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1.3 Character specific legacy perks

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1.3 Character specific legacy perks
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rnmedic's Avatar

06.09.2012 , 05:04 PM | #111
OVER PRICED for what you get. At these prices Legacy is becoming worthless and not even worth the effort.

Philmors's Avatar

06.09.2012 , 11:52 PM | #112
Yeah, from what I see alot of these perks should be legacy wide and not just per character. Or if that is to be the case then they need to be drastically lower in price.

dscount's Avatar

06.10.2012 , 01:29 AM | #113
If its LEGACY then it should be ACCOUNT WIDE. Paying for each character is a complete 180 from what the whole legacy "Features" and theme is being pushed by BW and via marketing as well. Come look at this cool "Legacy Feature" that is shared amongst all your characters. Except the perks you have to pay separately per character so we don't really mean what we say here. (See my point?).

Constructive Feedback:
- Keep the same COST and make it account wide for all those features. Problem SOLVED...
- Legacy is ALL your Characters (Why have it breakdown by each) - yes, I know MMO 1.01 is get more $$ outta economy.
- Cool downs shouldn't be shared, that's really sad if we have to pay for them separately and then wait for them collectively. Sell as a package if you plan on keeping that silly configuration of Sharing cooldown cycles.

I will purchase a few (2-3) of these perks as most will not benefit my characters that I play the most. I'll check mail at one of many locations and repair as needed. Add CRIT to my primary that has all the gathering and crafting that is my most profitable only.
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thepilk's Avatar

06.10.2012 , 02:13 AM | #114
the top teir xp boxes are way too low given that they require legacy level 20 and 25. by the time I have legacy level 20, i wont need xp characters will all long since be 50.

rnmedic's Avatar

06.10.2012 , 08:47 AM | #115
I agree, if it's not account wide perks its really not Legacy I still think that the prices are steep even if account wide. I'm kind of sick of the the grind, same thing over and over for credits, tokens or whatever. But if I had to choose, make account wide and keep prices. And legacy levels are high, my alts would be 50 by the time I hit legacy 25 so there would be no real perk for me, max should be 10-15 maybe. If the point to legacy is to keep me engaged in the game with alts, 1.3 isn't going to cut it. My goal is to get them level 50 ASAP, without having to do all the grind I did with my first toon so that I can use them for post game content. As of now, I'll do my daily black hole and PvP with my 50 and then I'm logged off in an hour and half if that.

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06.10.2012 , 09:50 AM | #116
Quote: Originally Posted by criminalheretic View Post
Yeah I have 2 lvl 50's, one of which I have been using 2-4 hours a day doing PVP and Black Hole - Ilum Dailies, and I am only at Legacy 21, now I gimped myself a little by a. rerolling my main like 3x (for stuipid reasons like I didnt like his name or skin) so it took me a long time to actually start accruing legacy xp and b. I pvp a lot so I am always over leveled on my class quests (meaning until the 50 dailies the ONLY legacy xp I earn is from PVP)

All that to say, I am a dude who has played this game between 1-3 hours a day and 4-6 on weekends pretty much EVERY day since launch. I feel like I should be a lot higher in Legacy. Maybe if they just made so legacy xp never gets nerfed i.e. you get normal legacy xp for killing gray mobs, even if you get no actual xp.
I dunno. I am pretty casual and play a couple hours a day at most, and I am almost to lvl 35 legacy. I have 2 toons that i play and both are 50, but the rest are under level 10. I do try and do ilum and bh dailies, but I usually just skip balmoora, so it isn't like I grind the legacy xp.

I think the legacy level requirement is fine, but the costs of the perks are way too much. I can see perks like ship upgrades, the rocket sprint and crafting bonuses costing something, but most of the other stuff should be free given the legacy level required to open them.

Deewe's Avatar

06.10.2012 , 11:05 AM | #117
[XP legacy perks]
There's one major feature missing from it's the ability to slow down or even stop XP gain.

If we do space missions and PvP then we'll end out leveling classes quest arcs. As such we need a way to better manage our XP gain. Otherwise doing the story content isn't fun as there's no challenge at all.

[LS / DS gains]
Another missing entry is a way to increase LS/DS gains.

Again if we do level a character more through PvP/Space missions we end with sub-optimal LS/DS points, thus requesting players to take the diplomacy crew skill and drop one of theirs. So we need a way to increase or get LS/DS points without going into dipliomacy.

[Improved Warzone Experience]
Welcome feature still for someone mostly leveling through it, it's missing 2 major things.
  1. Credits gain in par with PvE
  2. Gear rewards in par with PvE
Doing credit in PvP is a wet dream. Either we have a suggar daddy or it will be really painful to be able to buy anything out of it be it gear, crafting mats or worse legacy perks.

Then gear wise not only we only get green items but they aren't either well spread trough the leveling process. Leaving players in subpart gear most of the time. Worst being at low level.

=> Needed more credits doing PvP, and I mean much much more. And then totally redo gear rewards in PvP , be it with tokens or dropped from players or chests.

[Mail box / Repair vendor]
Might be funny but the mail vendor looks more like a repair one and resp. the repair a mail box. (At least on Republic characters did not try on the Empire)

=> I'd suggest to switch both.

