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Damnit bioware!!!!!!

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12.18.2011 , 12:00 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by renegadeimp View Post
Reasonable is subjective. Everyone has their own definition. It doesnt change the fact that you have to hold on the line and wait in the queue to be answered.

One thing i can say with 100% certainty is that complaining here and hanging up after 5 minutes, definitley isnt going to get your issue fixed.
Where would be a good place to get the service I am paying for? In the past 2 days I have been on hold with phone support for almost 14 hours, each call ending with a disconnection. When I call back, I get the "Call back later" message. Ive sent 5 emails, and received the same canned email back 5 times, containing absolutly nothing relating to my issue and informing me my ticket is closed. You say complaining here is not going to help anything, and maybe you are right, but this seems to be the only place where I believe someone will see the issues and do something. When WoW was launched, it took them 25 minutes to answer my call, and they had server issues as well. Stop defending the poor customer service, you will lose that fight everytime hands down.
These are not the droids you are looking for.....