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Preview Exciting New Reveals from E3!
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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06.05.2012 , 06:12 PM | #401
Quote: Originally Posted by axeltheory View Post
I hope they add a daily event where all players on the server collide in a timed warzone... That should be epic! Imagine all level 50's coming together to fight to the death in a 15 minute planet wide war! plus, it's mandatory! you get teleported to that area automatically and the winning team gets xp and ranked wz coms bonus and the losing team... well a debuff maybe for losing, decreasing all stats of the faction..? hehehe...
NO just NO
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06.05.2012 , 06:22 PM | #402
Quote: Originally Posted by Rafe_Vidar View Post
I agree. Makes me happy that I only got suckered into buying the Digital Deluxe Edition. Though I still feel like I got completely ripped-off at least it wasn't for the price of the CE. I never had a chance to play SWG, I spent most of my days during that time outside fixing cars/trucks and breaking them again, so I never had a decent computer to pay with. I don't understand the reason a company wants you to PAY in order to transfer to another server. It seems illogical from a customer's perspective, tbh. In Rift you're able to xfer whenever you like to where ever you like with a cooldown of 7 days, no charge..ever. So I guess this is EA rearing it's demon head yet again... Shame. I find it to be quite the slap in the face that EAWare thinks tossing out a shiny object to distract you from the sinking/burning ship is quality service.
Having willie nillie server transfers can cause issues. The fee is there to discourage rage xfers and little kids who have no money from doing it all day long. I suppose it haveing a monthly cooldown wouldnt be bad.
Fear leads to Anger
Anger leads to hate
HATE leads to suffering

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06.05.2012 , 06:29 PM | #403
Quote: Originally Posted by Jagdfalke View Post
Looks all good so far! But (!) why the hell must it be Cathars? Why no Togrutas?
Second'd. Togruta needs to come out ASAP. I know my wife will make a Cathar immediately though.
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06.05.2012 , 06:39 PM | #404
I am sure this has been asked and answered but after 41 pages, please forgive me if I ask again. Who is the new companion available too?

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06.05.2012 , 06:42 PM | #405
Quote: Originally Posted by ZORG View Post
Perhaps some folks like stuff thats hard to do. But my guild who doesnt like OPS cause they take too long. ( I know it drives me absolutly nuts) Would benefit from this cause it means we can actually do something as a group without flirting on the thin WIPE line the whole time. So I welcome new levels and new abilities. Leveling for me is the funnest part of MMOs.

Wish I new if this new planet was the starter world for Cathar and if it was going to include and end game dailys and such.

The space mission will prolly get a once playthrough and I'll be done with it...
I liked how the space missions were in beta where you could do them for most of the time you were xping and they didnt grey out. I used to have my regimin of loggin in doing all the space dailys then off to normal xp.. Cut the leveling time down by about a third. So I could skip planets like Taris if i wanted.
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06.05.2012 , 06:56 PM | #406
You all know that the level cap will only be raised 2 to 3 levels correct? There was a survey going around that covered the details of the level cap rise and add-on package which will cost money...

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06.05.2012 , 06:59 PM | #407
Finally! I'm going to be rerolling a few alts once Cathar get in the game.

I like the new stuff, but I hope those old operations can stay current with the new cap. I mean options are good, so if you keep all your ops at the current level, then not only do you have more raids you can do, but you also have options for what people want to do.

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06.05.2012 , 07:05 PM | #408
You guys are so excited it almost makes me sad. More new content, already raising the level cap and the game hasn't even been out a year, half the population hasn't seen level 50 and more then half of the level 50 population hasn't even completed the raids on each difficulty.

-PvP is still broken, the PvP'ers complain that there is no open world PvP or any PvP incentive, and yet you release more Warzones with the false assumption that this will fix everything.

You release more gear, as if you didn't have enough dynamic gear sets and gear customization options already.

I'm sorry to be a buzzkill, but Bioware isn't listening to any of it's current subscribers, and the people excited about new content being released when they likely won't ever get to experience it makes me sad.

But hey, on the bright side of things, we have another useless space mission to complete. Atleast Bioware isn't skimping on the Graphics, just the gameplay and experience.
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06.05.2012 , 07:11 PM | #409
The excitement and concerns of pretty much every post thus far is completely warranted. It warms my buttons to no end to see that Bioware is still pressing forward with new content and trying to make it fun as players plow through the content.

Here's my problem with the mindset.

1. Servers: Obviously mentioned so I will not elaborate too much, but enough is enough, even the devs and web reporters at e3 know Swtor is struggling like the titanic. The only thing I heard after the presentation was crickets (actually the only time where you heard the audience was for ACIII but thats another story for another time)

2. Focus: Why the hell is 1.2 and 1.3 focused on "alt" characters. Don't get me wrong I hate the grind for any game in regards to leveling but making it easier only makes people bored. In all honesty the level from 1-50 has so many different influences that make it simple to level is unparalleled. In actuality BW did a hell of a job giving so much content and ways to level that after a first character, the time needed to level is easily cut in half (maybe from a month to several weeks pending on how and how much one plays). With the legacy system one is rewarded essentially for leveling various characters (primarily) and giving new alts a headstart (with presence bonuses, stat boosts, cooldown reductions, special abilities, and class buffs). Now with 1.3 one can essentially just level the way the want, pvp, pve, etc. great dandy. The problem is most people who have played since december, already have several alt. characters, in reality its one of the few reasons people still play, for the story. If BW makes it too easy to level, too quick, people will have 8 toons in short periods of time (many people already do!) basically meaning new content would be needed to be churned out quicker and quicker to improve end game. If you haven't gotten my drift, players are going to be bored quicker if they dont have the alt leveling avenue to soak up their freetime.

3. We want to tell you but can't wont last much longer: Look I like the suspense, but keeping people out of the loop is going to push away more players. We want to know pretty close to exactly what is coming up and *** is going on. I don't want another dev. to say "we have thought about it and are looking into it" I want a "this is possible or not" answer with every question from every damn Q&A. I want this game to last but its much like watergate and the american people, at one time the american people truly trusted its government polls show that way more than less than half the people now trust the government.

Bioware, this is your chance to make your game last, foreget the jerkholes at EA let them figure out how to keep failing at their sports games (seriously madden is a joke), its time to save your name and place some real stock into the hardwork you put out. Server mergers or free xfers and no more crap gimmicks. WoW promised us new dances in Wrath we never got them and I still havent forgiven blizzard for that (yeah all you WoW players who read theses forums I still remember that false promise).

ps: Tired of the damn rakghouls (rise of the rahghoul and 1.2 wth?) and Hutt Cartel themes (Quesh, BH early on, Karagga's), time for a new one, oh how about theirs an effing war going on.
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06.05.2012 , 07:16 PM | #410
Quote: Originally Posted by JamesLThompson View Post
I am sure this has been asked and answered but after 41 pages, please forgive me if I ask again. Who is the new companion available too?
Here ya go Bioware, time for a quick Q&A without the crap respronses premade by EA for yall to say, "What classes will be able to use HK-51, I sure hope all of them?"

Here are some good answers I would chose.
A. Yes, all classes
B. No, only one
C. Yes, Class x,y, and z
D. Because of the awesomeness of HK-51, he is only a temporary companion. (this answer is kinda messed though)
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