Then I summoned the repair droid, opened the trade window and after like 30 secs of browsing in my inventory to sort the mess and know what I wanted to sell it disappeared WTH ?

=> Please increase the buffer as then I had to wait 1h before summoning it while I did not even had the time to use it.

[Travel Perks]
Cool downs are insane.
Then it's missing the most important perk: shuttle back space ship.
You added GTN, Mail boxes, training dummies and repair droids in space ships. Most of them we pass next to them while going to our space ship.

=> Add recall back to space ship.

[Legacy leadership I & II]
Design wise, not sure it's a good idea to go down to a 10 or even 5 sec timer on selling junk, even more so soon in the time frame of the game, so soon after launch.

First it kind of break immersion being able to sell stuff so fast.
Then it does not leaves room from improvement unless maybe instant sell.
Then either make it instant or longer as if we are in combat the companion when the companion gets back we still have to recall it = one more annoying button click that should be automated.
Also it's still missing sell junk button at merchant.
BTW putting it on a 5 sec timer makes grey item feel even more like here to have messy inventory. At this point maybe just ditch them totally and have mobs drop credit instead.

Here's a rought draft of what you could have done:
Sell junk = 15 min timer by default
Your active companion needs 1 min to go back and forth between your location and one of your other character to send him the stuff to sell.
Once back ,one minute later, wish you want it to you can send your active companion again to sell things immediately. It will simply lock another character for 15 minutes on a "sell" mission.
Your credits will be deposed in your account 15m 30s after the button click.

Now with the legacy perks you'll unlock some contacts that'll allow faster selling ie lower the 15 min but yet not the 1 min for sending the companions.

Later on you unlock transportation droids that would allow moving your stuff around and yet keeping your active companion with you but, at first you have an unarmed droid, meaning one of your non active companions will be escorting the droid.

Then you unlock armed droids and can buy secured transportation (think Brink).

Optional: on certain planets/areas: droids and companions can be hijacked.

Back to the actual system:
  • Don't go lower 30s and even I'd suggest to totally remove this perk
  • Let players get tools that'll scavenge gray items, mats that can be sold. ie 3 type of mats (so 3 inventory slots) vs plenty gre items ones.
  • Have companions sent out for selling junk be automatically spawned after a combat if they come back during one.
  • Add a sell grey item at vendor
  • Add an automated inventory junk bag
  • Add a vendor price items in the mouse over tooltip of all items.
  • Other possibility have players call another companion to trade/sell grey item.
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06.10.2012 , 11:38 AM | #118
Quote: Originally Posted by thewatcheruatu View Post
Well, I disagree a bit with this. I've got a couple of characters that I'm really enjoying leveling the traditional way, and some others where I'm really just leveling them up through warzones. I can see the advantage to having this as a character perk.

With that said, I don't plan to actually purchase any of these in the immediate future for the simple reason that I don't think there's any way to disable the increased XP gain. What if, for example, I get to a point in the game where I actually want to slow down a little and smell the roses? I don't want to be in the position where I have to stop doing the warzones I love just because I don't want to outlevel the content I'm doing.

But that's just me. I think these will be very attractive perks for a lot of people.
I actually agree with your sentiment. I have two lvl 50s already but am really enjoying the under 50 WZs with 3 lowbie alts I have. When the level cap is raised, I will probably want the xp buff on my 50s, but not want the party to end too quickly on my lowbies because of not being able to opt them out somehow, if it was account wide.
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BoushhDC's Avatar

06.10.2012 , 11:49 AM | #119
Quote: Originally Posted by Vasala View Post
My overall feel on looking at this is the costs are too high for single character unlocks. I am also disappointed that the crafting unlock appears to be for augments only as I was hoping for general mission crits so it would help with getting the crit missions to find new schematics.
This brings up something I was wondering about, actually: are they leaving the ability to crit gear w/ augment slots in even though they have the augment kits? Seems implied, but if so, why?

I haven't been able to test the augment stuff because peeps are outta their minds charging 600k+ on the Test Server for the lvl 6 kits. I have to add, that ticked me off they removed all my augments from my gear on my 50 that got ported over, thereby making it impossible for me to accurately gauge the changes they made to my class for 1.3. My character is a biochemist, so I can't make my own, either. :/ Sorry, but no, I don't have enough creds for 600k kits x7 to test their crap for them. Unacceptable.
All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved. --Sun Tzu

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06.10.2012 , 11:56 AM | #120
Quote: Originally Posted by BoushhDC View Post
I actually agree with your sentiment. I have two lvl 50s already but am really enjoying the under 50 WZs with 3 lowbie alts I have. When the level cap is raised, I will probably want the xp buff on my 50s, but not want the party to end too quickly on my lowbies because of not being able to opt them out somehow, if it was account wide.
Simple but effective solution: add (per character) XP-"slide control" (hope google gave me the right word) in the optiions, where you can freely adjust your XP per "theme" from 0% till the maximum which you have unlocked from the (then) accountwide perk (so 0-100% without unlock and 0-130% with full unlock). 0% would mean completly XP and level progressing stopp.