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1.3 Character specific legacy perks

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1.3 Character specific legacy perks
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06.12.2012 , 10:14 AM | #131
Quote: Originally Posted by WillWallace View Post
The speeder perks grant the ability automatically when you purchase them, no trainer necessary.

As for costs and benefits, I appreciate the constructive and comprehensive feedback. I'm re-evaluating the numbers and seeing what can change (for example, I'm dropping costs on the companion affection perks and boosting the modifiers). Prices and benefits are not set in stone at this point, so thanks for helping test and evaluate them!
I hope you drastically reduce the cost of the benefits, I'd hate to see a system that people put so much work into become something that less then 1% of the players use.

For me I can seen 1 maybe 2 that I would unlock. The others I wouldn't invest 1,000 credits in.
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06.12.2012 , 07:29 PM | #132
here is a thought they give us. a few legacy perks free then a paid expansion with the better ones.

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06.12.2012 , 07:54 PM | #133
The space XP boosts are the least worth it. i have tested up to the 3rd boost as my legacy lvl is only 15. There is not mych use in it, the boosts should be as follows:
level 1 - 6%
level 2 - 8%
Level 3 - 10%
level 4 - 12%
level 5 - 14%
total from all 5 levels should be 50% imo

dscount's Avatar

06.12.2012 , 08:46 PM | #134
We get it.. yes these are not meant to be available to everyone and are perks...


They should be LEGACY WIDE perks (IE: Not specific Characters) - This goes against "Legacy" market label
They should NOT be a money sink for somewhat crappy return on investment
They should be mostly LEVEL BASED (Make leveling Legacy have some value - Eliminate credit options)
They should COST LESS as a whole (Free comes to mind), but Legacy Wide for same cost is fair.

Doing this encourages Credit Farming and purchasing of credits offline since most people are already going to be broke from trying to purchase all the MK6 and Augments after all materials dry up (More than today dried up I mean).
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06.12.2012 , 09:32 PM | #135
Is the legacy of crafting truly only increasing the chance of getting an augment slot in items or is it what it sounded like in live and is actually an increase to the chance to crit when crafting or doing the various crew skill missions? If it is only for augment slots then it needs to be changed to effecting the chance to crit with all crew skill activities (missions, gathering, and crafting).

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06.13.2012 , 07:05 AM | #136
For me the legacy system was a huge discouragement for all optional perks - costing huge amounts of money, that i don't have and for the time being have no idea how to gain more. Like I got the 320k for pvp on the PTS and then ran into the problem of spending them for other perks just to see their usefulness, or spend them on a SINGLE(!) char or a limited boost or ...

I have 3x 50's now a legacy level 29 and I can hardly pay a single "other" perk. Now comes character perks along with an even deeper money sink. While it may seem that some do have more money than is good for the economy and you may want to drain that money from the players I feel left behind.

I got 6 chars I am playing, I would like to have some XP boost, for some i can't stand doing the same quests over, yet the space game is not much fun either. Either 2x XP bosts or a mailbox.

I would like to see an option to buy legacy wide character perks or make them free, once you have purchased 2 or 4 of those.

i think the social points (and datacron / codex entries) should carry over, be legacy wide.

Moneydie's Avatar

06.13.2012 , 07:18 AM | #137
I have 1 lvl50 and multiple alts around the 20-40 range and the pricing of the current legacy stuff is far too high. Unfortuneately my pts transfer was ignored in favour of someone elses clone army so I cant test or see what the new stuff is like but going by the current crop its just a glorified money sink that seems to be getting made worse by adding in a per character aspect.

Grinding for cash has never been fun, never has been and never will be! This is true for both real life and games perhaps working for bioware things are different but for the vast majority of us grinding does not = fun.

Games are meant to be fun and the need to grind detracts from that fun factor. My impression was that the legacy system would reward people for playing more than one character. However the grim reality is that unless you grind out cash on your highest level possible you wont be able to afford any of the so called perks for the characters that would be using them. And in doing so makes the whole purpose of buying the thing for your lower levels pointless as you're too busy trying to grind cash for them.

