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Character Transfer, Server Populations and You

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Character Transfer, Server Populations and You
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06.07.2012 , 09:39 PM | #1211
Quote: Originally Posted by thendavesaid View Post
So, I created a new character on a new server after I realized my original server was dead. Am I ever going to be able to consolidate my characters from both servers onto one server/legacy?
Yes, you will..... eventually.

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06.07.2012 , 09:39 PM | #1212
People still crying about this AWESOME deal they are going to bring to us on Tuesday? oh boo who i cant move from a PvE to PvP awww MAKE A NEW TOON!

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06.07.2012 , 09:46 PM | #1213
As someone who really hasn't handed out a lot of praise to BW or anyone else involved with this project lately, and while I have to say I have my gripes about the transfer process as I understand it currently, I want to comment that the effort put forth towards explaining the process and answering *a lot* of individual questions the last few days has been very impressive to say the least.

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06.07.2012 , 09:55 PM | #1214
Until I get the ability to merge characters and legacies from the 2 servers I have characters on for free, I'll remain unsubscribed.

I hope it works out well for the people who stick it with the game, but I feel like this whole thing has been handled so poorly, I can't bring myself to reward EA/BW with my money any longer.

Legacy is a pretty neat concept, but it clearly wasn't ready to launch when it did. This is not satisfactory support for such a system.
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06.07.2012 , 09:55 PM | #1215
Quote: Originally Posted by SuperGrunt View Post
This is one of the worst posts that I have ever seen. My problems with it can't even begin to be covered here without my post being deleted. Bus seriously if you have such little faith in Bioware why didn't you unsub?
You were not replying to me, but stepping in here... I already unsubbed (disabled auto-renew). I have access until sometime in August. And I care about TOR, which is why I'm here complaining. If I didn't care about it, I wouldn't even waste my time with it.

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06.07.2012 , 10:08 PM | #1216
Bioware, why even offer the illusion of "choice" when all you want to do right now is to consolidate the server population. Now your players have the options to (A) transfer to a server they probably don't want to go to, or (B) stay on a dead server. If you think that type of "choice" is what players are looking for, you should be running for office this November instead of running a game company.

Just merge the servers as you wish, then enable char transfer (make it paid and sell panda while you are at it, but it starts to feel like this is where we are going).

Don't offer fake choices and make both players and your lives harder.

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06.07.2012 , 10:23 PM | #1217
This seems like a good idea. Sure you may not get to choose the exact server you may want or can change server types but they never said you were going to be able to do that.

All they said is that they would allow server transfers for our characters and they are doing that. Sure they might have could have moved the guilds like they did in the beginning of the game but then again the guilds were put in the servers eailer than anyone else. Want to know what would have happen if they allowed the guilds to transfer before anyone else? Complaint, Complaint after complaint. Don't tell me there wouldn't have because it sure would have.

And as far as them not allowing you to have a free transfer to another type of server (i.e. PVE to PVP) they never said they would do that Who's fault is it that you chose that type of server? That is not bioware's fault no matter how much you try to make it their fault. It is your fault for choosing that type of server.

As far as them limiting which servers you can go to that makes sense. They are trying to move some of the light populated servers to another server to create more population on them instead of overpopulatng a server. It may not make a difference to you bu some players may have a problem playing on an overpoplulated server because of lag.

It makes sense to lock down some of the heavier populated servers just as they did with Starsider on SWG.

Yet you keep complaining that not everyone in going to be able to transfer to the same server where they have stated a few times they are not going to send half the server to one location and the other to another.. In fact, they are giving you a choice whether to transfer or not.

And for those that complain that transfers later may cost well there is another reason for that. If you allow free transfers all the time you come into a problem where you get players transferring every time they turn around to another server. And those type of players normally create problems on servers that's why they keep transferring.

Even in SWG you could transfer to another server but it cost. The only time they were free is when they were trying to close some servers and when they got everyone off those servers they went back to charging until the last 2/3 months when SWG was getting ready to close.

Even Wow (or the last time I played a few years )charged for server transfers with the exception if a server was light and then they only allowed free transfers to that server to try to fill it up and alleviate some of the problems on the heavier ones.
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06.07.2012 , 10:32 PM | #1218
the thing is.... they KNEW that a ton of people re-rolled to the higher population servers... this would be an easy fix if they just made those servers with the higher pops be able to move to whatever ddestination server they want! 3/4 of these high pop servers are full of gosh danged RE ROLLS! If they allowed for the high pops to go to wherever/whatever type of destination server they want then people can EASILY consolidate their chars. Come on Bioware... use those brains of yours. this is a simple thing that will allow them to have a majority of their player base be happy.

The reason I am so frustrated is, they were so damned vague on the details that my entire guild went to the only server we saw that was always standard besides Fatman... and that is Canderous Ordo... We are a PvP guild but didn't want the que times with Fatman during prime time. NOW we are stuck on a danged PvE server where the people are AWFUL at pvp (and by awful... I mean realllllly awful) . Bioware, Listen to me, just make the high pops available for transfer to ANY destination server. problem solved....
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06.07.2012 , 10:50 PM | #1219
i just wanted to combine my 50's from 2 different server's on a server with a decent pop guess that was too much to ask for
Originally Posted by Bobabounty
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06.07.2012 , 10:56 PM | #1220
Quote: Originally Posted by Aaronoc View Post
1. "We understand that some of you may be looking to consolidate characters from a variety of origin servers onto one server, and others may be anxious to move to a specific server to be with friends. With the restrictions of this initial service, that may not be possible." - FAIL

2. "We still believe that you will enjoy playing on a higher population server and hope you'll take advantage of the service, but you won't be forced to transfer." - FAIL

3. "Future versions of the Character Transfer Service may allow more options in your choice of destination servers and may require a transfer fee." - FAIL

There are a lot of ways transfers/mergers could have been handled, but some of those ways would of course be insanely stupid. It seems you've elected to do this a stupid way? probably 80% of your customers will take issue with not being able to consolidate their characters. Your ENTIRE PvP server playerbase will suffer from this, unless, as the post implies, they get 'lucky'. Because E~V~E~R~Y PvP player in this game, with the exception of those that started on Fatman, (and any diehards still on their original dead servers) has characters on a dead server that they want to consolidate with their refugee characters on Fatman. That doesn't even address the second part of that statement - not being able to transfer to specific servers to be with friends.

As for the second quote, this... seems very simple to me. YOU NEED TO MERGE SERVERS. There are too many. If you really don't think so, then you are in denial. If you are telling us that we won't be forced to transfer, then you are basically telling us that all the servers will remain. Merge servers. I can't speak for PVE servers, but merge all the PvP servers into only 2 or 3 servers, at the most. If the game starts picking up, you can open up additional PvP servers and offer incentives and free transfers to people to join them. THIS IS REALLY SIMPLE!

And third, No. I'm only going to stick around long enough and hope that I'm one of the 'lucky' ones that can consolidate my Veela and Fatman Legacies, and still be able to play on a server with my friends. If I'm not one of the lucky ones, you can be DAMNED sure I am not going to stick around any longer, and I sure as HELL am not going to pay any transfer fees to correct your mistakes.
Well said man! I agree that bioware should consoildate pvp servers to start and allow us to consolidate our characters "free" of charge on 1 server. i can tell you i have already bought guild wars 2 and I am not known for maintaining multiple MMO that said..if things dont improve asap... BA BYE!!!