever decide to stop this free character transfer service, players will be given plenty of advanced notice.

We hope that this clarifies any confusion.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ramladon View Post
The only question/suggestion that I have Is why doesn't the guild bank move with the guild leader when they transfer? GM has unlimited access anyway, so if they wanted to ninja it they could anyway. I don't understand the reasoning behind needing to put a ticket in for the guild bank.

Also do we need to move all items out of the guild bank before the move and the ticket will only revive the slots the guild has purchased or will the ticket move all items and money from one guild bank to the new server?
Quote: Originally Posted by JovethGonzalez View Post
There will be a full FAQ published on Tuesday to answer most of your questions, but I wanted to go ahead and answer these two.

1. Due to a variety of factors (including the naming and re-naming process after transferring characters), this was deemed to be the most efficient method in assuring that Guilds retain their Guild Banks on the new server.

2. Yes, you will have to:
  • Remove all items & credits from the Guild Bank.
  • Disband the Guild.
  • Transfer to the new server and reform the Guild.
  • Contact Customer Service to re-establish the Guild Bank and Guild Bank tabs.

Hopefully that answers your question.
Thank you for your patience!