I'd call it a pointless money sink but some of the things I can see having some use but they're still out of the reasonable range of those of us who don't or can't play 24/7.

kuey's Avatar

06.13.2012 , 07:28 AM | #138
Not sure if this has been said before (I've yet to read all the pages), but what do people think about having 1 legacy perk free for each char?

alrun's Avatar

06.13.2012 , 08:21 AM | #139
Lets take a look at the buy-able legacy advantages as of 13.06. on the PTS

Droid(1M), Mailbox(0,5M), Op/PvP Dummy (0,5/0,5M), global GTN (5M) == 7.5M

Fleet(0,1/0,2/0,3), Quick (0,1/0,2/0.3), Rocket (2M, 1M, 1M) == 4,6 M
12,1M total
To unlock all other legacy feats you need to pay a total of 12.1M and unlock those for all your characters.

Cass I (10k, 20k, 30k, 40k, 50k) 150k total: space,explore (+2%, +4%, +6%, +8%, +10%) 30% total
class II (20k, 30k, 50k, 75k, 100k) 275k total; class mision, FP, Warzone (+2%, +4%, +6%, +8%, +10%) 30% total
2x 150k + 3x 275k = 850k

Capitol world - outlaws den - ship - Black hole (20k, 50k, 50k, 200k) -- 320k total
Speeder at 10< 25, 30 < 40, 40<50 (40k, 175k, 250k) 465k total

Leg. of Altruism(gift) / Persuasion(quest) (25k, 75k, 150k) 250k total (+5%, +5%, +5%) 15% total
crafting (50k. 100k, 200k) 350k / (+1%. +1%. +1%) +3%total
junk (10k, 50k ) 60k total

repair (50k, 150k, 300k) 500k
mail (20k, 20k, 20k) 60k
field respec 20k

If you buy all Character perks this sums up to
850k (XP) + 785k (travel) + 910k (comp) + 580k (conv) == 3,125 k = 3.125M

Nearly one quarter of the total global unlocks. So after buying all perks for at least 4 characters the costs of the perks will exceed the global unlocks.

Mireleni's Avatar

06.13.2012 , 01:19 PM | #140
I was interested in the crit crafting perk but was surprised by the costs, so I did a little cost analysis. I'm assuming here that the perk is only for crafting items with augments (as its description suggests), and that each perk simply adds an additional 1% chance to crit (e.g., if Kira has a 20% chance to crit now, when I buy the perk she'll have a 21% chance).

Let's say I buy the first tier of the perk for 50K. I will now get, on average, an extra 1 crit for every 100 items I craft (1%, or 0.01, increase). Let's assume for simplicity that every crit item I make can be sold for the same price, X credits, on the GTN. In order for this 1% increase to pay me back for the 50K I spent on the perk, I will need to craft, on average, Y=50,000/(0.01*X) items. For example, if I can sell the crit items for 50K credits on the GTN (X=50,000), after crafting the item 100 times, the 1% increase will have given me 1 extra augmented item that I can sell for 50K to earn back the cost of the perk: Y = 50,000/(0.01*50,000) = 100.

Now that I already have the 1% increase perk, should I spend 100K to buy an additional 1% increase? Since the cost for an additional 1% is twice as much as the cost for the first 1%, I will have to craft twice as many items (Y=100,000*100/X) in order to justify the cost of the perk. For my example, that means I'll have to craft 200 items. The same applies for the last tier of the perk: assuming I already have the first two tiers, in order to justify spending 200K on the perk for an additional 1%, I will need to craft Y=200,000*100/X items. For my example (where X=50K), that means I'll have to craft 400 items.

Maybe crafting 400 items before getting a return on your investment doesn't seem so bad in the grand scheme of things, or maybe you're crafting to give yourself items and you don't care about the money. But that 400 number assumes that you can sell the augmented items for 50K. Given the 1.3 changes allowing augments to be applied to existing items, I expect the value of "naturally" augmented items to go down. If you can only sell the item for 10K, for example, you will need to craft 500 to justify the cost of the first tier perk, and 2000 items to justify the cost of the third tier.

I'm sure there are other people on this forum who are more serious crafters than I am, and who know more about the GTN than I do. What do you think about these costs for the perk?
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